When he woke up the next day, Xi Fei felt very energetic. Whereas Shi Sheng, who was rarely sick, was now devoid of energy. 

No normal person could last 300 rounds in bed! That’s not fair!

“Was it uncomfortable?” Xi Fei asked as he stroked her head nervously. 
Shi Sheng shook her head, “Nope.”

She patted her face to lift up her spirits, “Let’s go. Those lunatics are waiting.”

Xi Fei was a little worried about Shi Sheng. “It’s fine if we arrive later, they can afford to wait.” Xi Fei comforted her as he supported her body. 

“But that would be extremely impolite.”

“......” I never thought I’d hear her say the word ‘impolite. ‘ How rare.

When the pair of newlyweds arrived at the hall on the ground floor, it was already filled with people. All of Xi Fei’s relatives were already there, waiting. 

For this morning, Shi Sheng had to serve these odd condom-gifting elders tea.

[T/L note: Serving tea to elders (or conducting a Tea Ceremony) is a customary wedding process in Chinese culture. It signifies the bride being formally introduced to and accepted into the groom’s family.]

However, Xi Fei’s parents were not there. The last they heard, his parents were currently traveling around the world, and no one could contact them. Even during his wedding, his unreliable parents still didn’t show up. 

“Cousin, last night…….” While Shi Sheng was pulled away by their elders to gossip,
Xi Shuo took advantage of Xi Fei’s free time and sneaked beside him, giving him a smug smirk.

Xi Fei sullenly ignored him.

“Cousin, what about the books I bought for you? Were they useful?” Xi Shuo continued.

"..." They were completely useless.

Not caring that he was being ignored, Xi Shuo continued to talk to himself. “She’s quite capable, seeing that she managed to deal with our cumbersome relatives so easily.”

Xi Fei looked at the girl who flawlessly dealt with the elders in front of her, leaving the group speechless. And a tender gaze washed over his eyes.

This was the person he had chosen.

After the wedding, Shi Sheng and Xi Fei stayed abroad for a while before returning home.

Because Xu Shan Shan had classes to attend, she was sent back to her homeland after the wedding. This was why only Shi Sheng and Xi Fei returned home this time.

Xi Shuo was forced to stay back at the Xi’s family estate for a blind date. Rumour has it that he was not allowed to leave unless he got married.

The members of the Xi family condemned Shi Sheng for abducting their family’s Xiao Fei. However, in the end, everyone still blessed the newlyweds with red envelopes.

[T/L note: In Chinese culture, the newlywed’s friends and relatives would give them ‘red envelopes’ or ‘hongbao’ (红包) filled with cash as a form of blessing.]

After all, if word got out that they had given them packs of condoms, they’d become a laughing stock.

 “I’m heading to the toilet for a bit.” Shi Sheng said to Xi Fei the second they landed at the airport. Immediately, she flung her things on him and sprinted to the nearest restroom.

I think my period is here.

The second she reached the toilet, she immediately checked and confirmed it. 

Shi Sheng then remembered that she had forgotten to pack sanitary pads in her bag.

She quickly sent a text message to Xi Fei, asking him to buy her some pads. Xi Fei stared at the screen in disbelief, questioning if he had seen it wrong. 

He could only hand the things to the bodyguard next to him and walk towards the stores in the airport.

Xi Fei took a deep breath and walked directly to the area where the daily necessities were placed. His eyes swept over something that looked like sanitary pads. Seeing that there were not many people in this area, Xi Fei decided to go over independently. 

Holding onto his phone, Xi Fei checked each packaging with the picture that Shi Sheng had sent him, but he still couldn’t find the brand that she asked for. 

“Sir, is there anything I can help you with?” The salesperson noticed that this man had been loitering around the aisle for a while. Not to mention, he was so handsome! Even if she was blushing, she just had to ask him if he needed help. 

Slightly embarrassed, Xi Fei quickly calmed down and showed his phone screen to the salesperson. “My wife is on her period. She wants this brand, but I can’t find it. Could you please help me get it?”

Aaaah! This man’s voice is so dreamy!

The salesperson was utterly immersed in Xi Fei’s voice. Only when Xi Fei’s face turned impatient where she realized her staring and glanced at the text he had shown her. 

With the shyness of a girl in love, she walked to the other side of the aisle and explained, “This brand is being promoted, so it’s not placed here.”

“Does… Does your wife want it for daily use or nightly use?” The salesperson asked.

To think such a handsome man already has a wife...

My heart hurts so much!!!

Xi Fei glanced at his phone to check, yet nothing of the sort was mentioned. He proceeded to ask the salesperson if there was any difference between the two then texted Shi Sheng to ask as well. In the end, she wanted him to buy both types of sanitary pads.

Wow, he’s so sweet!! Wuuuu… Why don’t I have a husband that’s so sweet and thoughtful?! Not to mention, his voice is just butter to my ears.

The mesmerized salesperson watched Xi Fei, unwilling to see him go as he picked up the items to pay. However, before she watched his silhouette disappear into the crowd, Xi Fei ran back towards her. 

He walked directly towards the salesperson. Although his face was a bit cold, he was very polite, “Excuse me, can you please help me out and deliver these into the toilet?”

The people he brought with him were all big burly men. There’s no way they could enter the women’s toilet.

At the handsome guy’s request, the mesmerized salesperson nodded and immediately notified her other colleague on duty, then followed Xi Fei to the toilet.

The salesperson took the things into the toilet. She was curious and wanted to see what kind of person the handsome man’s wife was, so she waited outside for a while.

When Shi Sheng came out, she saw the salesperson who was wearing her work uniform. With the corners of her lips raised. Shi Sheng smiled and thanked the salesperson politely, “Thank you for bringing this to me.”

The salesperson’s eyes suddenly widened, and she frantically waved her hands and said, “It’s okay, it’s our duty to serve customers.”

Ahhh! ! The handsome man’s wife is so beautiful and so polite, and she looks so handsome when she laughs! !

The mesmerized salesperson was surprised at their own thoughts, Wait, why did I use the word “handsome” to describe her?

After Shi Sheng washed her hands, she noticed the salesperson was still standing in the same spot. Shi Sheng softly reminded her, “Aren’t you going out?”

“Ah? A-Ah yes! I’ll be taking my leave...” The salesperson smiled embarrassedly. As she walked out of the toilet with Shi Sheng, she mentioned to Shi Sheng with a hint of admiration and envy, “Your husband is really kind to you.”

“You’ll have a chance to meet someone like that too.” Shi Sheng paused, nodding slightly at the salesperson, then walked towards the other direction. 

The mesmerized salesperson clenched her fists fiercely as she stared at Shi Sheng’s back in admiration. “You’ll definitely find such a handsome boyfriend!” She muttered to herself.

Good luck! You can do it!  


As they were leaving the airport, Shi Sheng spotted two unexpected people.

It was Ling Yi and Ying Su.

Ying Su was sitting in a wheelchair, looking a little dazed. While Ling Yi pushed her along and gave Shi Sheng a small salute, then proceeded to walk into the terminal. 

Before, the domestic investigations were rigorous, so they didn’t dare to leave. It took a really long time for Ling Yi to finally go abroad with Ling Su.

Ling Yi bent down to ask Ying Su what she wanted to say,  Ying Su shook her head. Ling Yi maintained that position for a while, his expression turned a bit bitter, but he quickly converged and said a few words with a smile.

Ying Su glanced at him and seemed to have said something unpleasant in return. The smile on Ling Yi’s face was a bit stiff. He stood up straight and began to push Ying Su forward.

Ying Su turned around and kept talking to him. Her expression changed from anxious to angry and finally turned into a helpless plea. However, Ling Yi ignored it.

Shi Sheng didn’t talk to them. She had only quietly observed them until they slowly disappeared into the crowd.

Xi Fei lightly tousled Shi Sheng’s hair and whispered softly, “The car is here.”

Shi Sheng turned her head and smiled at Xi Fei.

Years later, Shi Sheng saw Ying Su while abroad once again. At that time, she was no longer in a wheelchair but was supported by Ling Yi. Unlike when she saw them at the airport, there was now a light scent of romance between the two.