As the male protagonist, Leng Yan was naturally very ambitious, otherwise he would not bother trying to get what Leng Yao Tian left behind.

But now he was almost driven to the point of desperation. He had only two choices. He could abandon the Green Dragon Clan and run away with his confidant.

Or he would have to face them head-on, and see who will have the last laugh.

Xi Fei was secretly asserting pressure on the Green Dragon Clan, so a head-to-head confrontation was not entirely possible.

So Leng Yan decided to escape with his beloved.

Shi Sheng got this information from the surveillance monitors. But as for Xi Fei, how he got it was still unknown.

“We’ll head to a certain school first,” Shi Sheng said suddenly.

Xi Fei looked at Shi Sheng slightly confused. What business would we have at a school during this time?

“Just in case.” What if the protagonist wanted to cast a vote before he left for good? After all, he had met Xu Shan Shan before.

If it were her, if she could not defeat her adversary directly, she would start with the ones close to them. This is human nature.

Xi Fei naturally knew of the ones close to Shi Sheng.

He turned the car around, and headed to Xu Shan Shan’s school.

It was recess at the school, making it easy for Shi Sheng to bring Xu Shan Shan out.

Just as Shi Sheng and Xu Shan Shan stepped out of the school, there was a sudden violent explosion behind them.

Xu Shan Shan screamed in fright, as Shi Sheng picked her up and ran to Xi Fei’s car quickly. 

As soon as they got in the car, Xi Fei immediately drove away from the school.

Xu Shan Shan was still in shock, her ears were still ringing from the loud explosion. It took awhile before she recovered. “Sister...what was that sound just now?” she asked.

“An explosion.”

“Wha...what exploded? Our...our school?” Xu Shan Shan’s face turned pale, “How could the school explode?”

“It just did,” Shi Sheng rubbed Xu Shan Shan’s head, “Go back and watch the news.”

Xu Shan Shan looked at Shi Sheng dumbfounded. Why does it feel like big sister knows everything?

Just as the school exploded, was it a coincidence that she came to pick her up?

She wasn’t able to see which part of the school exploded earlier, so when Xu Shan Shan saw the news, she got so frightened that she had nightmares for several nights.

The car was headed towards the airport. It took Xu Shan Shan quite awhile before she noticed that there was another person in the car.

She looked at Xi Fei a few times. As the little girl looked at the man she could not tell if he was a good person or not. All she could tell was that he was very good-looking, like a star on TV.

She lightly tugged on Shi Sheng’s sleeve.

Is this the man you like, sister?

Shi Sheng nodded slightly.

Xu Shan Shan was too shy to make eye contact, so she took out her phone and typed on it, and then handed it to Shi Sheng.

——He looks like a match for you, sister!

Shi Sheng took the phone and started typing slowly as well.

——I’m so beautiful, of course I had to find a handsome one. He has to have good looks before I can bring him out to show others.

The corners of Xu Shan Shan’s mouth twitched.

 My sister is just hopelessly narcissistic.

Xu Shan Shan was a very cute girl, but for Xi Fei, he wasn’t particularly fond of her. Seeing her happily snuggling next to Shi Sheng made him want to throw her out.

But of course he could only think about it. So he sped up his driving, trying to scare Xu Shan Shan so she couldn’t talk to Shi Sheng.

Xi Fei slowed the car down as they entered the airport. Xu Shan Shan gripped Shi Sheng’s arm tightly with a pale face, “That was too scary, sister.”

Shi Sheng patted her head, and Xi Fei coldly snorted in front of them.

Shi Sheng smiled silently.

Xi Fei looked around the airport, “There are police officers.”

Of course there’s cops, I was the one who called them .

Some of Xi Fei’s men were also among them. Since there were cops there, they halted their plans, only continuing when they knew that the police had begun their operation. However, if the police weren’t able to do it, Xi Fei’s men would finish the job themselves. 

Xu Shan Shan didn’t know what they were doing here, but she felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. She didn’t dare to speak, simply sticking by Shi Sheng quietly.

Xi Fei suddenly turned around, “Come sit in the front.”

Shi Sheng got into the front of the car and sat in the passenger seat.

Xu Shan Shan sat quietly in the backseat.

Xi Fei grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand and rubbed it lightly before shifting his gaze outside.

The airport was overflowing with people. Finding specific people out of this crowd without going mad would be impossible.

Shi Sheng played with Xi Fei’s hand, which was so beautiful that she could play with it for a whole year. It was just so beautiful no matter how she looked at it.

[System] I’m really afraid that she will cut off that hand and frame it up. 

Fortunately, the host did not have such a dangerous thought this time.

“Crack,” the car door suddenly flung open and a figure jumped in from the outside, “Cousin, drive!!”

Shi Sheng and Xi Fei both looked at the person who jumped in at the same time.

Xi Shuo looked anxious, and while looking outside the car, he was tapping on Xi Fei with his hands, “My mom’s people are here, they’re trying to trap me in the airport. Drive quickly! Hurry up, they’re coming out!”

Shi Sheng looked towards the exit and saw several big-sized foreign men in black suits and sunglasses aggressively rushing towards them.

As the plainclothes police around saw these people, they became silently on guard.

Xi Shuo was too anxious, but Xi Fei sat in his seat calmly.

The few people who had already walked up to the front of the car took a few good looks at the car, and then talked among themselves as if trying to decide something.

After quite some time, one of the men knocked on the car window.

Xi Fei rolled down the car window.
“Sir,” the man spoke in English.

Xi Fei lightly nodded, and responded in fluent English, “I will bring Xi Shuo home with me when I return to China. My aunt can rest assured.”

The man outside paused for a moment, then looked at Xi Shuo who was cowering behind in the backseat of the car, hiding from them. Then they turned their gaze to Shi Sheng. “Very well, we will report on this matter,” the man said as he backed away.

It wasn’t until Xi Fei rolled up the window that Xi Shuo breathed a sigh of relief. “We’re blood relatives, no doubt about that. Good job, cousin. I’ll take my leave now.” Aight Imma head out

He was going to run away as quick as he could, there’s no way he’s going back. 

But when Xi Shuo tried to open the door, he realized it was locked.

“Cousin! Bro!! Surely you don’t really plan to take me with you when you go back home right?” Xi Shuo complained.

“It’s not safe out there.”

Xi Shuo pressed his face against the car window and tried to look outside, “What’s so unsafe out there?”

“Is he really a part of your Xi family?” Shi Sheng asked.

“Hey, what do you think you’re saying?” Xi Shuo turned and stared at Shi Sheng, “So what if I’m not? Are you?”

“I’m your brother’s partner. So theoretically speaking, I am.” Shi Sheng replied in a serious manner.

Xi Shuo was furious, “Have you no decency? My brother hasn’t even established anything with you and you’re already proclaiming yourself as a part of the Xi family. Surely you must be plotting something?”

“My my.”

Xi Shuo suddenly exclaimed. He had just noticed the little girl sitting next to him pinching at his arm with her hand.

“Don’t say such things about my sister.” Xi Shan Shan’s face was full of anger.

“Let go, let go!” Xi Shuo screamed in pain. Kids these days really have no manners. She pinched me without hesitation.

Xu Shan Shan quickly let go when she saw Shi Sheng look over at her.

Shi Sheng reached out her hand, petting Xu Shan Shan’s hands like a pet. She grinned and said to Xi Shuo, “Indeed I have some devious plans as you say, but your brother likes me. What to do?”