Shi Sheng wanted to die when this parent meeting was held.

Xi Fei was calm, sitting upright after the teacher's warning, listening carefully to their speech.

Since then, Xu Shan Shan has been closely watched.

After all, such young and good looking parents were extremely rare to see.

Xu Shan Shan graduated from junior high school and was admitted to the best high school in City A with the highest score in the school. In order to make it easier for Xu Shan Shan to attend her high school, Shi Sheng planned to move to a place near it. Who knew that Xi Fei had already bought a house nearby. Waiting for them to come over...

“My wife is amazing.” Said Shi Sheng as she patted Xi Fei’s shoulder.

Xi Fei's mouth twitched, he grabbed her hand, and pulled her into his arms, "Who is whose wife?"

“You’re my wife.” Shi Sheng smiled happily. “Why? Do I not spoil you enough?”

Xi Fei suddenly became weak.

Compared to her, what he did was not worth mentioning.

“If you spoil me this much, you’ll make me unreasonable.” Xi Fei blushed as he led her into the house.

Shi Sheng squinted her eyes and said matter-of-factly, “Well, if I don’t spoil you, who else should I spoil?”

These words undoubtedly please Xi Fei, he paused and turned his head, "Yan Mian, did you owe me a great debt in your last life?"

Otherwise, why do you treat him so well in this life?

"What nonsense?" Shi Sheng slapped him on the head, "Is it wrong for me to spoil my own man?"

Xi Fei: "..." It's so difficult to say something cheesy to her!!!

#What should I do with my wifey that loves to spoil me#

Shi Sheng found that the house had only two rooms and one living room.

The point is, two rooms!

To tell the truth, to see such an aggressive version of Feng Ci, was a very rare sight for Shi Sheng.

She seemed very happy on the day she moved, but when she finished moving, tragedy found itself once again. 

Xi Fei actually bought another house next door!

Next door!!

He lives next door!!

It’s better to count on a pig to climb a tree than to count on Feng Ci to take initiative. She was so angry that she was about to cry. 

#What do I do with a partner that I’ve slept with countless times, but still remains so pure? Very Anxious#

"Sister? Are you unhappy?" Xu Shan Shan cleaned up her room and saw Shi Sheng leaning against the door with her arms crossed, looking outside with a sad expression on her face.

“I can see it but I can’t eat it.” Shi Sheng sighed, “Of course I won’t be happy.”

“......” Xu Shan Shan was a good child.

Is it really okay to say these things in front of her?

It doesn’t matter how many times Shi Sheng teased Xi Fei, he just --

Wouldn’t sleep with her!

Wouldn’t sleep with her!

Wouldn’t sleep with her!

Shi Sheng was getting so impatient that she was thinking about slipping some pills into his food.

It’s not that he didn’t respond to her advances, so why won’t he sleep with her?

Just as Shi Sheng was about to force Xi Fei to do things her way, he had returned to his country…..
Bringing her with him.

Xi Fei and her have been in the country for such a long time. People have come to him again and again, but they are all turned away by Xi Fei. Shi Sheng thought that she could take Xu Shan Shan to study abroad, but Xi Fei refused.

Said she would have more freedom in the country.

When Shi Sheng meets the eccentric members of the Xi family, she would understand why Xi Fei said they would have more freedom if they stayed within the country. 

The second she got off the plane, Shi Sheng had already been surrounded by them. They were staring from every crevice of her face to her body.

And she would have cut them with her sword long ago, if they even attempted to touch her.

“Fei, this wife you found is… not good.” One of the older men commented first. Just when Shi Sheng was preparing to debate, he continued, "But she just barely made it to our Xi Family’s standards.. "

“......” I’m marrying into your Xi Family on behalf of my wife, how dare you say I just ‘barely made it?! 

If it was someone else, I wouldn’t even bat an eye even if they were the world’s richest bachelor.

Learn to be content!

“Why would you look for a partner? If it were up to me, Fei should be with us.” Another old man’s statement was even more blunt, but after the first sentence, his tone changed as well. “Well, since you’ve already found one, we can’t just send her back. That’ll just make us Xi’s look bad.” 

Wow, thank you. I’m so grateful that you’ll let me in because you don’t want to tarnish your family name.

“Fei, has this young lady commited murder before?”  One  person from behind said abruptly, "Our house is not a place where a delicate little girl can enter. We won’t be responsible if she gets scared to death."

The number of people I’ve killed outnumbers the bowls of rice you’ve ever eaten.

“Young lady, come come! Ignore their nonsense.” A woman who was dressed elegantly could not handle it any further, she stretched out her hand to pull Shi Sheng to her side. “What a nice young girl, how could you possibly want her to kill someone?”

The woman paused, "She just needs to watch others do it."

Shi Sheng looked at Xi Fei silently, Are there any normal people in your family?

Xi Fei lightly remarked, “Aunties and uncles, if Mian Mian gets scared away from you lot, don’t you even think about getting any allowance from me anymore.” 

The group of people who tried their best to scare Shi Sheng suddenly coughed a few times and turned away from each other. When they returned, all their faces were painted with kind smiles. 

"This young lady is beautiful, and she is a perfect match for our Fei."

"Yes, yes! Look at her elegant aura, ordinary people can't match it. Fei must be really blessed to find someone like you."


These compliments that were void of sincerity gave Shi Sheng the feeling of being in a mental hospital.

The people of the Xi family seem to get along well, but these people secretly control the lifelines of Mo Clan's major parts, there’s no way that they would be easy to get along with.

They originally wanted to scare Shi Sheng, so that she would retreat. 

However, this young lady was looking at them as if she was looking at a bunch of retards. The more she observed them, the more she questioned if she was mentally retarded as well.

Later, from Xi Shuo, who was escorted back, they learned that this girl had single handedly played the gangsters within the country in her hands and could be awarded the title of the'Black Master'.

Now the domestic gangs dare not come forward, for fear that they will be served to the police as soon as they do.

So this young lady has had enough of domestic gangsters, she’s coming overseas for them instead?

Everyone refuted Xi Fei’s decision even more.

We must not have her as a daughter-in-law!

Xi Fei ignored his eccentric family, as they couldn’t control his decisions. They would just wail for a while, he would ignore them, and things would go back to normal.

Because Xi Fei kept ignoring them, they went to look for Shi Sheng instead. 

Given that they are Xi Fei's elders, Shi Sheng listened patiently at first, occasionally refuting a few sentences.

But these people’s words were endless, whispering in her ear all day long.

In the end, Shi Sheng couldn't stand it anymore. She drew her sword and flipped all these people over.

This group of people was shocked by Shi Sheng's strength, but they were also more worried that Xi Fei would be bullied by Shi Sheng, and ran to Xi Fei to discourage such a wife.

Xi Fei wanted to teach them a lesson a long time ago, but knowing their positions and duties, they weren't like other families. They were good to him, unlike the others. So he even if he wanted to lecture them, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. 

Shi Sheng's actions were exactly what Xi Fei wanted to do deep down. After that incident, his pestering group of family members finally left in a desperate manner, and did not bother them for a long time.

It wasn't until the wedding was about to begin, that one after another appeared, trying to control how the wedding should be done.

This person said that this is not right, and that it is not possible. That they had to change this and that. 

Just as they changed whatever they weren’t happy with to their liking, another one would begin to critique again. 

If Shi Sheng were a wedding company, she would definitely slap these crazies to death.