Ling Yi left the mansion, crossed several streets, and entered a hotel.

He then took the elevator to the presidential suite on the top floor. The people outside searched him before letting him in.

In the room, a tall man stood in front of the window, calmly observing the traffic and high-rise buildings below. Isolated from the noise of the outside world, the whole room was quiet and silent.

Ling Yi walked to a place two meters behind Xi Fei. Once he stood still, he heard a voice coming from ahead.

"Mr. Ling, have you considered it?"

"Yeah." Ling Yi nodded.

Before seeing Ling Su in person, he might’ve hesitated, but when he saw how she was doing, it became an easy decision. It was clear to him that Leng Yan didn’t truly love her. 

Someone next to him stepped forward, and Ling Yi took out a USB flash drive from his coat pocket. Inside the USB was information containing the strongholds and main contacts in various cities for the Green Dragon Clan, as well as some industries they dabbled in.

It took a long time for the Black Tiger Clan to collect it, but before they had time to use it against the Green Dragon Clan, most of their gang members had already been arrested.
Ling Yi escaped with this thing, but he didn't expect to be found by this man.

"Dare I ask, Mr. Xi, why do you want to deal with the Green Dragon Clan?" The Mo Clan and the Green Dragon Clan have different territories. And from what I know, there’s no dispute over it. Does the Mo Clan intend to expand the domestic market?

Ling Yi was also just curious and didn't care much. He just wanted to rescue Ying Su, and then take Ying Su somewhere to live an ordinary life.

Even if she doesn't love him, he is willing to take care of her forever.

Xi Fei turned around. In the backlight, the man's figure was tall, like a king standing over his empire, with an unparalleled aura. He felt blasphemous at first glance.

"Because he attempted to do something that he shouldn’t have."

When Ling Yi descended from the elevator, a girl passed him by. He was slightly taken aback, turned his head, and saw a slightly familiar face from the gap where the elevator door slowly closed.

He looked at the elevator, which was a dedicated elevator to the top floor.

She... went to see Xi Fei?

Ling Yi suddenly remembered the words that the man said, and thought of something unimaginable.

Leng Yan and Yan Mian?

When Shi Sheng reached the top floor, Xi Fei's men immediately stopped her from the outside, not allowing her to enter.

This angered Shi Sheng to the point where she wanted to take out her sword. Just when she was about to draw it out, Xi Fei appeared by the door. "Let her in." Commanded Xi Fei.  

The bodyguards immediately retracted their hand, went back to their positions and stood as straight as a soldier. They looked like motionless sculptures, as if it was not them who had been arguing with Shi Sheng just now.

Shi Sheng raised her middle finger, tugged at her clothes, then walked into the room.

"..." The bodyguards felt helpless, they were just doing their job.

The weather in March and April had begun to warm up, but it was still a bit cold. The room they were in had no heater turned on, yet Xi Fei was only wearing a thin shirt. 

Xi Fei was in the middle of wearing his watch, as the intricate watch enveloped his wrist, it made his hands look even more slender and beautiful.  

"Miss Yan, do you need me for anything?"

Shi Sheng walked over towards him and placed her hand on his, Xi Fei raised his head as he looked at her, slightly confused. .
Shi Sheng let out a small smirk, though her smile was small and gentle, it made the corners of her eyes look like little crescent moons, as if she was trying to sweep Xi Fei up with her eyes.

Before he could clasp the watch, Shi Sheng had taken it away from him. 

When Xi Fei realised what had happened, he already had another watch on his wrist.

Shi Sheng squeezed his hand and turned it back and forth, seemingly dissatisfied, "Hmm, it still doesn’t look as good."

Then she smiled again: "It's fine, wear this first. I will add it next time when there’s a chance."

Xi Fei looked at the watch on his wrist. Normally the watches he wore were mechanical watches, which were exquisite and elegant, but far less intricate than the one on his hand.
If it weren't for the watch’s turning hands, it would be more like a work of art in an exhibition hall that would span for centuries. .
It was a bit cold when he first had it on, but now he could already feel a warmth, slowly ironing up from his wrist to his heart.

But, why does the carving inside look kind of familiar?

"Miss Yan..."

Shi Sheng interrupted Xi Fei nonchalantly, "If you don’t want it, you can just throw it away."

"..." Is it really okay for you to give someone a gift this forcefully?

He touched the wristband made of unknown material and gave a small sigh. Then proceeded to lower his sleeve to cover the watch. "So, Miss Yan, how can I help you?"

"Can't I just come and see you?"

"Miss Yan, I'm very busy." Xi Fei replied while he tidied up the other things on his table. His line of vision stayed low as he dared not look at Shi Sheng.

Whenever he laid his eyes on her, he just couldn’t look away. It was as if her face was insatiable to him. 

"I will not disturb you."

"..." As long as you’re here, you’ll definitely distract me.

There is no way to concentrate at all.

Xi Fei suddenly raised his head and spoke solemnly, "Miss Yan, I remember I’ve told you that I have a fiancée."

"Then do you mind having one more?" You stupid liar, how dare you lie to me about having a fiancée!!!

"Yes, I do mind."

Shi Sheng grinned, "Then, what is your fiancée's name?"

Xi Fei felt that Shi Sheng’s smile was getting a tad bit suspicious. In a panic, he quickly thought of a name, “Lisa.”

"Oh." Shi Sheng said calmly, making Xi Fei even more confused, and then listened to her as she stated in a malicious tone,"If I killed her, then you wouldn’t mind anymore, right??"


This girl, she’s always going on about killing someone. It’s not lady-like at all.

But… Why was his heart beating so fast then?

A voice was clamouring in his heart.

It's her.

It's her.

He was confused, just who is she?

After a while, Xi Fei let out a long sigh. “You win.”

He had surrendered.

Maybe some feelings truly cannot be resisted.  The scariest part was that he never wanted this from the start. 

If he could, he would take the things that he needed from her and leave this place. Leave her. 

But he didn't. He stayed, not because of official business,  but because of her.

Even though they haven’t known each other for long.

Even though they’ve only formally met a mere few times.

However, he couldn’t help but care about her so much. 

"So, is Mr. Xi willing to have an extra fiancee now?"

Xi Fei didn't respond, but signalled at her to come closer instead.

Shi Sheng looked at him suspiciously, It can’t be… He’s not going to hit me, is he?

She walked over slowly.

Xi Fei looked at her with his head down, and slowly leaned over, his handsome face became enlarged in Shi Sheng's pupils. As his warm breath fell on her face and the tip of her nose, his soft plush lips were covering hers. Though it was a bit cold, she knew that his breath was one that she had always known. 

The kiss was very shallow, just a slight peck.

He leaned slightly, took his coat from behind her, and walked out with his arms around her.

"!!!" Holy shit! Shi Sheng was not expecting that.    

When did my Feng Ci’s boyfriend-charisma get so high?!?!?!

I should be the one doing these kinds of things!
The bodyguard outside looked at Shi Sheng who was now hugging President Xi’s arm, without a doubt, they were stunned.

You’re amazing, Miss Yan. You’ve already taken down our president before the door had been fully closed!