At the classmate gathering that day, Xu Shan Shan did not give an answer for quite a while. Lei Qing then held onto his request and asked Xu Shan Shan to consider it first.

The class reunion continued as everyone else was getting excited, reminiscing about the old times.

Xu Shan Shan was bored in the karaoke room, especially with the looks the others were giving her. They were all snickering and scheming, trying to set her up with Lei Qing.

Under the pretext of going to the toilet, she left the room.

She stood there for a while as a figure suddenly flashed in the aisle next to her. Xu Shan Shan was shocked and quickly chased after the figure. But when she turned the corner, she saw only the empty corridor and no one else.

Xu Shan Shan rubbed her temple and scratched her head. There’s no way he could be here.

When Xu Shan Shan was abroad, she rarely went to recreational places like Karaokes. Even if she did go, the Xi family owned the businesses, so no one would dare to do anything to her.

But the people here don’t know Xu Shan Shan, and seeing that she was very beautiful, they would surely start to harbor malicious intent towards her.

When Xu Shan Shan was about to go back, her path was blocked by several men.

These people had drunk so much that any rational thinking or fear was erased from their minds.

Xu Shan Shan was about to take care of these people with her shadowless kick, but Lei Qing appeared suddenly and sent them away.

[T/L note: The Shadowless Kick, also known as the No-Shadow Kick or Ghost-Shadow Kick is a martial arts kicking technique in the Hung Gar repertoire. It was made famous by Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung.]

“Shan Shan, are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” Xu Shan Shan shook her head.

Lei Qing carefully asked a few more times as if to make absolutely sure Xu Shan Shan was okay before he could finally be relieved.

Lei Shan accompanied her back, Xu Shan Shan didn’t say much. After all, it doesn’t matter if it was in a foreign country or in their homeland. With the Xi family protecting her, no one would dare lay a finger on her.

After she had left, some people had already left the gathering, and the few who remained were drunk out of their minds, barely able to leave.

Lei Qing, the monitor, was responsible for sending these people back to the hotel.

Being a kind girl and an old acquaintance, Xu Shan Shan naturally helped him with it. After the last person was sent back, only Lei Qing and her were left.

“Let’s head back together,” Lei Qing suggested.

They were going to stay at a hotel, but Xu Shan Shan had no objections and got into a taxi hailed by Lei Qing.

Back at the hotel, the group of people was still in the lobby, causing a ruckus, while the hotel’s concierge was helping them back to their rooms.

Lei Qing had to assist with this again, which took another half an hour.

“Really sorry for all this,” Lei Qing sent Xu Shan Shan to her room, a little embarrassed of the situation.

“We’re all classmates, helping out is a given,” Xu Shan Shan opened the door, “Goodnight.”

Lei Qing opened his mouth to say something, but the only words that came out were: “Goodnight.”

Not long after Xu Shan Shan went into her room, Lei Qing returned with a midnight snack. It was a bit awkward for Xu Shan Shan, as her sister had told her not to let men that she didn’t like or were unfamiliar with into her room.

Just as she was thinking about how to reject Lei Qing without hurting his feelings, a tall figure suddenly intervened, “

This voice, she knew who it was without even looking.

Xi Shuo!

She was not mistaken earlier. He really was in town.

“Who are you?” Lei Qing looked at the man who suddenly interrupted him. His face looked slightly annoyed.

“Xu Shan Shan, my sister-in-law was willing to let you return to China alone?” Xi Shuo turned to ask Xu Shan Shan, completely ignoring Lei Qing.

Xu Shan Shan got a little angry when she heard this, “It’s because your brother kidnapped her.”

Seeing how these two interacted, Lei Qing guessed that they knew each other. He immediately said, “Shan Shan, I’ll leave you two to talk this out. I’ll head back first, call me if anything happens.”

“Cheh,” Xi Shuo snorted in disdain.

Lei Qing looked even more annoyed but left without saying anything.

“I’ll be leaving as well,” Xi Shuo waited until Lei Qing was gone before waving to Xu Shan Shan.

“Xi Shuo.”

Xi Shuo turned to look at her. He no longer looked like the frivolous person he previously was, who dressed poorly. He looked much more mature and attractive now.


Xu Shan Shan shook her head and said softly, “Nothing.”

Xi Shuo turned to leave, pausing after a couple of steps, “Be careful of that man, his heart is not as pure as you think.”

“How do you know?” Xu Shan Shan asked, holding the door.

Xi Shuo chuckled confidently, “I’m a man myself, I know how he thinks. By the way, don’t mention anything about us meeting, or there will be consequences when you get back.”

Xu Shan Shan seldom saw Xi Shuo, but she realized that she paid special attention to Xi Shuo’s activities for some reason.

For example, the time he was caught and brought back to the Xi family and when he left.

During the New Years, Xi Shuo would go back, and he liked to stick with Xi Fei, while Xi Fei would always be with Shi Sheng. But now, the two of them were in the same situation - abandoned by Xi Fei.

But those were the only occasions. Xu Shan Shan basically did not see him any other time.

Xi Shuo has always been urged by his family to get married, but he has never found a girlfriend. And he was never fond of the girls introduced to him by his family.

For so many years, Xu Shan Shan had never heard of him in relationships with any women. She even secretly discussed with her sister that Xi Shuo might be into men. Since then, Xu Shan Shan has always paid close attention to the men around Xi Shuo.

But he only ever seemed to be close to Xi Fei. Xi Fei was always the first person he went to when he came back, and the last person Xi Shuo saw before he left.

If not for the fact that Xi Fei loved her sister so much, she would have suspected that the two of them were in a relationship.

Moreover, Xi Shuo only ever regarded Xi Fei as his older brother. There was never any strange or suspicious behavior between them.

Xu Shan Shan bid farewell to Lei Qing the next day, making it clear that she did not like him.

She had decided. She was going to chase Xi Shuo.

When Xu Shan Shan came back from Huangshan village, the first thing she did was to make a little report to Xi Shuo’s mother, and Xi Shuo was caught and brought home within two days.

Knowing that it was Xu Shan Shan who sold him out, Xi Shuo got so angry he almost hit her.

But since New Year’s was just around the corner, and Xi Shuo was just having a tantrum, sp he didn’t plan on running away.

Xi Shuo was again arranged for another blind date. And he was sick at the mere thought of it.

On that day, Xi Shuo went in and found an acquaintance sitting inside. He went outside to check the name of the household on the box outside. After making sure he did not enter the wrong house, he stepped inside. 

“Xu Shan Shan, what are you doing here?” Xi Shu looked at Xu Shan Shan in discontent. This little rascal actually had the audacity to sell me out...unbelievable.

Xu Shan Shan smiled, her red lips opened lightly, “Waiting for you.”

Xi Shuo was suddenly curious, “Waiting for what exactly? To see if my blind date goes well? So you can rat me out to my mother? Xu Shan Shan why are you being so annoying? What did I do to deserve this from you? We’re technically family so how could you….”

Xu Shan Shan stood up and stared at Xi Shuo as she interrupted him, clearly saying each word, “I like you, so I came to have a blind date with you.”

Xi Shuo’s jaw dropped, probably from shock. It took him a while to regain his composure, “Did you just like me?”

Xu Shan Shan nodded.

Xi Shuo looked at the girl in front of him. At some point, that little loli had now grown into a tall and slim lady with a graceful body, mature and beautiful.

Xi Shuo suddenly turned around and ran away.


Why is my heart beating so fast?

Surely it’s from shock.

He hated women the most.

After a long pause, Xu Shan Shan was now running after Xi Shuo.

The one time I chased after someone so intensely.

-Xu Shan Shan