After Xu Shan Shan graduated from high school, she went abroad with Shi Sheng to further her studies.

Foreign universities are more free, open, and democratic than local universities.

She was no longer the highly cautious Xu Shan Shan that had been abandoned.

She was now the Xu Shan Shan who had seen life and death, faced strong winds and violent waves, and was brought up by Shi Sheng to become a renowned lady.

Big sister had said before.

As her name is Xu Shan Shan, it was a given that she had to be the brightest shining star. She had to flash the onlookers blind with her flare.

Xu Shan Shan had committed Shi Sheng’s words to heart and worked hard to reach those expectations.

So in college, almost everyone knew the name of Xu Shan Shan.

During her sophomore year, Xu Shan Shan had started her own business. The start-up was funded by Shi Sheng. She didn’t want to accept it at first, but after being brainwashed by Shi Sheng, Xu Shan Shan accepted it immediately.

Why start from the bottom when resources are already available?

If you have an advantageous starting point, then your achievements must be better than others. This was the way it worked.

When she graduated from university, and her other classmates were still busy with work, Xu Shan Shan’s company had already started hiring people. But of course, her success was viewed by everyone else as luck.

Because she had a competent sister and a brother-in-law who dominated the underground kingdom, she would have been better off killing herself with a piece of tofu if she was not successful.

Xu Shan Shan knew that she was very fortunate.

Because she had met this person who had given her everything.

If not for her, she would have grown up in Huangshan Village, uneducated. She would have just been married off into a mediocre life.

She was very grateful to Shi Sheng.

No matter what event Xu Shan Shan attended, she would always bring Shi Sheng along whenever she could.

This also caused Xu Shan Shan to become immensely unpopular with Xi Fei. But of course, she didn’t care if she was. Being in Shi Sheng’s favor was more than enough for her.

Xu Shan Shan was also grateful to the villagers of Huangshan Village.

After she was able to, she donated enough money to build roads and schools in Huangshan village. She had thought about giving them the money directly, but Shi Sheng told her that the money would only be temporary. Would she be able to provide for them indefinitely?

If she wanted them to leave that place, roads and schools were what needed to be built.

Later, Xu Shan Shan also invited outsiders into Huangshan village to see what type of crop it could bear. So that the people around her could also pursue wealth.

Xu Shan Shan’s name came from that region, and yet nobody knew it.

Xu Shan Shan did not return to Huangshan Village while she was abroad. A year before the Spring Festival, she and Shi Sheng had agreed to return to their home country together. Still, as they were about to leave, she found out that Xi Fei had secretly changed his visa and was headed to another country.

Xu Shan Shan was already a mature and sound woman at the time, but she still almost lost her composure with Xi Fei at the airport.

If it weren’t for Shi sheng who stopped her, she would have probably made the headline for the news the very next day.

Xu Shan Shan had to return home to her country alone.

Even as the plane landed, she was still angry and frustrated.

As she exited the plane, she saw someone in the crowd holding up a sign to pick her up from the airport. The person had blocked his face with the sign, and Xu Shan Shan could only make out that it was a man from the person’s height and build.

Her return to seemed that only her high school classmates knew about it.

Xu Shan Shan made her way over, “Hey.”

The man lowered the sign as he heard her voice. He was a very gentle man with a pair of glasses. “Xu Shan Shan,” he said.

Xu Shan Shan paused for a moment before she finally recalled who this man was.

“Lei Qing.” It was her high school class rep.

Lei Qing was very popular because of his good looks and temper. It was also known that he was favored by the girls.

But Xu Shan Shan had devoted herself to her studies at the time and didn’t pay much attention to him. She had just heard of him from others occasionally.

She didn’t expect that he would come to pick her up this time, which surprised her.

“You still remember me,” Lei Qing adjusted his glasses.

Xu Shan Shan smiled politely and pointed towards the passage, ushering herself out.

When the two met up outside, Xu Shan Shan asked out of curiosity, “Why did you come and pick me up?”

“There is a classmate gathering not long from now. I am the class monitor as well as organizer. I saw someone in the group mention that you were coming back. So I asked what time you were arriving and decided to come and pick you up. Please don’t think much of it, president Xu.”

But Xu Shan Shan did not mention the specific time she would be arriving in China, only that it was today.

“Did you wait a long time?” Xu Shan Shan asked.

Lei Qing shook his head, responding gently and politely, “No, I picked up two other classmates just now. They’re in the car outside. I was going to send them to the hotel without you, not expecting your arrival so soon. Coincidentally, do you have a place to stay? Why don’t you join us at the hotel?”

Xu Shan Shan nodded, “Well, thank you, monitor.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, let me help with your things,” Lei Qing took the suitcase from Xu Shan Shan’s hand and accompanied her out, “I’ve heard you have your very own company now. Among us old classmates, you really outdid us all.”

Xu Shan Shan did not respond.

After continuing on for a while, Lei Qing noticed that Xu Shan Shan was not responding to him and consequently stopped talking.

The two classmates he mentioned were, in fact sitting in the car outside. Xu Shan Shan vaguely remembered them, but they clearly remembered Xu Shan Shan as she was at the top of her class in school and immediately started asking her many questions as soon as she got in the car.

Xu Shan Shan politely answered them, neither familiarly nor indifferently.

After the car arrived at the hotel, Xu Shan Shan found out that some other classmates were already living there. These people had all flown back from the north and south. They had long since departed from their youth the year before. They wore suits and leather shoes and put on heavy makeup - they were now socially involved.

They had learned to put up a front, to smile at every greeting, unlike the youths whose feelings were written all over their faces.

Xu Shan Shan was taught by Shi Sheng and had practically inherited Shi Sheng’s core values. So even if she met people like these, it was nothing to her, and she could maintain a calm mind. There would be no arrogance from her just because she was now the boss of a company.

Chatting with former friends and greeting classmates she was never familiar with, she did everything well.

Xu Shan Shan had a lot of spare time and was in no hurry to return to Huangshan village. She stayed with these people for two days. When almost everyone who was attending had arrived, the class reunion was officially underway.

In the middle of the gathering, Lei Qing suddenly appeared in front of Xu Shan Shan, holding a bouquet of flowers.

He donned a gentle smile, and looking admirable at Xu Shan Shan, he said, “Shan Shan, I like you, will you be my girlfriend?”

Lei Qing had taken especially good care of Xu Shan Shan recently, and everyone could see that he wanted to chase Xu Shan Shan. So it was no surprise to everyone at all when he confessed to her at the gathering.

But Xu Shan Shan was in an awkward position. She had absolutely no feelings towards Lei Qing at all.

But with so many eyes and murmuring around them, Xu Shan Shan did not know how to refuse him. A figure suddenly flashed across her mind fleetingly.

Xu Shan Shan’s eyes were a little gloomy. What would my sister do if she was here?

Several images flashed in Xu Shan Shan’s mind, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

My sister wouldn’t need to be involved. Xi Fei would be enough to get rid of people.

But she was not her sister.

Xu Shan Shan looked at Lei Qing, whose face was a little expectant and nervous, anxiously awaiting her reply.


“Hurry and save me, sister,” Xu Shan Shan thought to herself.

“The road you walk on is a tough one, I wish you all the best,” Shi Sheng’s voice echoed in her head.

“... “ Arghh! Xi Fei, what have you done to my sister!?”