Xi Fei went to meet this person. When the other party saw him with a girl, he looked very surprised. What’s more is that Shi Sheng knew this person.

It was the man she had hired to do the engravings from before.

His looks were considered pretty good, but he was quite a gloomy fellow. He also dressed a bit strangely which greatly contrasts his good looks.

He looked more strange than anything.

“Do you know him?” Xi Fei asked aloud as he noticed Shi Sheng looking at the man curiously.

The man clutched his chest and pointed to Shi Sheng, “She’s the one I told you about last time who asked me to do that carving. I had to work for three days and nights without rest!”

Xi Fei suddenly recalled the picture he received. But the watch in the picture was only a half-finished product. It was not as exquisite as the watch he had just seen.

Not to mention, it wasn’t fused with the watch at the time, so he didn’t manage to think of it at the time.

“You’re talking as if I didn’t pay you,” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes.

The man cleared his throat  and retracted his hand. He then sat back down on his seat while he furrowed his brows at Xi Fei.

What this probably meant was: How did you get involved with her? This woman doesn’t seem like a good person!

Xi Fei ignored his annoyed gaze and introduced Shi Sheng to him.
“When do you plan to go back?” he then asked directly.

“I haven’t had my fill of fun yet,” replied the man, which left Xi Fei in visible confusion.

“I can’t help you any longer, you know how your mother’s temper can get.”

“My dear cousin, we’re all family. No need to get so worked up!” Xi Shuo gave Xi Fei a bitter look, “My mom always listens to you. So please, try and talk to my mom so she won’t burden me with those silly errands of hers. I’m only 22 years old for god’s sake! This is a time where I should be making miracles! How could I waste it on getting hitched with some lady?”

“When your father was your age, you were already walking and running everywhere.” Xi Fei said calmly.

The corner of Xi Shuo’s mouth twitched, “And you believe this as well?”

It didn’t matter if anyone else believed it. He himself did not.

His father’s date of birth in his birth certificate clearly stated that he was almost 30 when Xi Shuo was born. However, his mom kept insisting that Xi Shuo’s father was only in his early twenties at the time. So what about the other few years of his age then? Did it get eaten or something?

“Whatever, anyway, if you don’t help me then I’ll...I’ll…” Xi Shuo paused. He realized he couldn’t threaten him and backed down, “Why are my relatives all such buzzkills?” 

In the end, Xi Shuo stormed off.

When he left, Shi Sheng finally asked, “He called you cousin. How come you share the same surnames?”

  [T/L Note: Xi Shuo referred to Xi Fei as ”表哥 (biao ge)“ which means a cousin from the maternal side, hence they usually wouldn’t share the same surname.]

“His father married into the family.” 

He married into the family…

Any man who is willing to marry into his spouse’s family surely has genuine love for them!

Xi Fei sent Shi Sheng back, and when he returned to the hotel, Xi Shuo was already waiting for him inside.

“Cousin, why is that woman with you?” Xi Shuo began pestering as soon as he walked in. “I can see that that woman is bad news. Open your eyes, not just anyone will be accepted into our family.”

“You know her well, then?” Xi Fei asked rhetorically.

Xi Shuo shook his head, “We’ve met twice.”

“In that case, how are you so sure she’s a bad person?”

“No matter the case, she can’t be any good,” Xi Shuo sat down on the sofa. “It’s okay if you’re just messing around, but if you’re serious about being with her, I wouldn’t agree. But then again, who in our family would? They would rather have you stay single for the rest of your life.”

Xi Fei was speechless, “......” Should you really be saying this?

Mess around? Even the thought of that had never occurred to him. They would either not be together, or be together until the end.

Xi Fei took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves, revealing the watch on his wrist.

Xi Shuo’s eyes were sharp and he knew his stuff. He grabbed Xi Fei’s wrist and pulled it in front of his eyes, “This...this is…”

Wasn’t he the one that did the engraving on this?

Why does it appear here in such a strange way?

Can this thing even function as a watch? How was it made?

“It was a gift from her,” Xi Fei pulled his hand back and rolled up his sleeves. “You helped her carve it, so I’ll assume you were satisfied with the price she paid.”

“She…” Xi Shuo opened his mouth, “Forget it, do as you please.”  He could even barely save himself, let alone save someone else. 

The Xi family was a peculiar one. Girls are more welcome than boys, yet there were less of them than the boys in the family.

During his mother’s generation, she was the only girl born. This meant that she could get whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

When it came to Xi Fei and his generation, the life that they were living was like hell.

Xi Fei had it better since he was an heir to their family business. However, for Xi Shuo, it was a different story. Everyday, his family members would pester him to get married and have daughters! Daughters, daughters, daughters! That was all they would talk about!

Like hell I would have a child!

His life was already a living hell with just one woman in his life, imagine having a daughter! He’d be better off dead!

The reason why they would rather Xi Fei remain single, is all because they feel that lowly outsiders are not worthy of their son, and only those born of their own would be a match, but there were none who fit that qualification.

Since there were no inbred candidates, marriage might as well have not been an option.

They are a bunch of lunatics, I don’t want to go back at all.  

Shi Sheng found out that the Green Dragon Clan had been in a lot of turmoil recently. She was a little surprised. She hadn’t even begun her conquest to purge them, why were they crumbling from the inside?

But this didn’t change Shi Sheng’s plans to purge them.

The Green Dragon Clan was already in shambles, one move by Shi Sheng and they would be left utterly crippled.

Leng Yan was so busy that he didn’t even have the time to look at Ying Su. Ling Yi took the opportunity to get Ying Su away from the mansion. By the time Leng Yan found out, the two had already escaped.

Shi Sheng looked at Leng Yan throwing a fit through the monitor screen, finding it utterly amusing.

People...only able to remain poise and composed when things are going their way.

To be able to be constantly composed, one must be calm and able to control the atmosphere around them. 

[System] The Host is being ridiculous again. 

This is rich. You got so angry you drew your sword, where’s the poise and composure in that?

Madness is what it is!!

As long as the male lead is dead, the original protagonist’s wish will be fulfilled.

Shi Sheng packed her things and headed out. As soon as she grabbed her phone, she saw Xi Fei’s car pull up slowly in front of her.

Xi Fei personally drove the car and gave Shi Sheng a warm, genuine smile. 

The smile was brief. Shi Sheng only caught it as she kept staring at him.

Shi Sheng kept her cell phone. She pulled open the car door and entered, giving Xi Fei a quick slap as she sat down.

Xi Fei was flustered. The tips of his ears quickly reddened. He leaned back, pulling away from Shi Sheng. “What do you plan to do with the Green Dragon Clan?” he coughed.

Shi Sheng was surprised, “Did you do it?”
She had thought of it before but second guessed herself. After all, the Mo Clan’s did not have local jurisdiction. If Xi Fei did cause it, he would have to employ personnel from abroad, which would take time.

Calculating the time from before, Xi Fei could not have been bothering her while also dealing with the Green Dragon Clan at the same time.

So when she thought this was the case, she quickly dismissed the possibility.

Little did she know.

She’d gotten herself involved in this scheme.

My Feng Ci is amazing.

Xi Fei’s breathing was laboured. Shi Sheng was still very close to him. He could hear her heartbeat. He was so tempted to taste her glossy lips just beside him. All he had to do was lean over a bit to kiss her.

With a tense face, Xi Fei calmly replied, “Leng Yan is too ambitious.”