Xi Shuo was angered to the point of tears. 

He shouldn’t have helped her from the start. Just what kind of person is she?!

Usually when it comes to something that Xi Fei liked, all Xi Shuo would dare to do was just say something. But if Xi Shuo had to actually do something about it, he would never dare to!

Xi Shuo huddled into a corner and began to mutter to himself. Though, no one really knew what he was mumbling about. 

The police that were situated outside had also begun with their operation. Xi Fei took his eyes away from Shi Sheng and observed the situation outside. 

Leng Yan and his people entered the airport in batches, probably because they noticed something was suspicious, so they left one by one. 

The encirclement of the police force continued to shrink, hence Leng Yan and others were forced into a small circle.

There were still people around at this time, so the police were proceeding with caution to prevent them from getting irritated, just in case they might use these passer-bys as their hostages. 

“Young Master Yan, shall we fight them head-on?” The people around Leng Yan suggested.  Now that they were all surrounded, there were only two options: fight or be arrested.

In order to get through the airport, they did not have many weapons on them. If they really did fight, they were probably no match to these fully armed cops. 

But they only have these two options, right?

“Who was it that leaked this info?”

Leng Yan’s face was now sullen, There’s no use getting worked up about these trivial matters, what matters now thinking of an escape plan.

“Young Master Yan, please say something…”

 “Let’s fight.” Leng Yan replied solemnly.

After receiving Leng Yan’s orders, the others immediately took out their guns and fired shots at an open space. The sudden gunshots made passers-by panic, and each of them fled, making the scene extremely chaotic.

The police immediately evacuated the crowd. They continued to surround Leng Yan and his men, while they quickly called for back-up.

The sound of screaming and gunfire were intertwined, and it persisted in the airport for a long time. 

“He’s going to run.” Shi Sheng said softly.

Leng Yan had already broken through the encirclement and was now running towards them.

Xi Fei took out a gun from the car, slid down the window, and aimed the gun at Leng Yan who was running towards their side.
"Brother!" Xi Shuo exclaimed. Shooting someone in front of so many policemen would cause trouble for sure!

Xi Fei aimed his gun at Leng Yan. When Leng Yan realised that someone had aimed their gun on him, it was already too late. There were policemen behind him, so he couldn't turn back. He wanted to run to the other side, but a few police cars had now surrounded that side of the road as well. Any possible escape routes were now completely blocked. .


Xi Fei didn't even check if he made a hit, he just put down the gun, started the car, and left immediately. .

When Shi Sheng looked through the rearview mirror, she could see that Leng Yan's figure was frozen in place. He was looking straight at them. Though the distance was too far, Shi Sheng could not see his expression clearly.

After the car had left the scene, Leng Yan’s body began to slowly slump to the ground.

Xi Fei drove the car onto a highway. While driving, he took the opportunity to call a number. “ Send some men to wait at Highway 215, then clean up with the loose ends.”

Before getting an answer, Xi Fei had already hung up.

He didn’t even give a specific address, however, when he stopped the car, there was already someone waiting on the highway with a car.

Xi Shuo didn’t say much this time, he just opened the door and rushed directly into the waiting car. 

After Xi Fei made sure Shi Sheng had stepped down from the car, he exchanged a few words with his men and drove off. 

Xi Fei took a detour and drove back to the city again.

Xi Shuo on the other hand, got off halfway, stating that he would not share the same space as a murderer.

To be honest, Shi Sheng really wanted to beat him up at that moment. Goddamn, he’s speaking as if he’s some angelic being.

Xu Shan Shan was probably frightened by the whole ordeal, and had stayed silent the entire time. 

Leng Yan was not dead,  he was still alive and kicking after being treated by the medics. 

The police had verified the clues and evidence provided by Shi Sheng. Adding that with Xi Fei’s tempering, there’s no way Leng Yan could escape this time. 

“You deliberately missed his vitals, didn’t you?” Shi Sheng tilted her head to look at Xi Fei.

At the time, Xi Fei was not far away from Leng Yan at all. If he really wanted to kill him, it would’ve been easy. However, seeing that Leng Yan was still alive, she could only deduce that Xi Fei had intended it. 

Xi Fei did not deny it, “Yeah.”

After signing the last document, he looked up at Shi Sheng, “Death would be too easy of a punishment for him.”

For some people, death could be the most horrendous thing.

But on the other hand, death could also be a sweet release.

Seeing how Leng Yan wanted to attack her, how could he let him get off the hook and die so easily?

“A lifetime sentence in prison with no parole……” The corners of Shi Sheng’s lips tugged upwards as she smiled coldly. 

“If you don’t like it, I could let him die silently in prison.”

“You dare to hurt someone that’s already in jail?” Shi Sheng tilted her head to look at him.

Xi Fei stretched out his hands and pulled her into his arms. President Xi, who has already mastered the art of making out, placed his lips against her ear after leaving her gasping for air, “As long as it is something you want, I would do it for you. No matter how difficult.”

“Someone learned how to say sweet nothings.” 

Xi Fei was a little confused, Why is her reaction so different from what was written in the book?

It's not that it's different from what's written in the book, it's that Shi Sheng doesn't follow the ‘normal’ route.

"Are you willing to die for me?" Shi Sheng turned around and placed her arms around his neck, smiling. There was only him in her eyes. 

This question isn’t that friendly.

“I only want to die with you.”

Xi Fei’s words weren't something that was said after thinking, it was more like a natural response that he had blurted out. 

After saying that, he himself was stunned. 

This sentence……

He had a very familiar feeling, just like the familiar feeling when he saw her.

It seems that he has said it many times, to someone.

He thought his answer would make her unhappy.

But he looked at the girl who seemed very satisfied with the answer, her eyes seemed to have transformed into crescent moons itself. She propped herself up and kissed him, then got up and left, "There is a parent-teacher conference today, I'm going to school first."

Xi Fei quickly held her hand, “I’ll go with you.”

“Sure!” Shi Sheng replied with a bright smile.

There was an explosion in the school last time and several people had tragically passed away because of it. As a result, the school was closed for a long period of time. Not long after school started, the school held a parent-teacher conference to let parents understand and comfort them.

The combination of Shi Sheng and Xi Fei became a highlight among a group parents as soon as they entered.

Not only were they young, they looked so attractive as well!

While the teachers were talking on the stage, the parents who were sitting below were all focusing their eyes on Shi Sheng and Xi Fei. Not paying attention to what the teachers were saying at all.

“Why are they looking at me?” Xi Fei asked in a low voice, holding Shi Sheng's hand under the table.

"How do you know that you are looking at you?" Shi Sheng hummed, "Maybe they are looking at me instead?"

Do you think you’re the only good looking person here?

I’m as beautiful as a flower too, okay?


#RelationshipHelp: Girlfriend won’t follow any predispositioned outcome when I flirt. Waiting online, very anxious#

“I don’t like it when they stare at me.” Xi Fei's fingertips rubbed Shi Sheng's palms, "I only want you alone to look at me."

“Okay, how about I lock you up?”


"The two parents by the window in the fifth row below, please don't show affection here. If you need emotional communication, you could just go home and communicate." The teacher suddenly slammed her hands on the table and stared angrily in one direction.

She said so much on it, but none of these people listened to it! !

Everyone's eyes landed on the two parents in the fifth row by the window.