On the wedding day, Shi Sheng, the protagonist, naturally received much attention.

After all, this was the wedding of the head of the Mo Clan. Who would dare to neglect it?

Shi Sheng, who has memorized the wedding process like the back of her hand, did not look forward to the wedding at all. She only hopes that after the wedding, she could sleep with her man.

Xi Fei had quite a number of people to toast with, so Shi Sheng had to accompany him with a smile, and go along with their toasts.

There are also some people who would say rude things, probably to test whether Xi Fei really liked or wanted to marry this woman. But once Xi Fei glanced at them, all those who talked rudely would never dare to appear again.

After drinking with the outsiders, they now had to drink with those crazy family members of his.

When the wedding was over, Shi Sheng had never felt so tired. She laid on Xi Fei's shoulders, and when Xi Fei had carried Shi Sheng back to their room, she was already asleep.

Xi Fei put Shi Sheng on the bed and pulled his collar, his mouth was a little dry.

When he leaned over and kissed Shi Sheng, the ‘little man’ below his waist responded instinctively, and after a few small compensations, there was no movement left.

Xi Fei sighed. If he knew that having a wedding would be so tiring, he should have received the benefits in advance.

Xi Fei squatted down, helped her take off her shoes, tucked her in bed, and took some clothes to take a bath.

When he came out of the shower, the person who was once on the bed had woken up. She was sitting on top of the bed, staring at a large pile of condoms of various colors and brands on the quilt as she propped her head up with her hands. 


Shi Sheng grabbed a pack of condoms and asked Xi Fei, “"Do those people in your family want you to fuck?"

What the hell, these people didn't give red envelopes or jewellery. They collectively gifted these instead. What are they implying?

He probably stayed in the bathroom for a long time and was steamed by the heat. Xi Fei's face was still a little hot and blushing. He stepped forward and put away the pile of condoms.

Xi Fei was only wearing a bathrobe, tied loosely, and when he bent over, large areas of his bare body were exposed.

Ah, what a delicious buffet!

Shi Sheng swallowed her drool, Oh my god, I want to have sex with him.

Shi Sheng's gaze was too intense, Xi Fei couldn’t ignore it even if he wanted to. His face became even more flushed, and his ears were hot to the touch. He placed the condoms aside. Too shy to look directly at Shi Sheng, he said in a low voice, "You should go and take a bath first."

“I’m so tired, I don’t feel like it.”


He glanced at Shi Sheng with his peripheral vision, "Then sleep."

Shi Sheng got up from the bed and jumped directly onto Xi Fei, with her legs crossed around his waist. Xi Fei was afraid of her falling, so he hugged her quickly. The fragrance of a woman came over his face, and the soft hair fell on his neck. Bring a burst of ****.

"Help me shower,." Shi Sheng laid down on Xi Fei's shoulder like a child, rubbing her cheek against his side.

Xi Fei gulped as his throat quickly dried. The skin he felt at his palms was smooth and delicate.

He didn't dare to move, his heart was about to jump out.

It took him a long time to calm his breath and walk towards the bathroom with Shi Sheng in his arms.

"Can you...can you do it yourself?" Xi Fei put Shi Sheng on the edge of the bathtub and sat down, not daring to look directly at her.

Obviously he had read about these situations many times before, but by this time, his mind was completely blank, and he couldn't remember anything.

"No." Shi Sheng reached out and grabbed Xi Fei's hand with a soft tone, "I’m too tired."

Xi Fei glanced at the exhaustion on Shi Sheng's face, and distress immediately rose in his heart. He struggled for a moment, trying to control his already chaotic breathing, and walked to the side to prepare some hot water.

His expression was serious, as if he was doing something very important. In fact, his entire body was as stiff as a board, and the person beside him seemed to be glowing bright and hot, making his body feel extremely warm.

Shi Sheng held his face, her eyes were almost bent into two crescents. Sure enough, Feng Ci is the cutest when he is shy.

After he was done preparing a hot bath for her, Xi Fei looked at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng took off her dress, revealing the fair and graceful body inside. The combination of light and steam made her body look a little hazy, but even more attractive.

Xi Fei felt like he couldn’t think straight anymore. He quickly looked away, "I'm going outside."

He was too fast, and Shi Sheng couldn’t stop him in time.

Shi Sheng chuckled, washed herself quickly, and rushed out to look for him in a bathrobe.

However, Shi Sheng didn't find Xi Fei even after looking around.

"..." Now where has he gone?

# Wedding night, but the groom isn’t in their house#

Shi Sheng couldn't help but feel more tragedy in this  already sad plot.

Shi Sheng grabbed her cell phone and called Xi Fei, but Xi Fei quickly answered, "Mian Mian."

"Where are you?" Come back to sleep!
"I need to deal with something urgent. You go to bed first, and I'll be back soon." Xi Fei replied solemnly.

However, Shi Sheng didn't believe it at all, "Stop your bullshit, Xi Shuo told me today that he wouldn't call you even if the sky fell."

Xi Fei was silent. Why does Xi Shuo always have to ruin my plans?

"I..." How can I say it to show that it’s not because I’m nervous?

"I’ll give you one minute, I will come to you if you don't come back, and when I find you..." Shi Sheng dragged her tone. Xi Fei held his breath and waited for her to continue, her voice suddenly became very gloomy, "I’ll do you on the spot."
Xi Fei was actually in the study room next door. He stared at the call that had been hung up, and stood still for more than ten seconds.

In the end, he slowly walked out of the study. When he opened the bedroom door, it had been exactly one minute.

Shi Sheng was leaning against the door, and he could see her when he pushed open the door.

"Mian Mian..." Xi Fei wanted to smile, but he didn't like to smile, and ended up looking rather awkward.

"I'm not even nervous, so why are you nervous?" Shi Sheng glared at him, pulled him inside the door, and closed it.

Sure enough, whatever that has happened before was all just an illusion. That mysterious boyfriend-charisma that Feng Ci once had was gone. 

Look at all the other aggressive presidents,they would bang anything. Against the wall, on the bed, on the car? Wherever you could bang, they’d be doing it.

So why is her man’s ‘aggressive president’ model so weird?

Xi Fei was so nervous that he started sweating. He didn't know what he was nervous about, but he was extremely nervous.

When Shi Sheng approached Xi Fei, Xi Fei could only retreat until his back was against the door. Knowing that there was nowhere left to run, he looked at Shi Sheng with a bit of grievance in his eyes.

Shi Sheng embraced his neck and kissed it, gently, with a little guidance, "Don't be nervous."

Xi Fei was a little distracted by Shi Sheng’s. Shi Sheng loosened his bathrobe and reached down into it with her small hand. It was probably a little cold, as Xi Fei shuddered and let out a soft hum.
When she heard this noise, Shi Sheng only wanted to do him even more right then and there, but she endured her temptation and calmed him patiently.

When the two finally rolled onto the bed and finally did the deed, Xi Fei slowly calmed down and  found his rhythm.

Later, Xi Shuo heard about this from somewhere, and laughed at him for a whole year. Even the people within the Xi family knew about this story.

Looking back on this matter after a long time had passed, Xi Fei felt extremely embarrassed. That a man as dignified as he was so nervous as he faced his beloved girl to the point where she had to guide him.