After Shi Sheng finished washing up, she laid on the bed and sent a message to a number that never replied to her, "Happy Chinese New Year".

She threw her phone away and curled into her blanket.

Why is it so exhausting to chase Feng Ci? Why can't I succeed every time?

But what can I do? I like him so much.

I really want to tie him up next to me.

[...] The host's mindset is incredibly dangerous.


A message notification rang as Shi Sheng was about to fall asleep.

Shi Sheng reached out to grab her phone, opened the home screen to see a junk message. She exited the page, and there was no reply to the text she sent.

Shi Sheng sighed. As she was about to turn off her phone. Suddenly she received a notification. Four words appeared on the empty home screen.

Shi Sheng blinked, clicked it and exited again, repeated a few times, and made sure that it was not a spam channel and instantly called it back.

However, the phone was not answered.

On the other side, Xi Fei stared at the continually vibrating phone. His hand stopped at mid-air and did not pick up the call.

This kind of feeling came too sudden until he was caught off guard.

He took back his hand and slumped in the chair. The bright fireworks outside reflected on his expressionless face.

A hint of hesitation amidst the coldness.

The fireworks stopped at the same time the phone stopped vibrating, the whole room fell into darkness.

The room was only left with coldness and loneliness.
On the first day of Chinese New Year, there were not many people on the street. Shi Sheng was covered in layers of clothes, standing at the curb. When a chilly wind brushed by her, it was so cold until she wanted to murder people.

A black sports car went over her and went back to her. The car window slid down, and the warm air spilt out from the vehicle.

The person from the driver seat handed over a bag to Shi Sheng, "the deal is done."
Shi Sheng took over the bag, and inside was a little box.

"Make sure that everything's fine and I'm gonna leave now." that person waved his hand and slid the window back up and drove away and disappeared in the corner of a street.

Shi Sheng took the item back and played around with it for a long time. She did not even go out of her room after Xu Shan Shan called her multiple times.

Shi Sheng's room was in a mess. Tiny components were everywhere. She sat on the ground, fiddling a watch with her head lowered.

It was an ancient watch. It would not stand out if it were placed in the older era.

The watch face was a crystal clear flower. The petals unfolded into many layers vividly that covered the whole watch face.

The centre of the flower was connected to the hands. Every time the hands ticked, it would seem like the petals beneath them was moving.
Shi Sheng completed the last part. She looked at the watch and sighed, it's not working, after all.

The spiritual energy in this dimension isn't enough. The formation did not meet the expected results.
Shi Sheng kept her things and went out after Xu Shan Shan called her many times.
The hospital.

Ying Su leaned on the hospital bed, glancing at Leng Yan with a cold expression. Leng Yan stood at the bedside. He did not look good.

He took a deep breath, softened his tone, "can we talk, please?"

Ying Su's eyes turned red immediately, but she bit her lips, stopping the tears from falling, "what's there to talk about?"
Leng Yan sat next to her, held her shoulder, "what's going on with you? Why did you run away on our engagement day? Do you know how..." How embarrassed you're?

Ying Su looked at him, word by word, "Leng Yan, we're impossible."

"Why?" Leng Yan's grip tightened, raising his voice. "You need to give me a reason."

"I don't love you anymore, alright?" Ying Su screamed back, tears rolling down her cheek.

"If you don't like me, then why are you crying?" Leng Yan grabbed Ying Su's chin and kissed her right away. It was rough yet straightforward.

Ying Su could only resist while sobbing.


Leng Yan looked to the side. Ying Su's hand was in mid-air, blood gushing out from her hand, dripping on the white sheets. The IV bottle scattered on the floor.

"Leng Yan, we're done." Ying Su endured the sadness in her heart and tried her best to make it sound absolute.

She did not have any rights to be with him.

Be with her father's murderer's son.

"Alright." Leng Yan nodded, stood up and left.

Ying Su covered her face and cried in the ward.

She thought that Leng Yan would give up after this, but he did not expect Leng Yan did not plan on giving up on her at all. His people were there when she was discharged and escorted her back to his villa.

As someone who could not even walk, she was no match against them.
Leng Yan went to visit her almost every day, and every time he would make a move on her. Although she was utterly humiliated, she could not resist him.

After a while, she was getting well. Leng Yan went even further, forcing on her without her consent.

Ying Su wanted to kill Leng Yan during that period.

However, Leng Yan kept away everything sharp from the room to stop her from escaping.

Ying Su was torn apart. On the one hand, he was someone she loved; on the other hand, he was related to her father's death. How is she going to choose between these two?

No, she did not want to make a choice at all. She just wanted to escape.

She was a cripple now. She did not have a choice to make.

Ying Su felt that someone came inside. Usually, Leng Yan would not come in at this time. That should be a servant.

"I'm not hungry." Ying Su's voice cracked.
The footsteps approached, Ying Su could not walk, but her other ability was still there. These footsteps…

"Ling Yi." Ying Su turned around. It was indeed a familiar face.

"Ying Su," Ling Yi stepped up, squatted next to her. He was concerned, "are you okay?"

"I..." she was not okay, but there was no point in telling him that, "why did you come here? This is so dangerous."

"I'm here to bring you away." Leng Yi grabbed Ying Su's hand, "Ying Su, let's go. You're not happy here."


"I'm going to bring you out of here even if you decline my offer. I can't bear to watch Leng Yan tortured you like this." Ling Yi was determined.
If Leng Yan as treating her right, he would not make a sound. But look at what Leng Yan did to her?

Torturing his crush into this state.

"Ling Yi, you're not Leng Yan's opponent." Ying Su shook her head. Now Black Tiger Clan is gone. Green Dragon Clan was the only gang left. Where could they go even if they escaped?

If they were caught by Leng Yan, Ling Yi would die. She could not watch as Ling Yi got killed because of her.

"I'm not, but someone's." Ling Yi patted Ying Su's hand, "Ying Su, someone's going to deal with the Green Dragon Clan. I'll take advantage of the chaos and get you out of here. Wait for me."

Ling Yi got up, kissed Ying Su on her forehead, "Ying Su, I love you."

Ling Yi probably did not want to hear the answer, so he left the room quickly before Ying Su could respond.

Ying Su touched her forehead blankly as if the warmth from Ling Yi's lips was left behind.