Ling Ying recalled the first time seeing Ying Su. It was when he first entered the Black Tiger Clan.

More than a dozen children were in a training room, all in pairs of two, practicing with each other.

She was the only one who was alone in the dark corner of the room, like a reject, watching the others practice.

He was brought to her, and the man said to poppy: “He’s new here, take care of him.”

“Okay,” Ying Su answered briefly, her eyes quickly moving away from him.

Later, Ling Yi learned that she was not being excluded. She was the captain of this team, and these people were her subordinates.

Ling Yi was a vagrant. He did not know who his parents were. He was raised by a vagabond, and after his caretakers had passed, he had become a little vagabond.

Wandering the streets every day, sometimes getting some money, other times having to rummage through garbage for something to eat.

Being brought here by the Black Tiger Clan, it gave him food and shelter. He had no complaints, other than the sores and aches from training every day.

Especially when he trained alone with Ying Su. She was relentless, both towards him and herself.

He realized that everyone in the team was quite afraid of Ying Su, refusing to dine or bathe with her.

He often heard people talking about her in private. Some good things and bad things were said, but Ying Su did not care. If she ever bumped into those people, she would teach them a lesson. If not, she wouldn’t bother.

The first time Ling Yi had got into a dispute with the team was because of Ying Su. 

A boy in the team who had spoken badly about Ying Su just happened to bump into Ling Yi. At that time, Ling Yi and Ying Su were good friends, and when Ling Yi was around, Ying Su would talk more, which was why he was very protective of her.

So when the boy had said those things about Ying Su, he reacted without a second thought.

This incident resulted in Ying Su being punished, along with Ling Yi and the boy.

Because her subordinates had not been managed well enough, Ying Su, who was their leader, suffered an even more severe punishment compared to the others.

Ling Yi always remembered clearly when he went to look for Ying Su after their punishment - a badly beaten and bloody person in the dormitory.

If she wasn’t lying on her designated bed, he would not have recognized her as Ying Su.

He still remembered it as the first time he had shed a tear after realizing what had happened.

Ying Su was lying on the bed like a corpse. Her pulse was so weak that he could hardly feel it.

The organization didn’t allow treatment to be given to Ying Su. Ling Yi could only wipe away her blood and bandage her wounds. The weather was unpredictably hot and cold during that time, and Ying Su’s wounds were not healing. She would have high fevers in the middle of the night, and her eyes looked devoid of any life. Ling Yi didn’t know what to do.

A girl on the bed next to him, probably after seeing him bawling, told him in a soft voice to find Clan Master Wu.

Clan Master Wu was the one who first introduced him to Ying Su.

There were six clan masters in the Black Tiger Clan. They were in charge of all the affairs of the clan. Among them was Clan Master Wu.

Ling Yi didn’t know if it would help, but he went anyway.

He was just a child who had not officially been inducted into the Black Tiger Clan yet. It would be no easy task for him to meet with Clan Master Wu. He asked around for quite some time before he found out about Clan Master Wu’s whereabouts. He stopped him and asked him to save Ying Su.

He thought Clan Master Wu would dismiss him, but to his surprise, after he had finished explaining, Clan Master Wu headed towards the dorm.

With Clan Master Wu there, Ying Su was quickly sent to the hospital, but Ling Yi was dealt a long punishment for leaving the training room without permission.

By the time his punishment was over, Ying Su had already been discharged from the hospital.

He lugged his tired body over to see her. When he walked up to the door, he saw Clan Master Wu inside, so he instinctively hid himself.

“Ying Su, will you really not consider?”

Clan Master Wu was blocking Ying Su. He couldn’t see what state she was in. He could only hear her voice.

“Clan Master Wu, you understand the rules of the organization better than I do,” she was obviously still only a young child at the time. Yet, she did not even flinch in the presence of a high-ranking member like Clan Master Wu.

Clan Master Wu snorted coldly, “You just need to give the word, I can let you out of the organization.”

“Thank you for showing your consideration, Clan Master Wu.”

“Ying Su, I’ll give you another chance to rethink this. Should you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

With that, Clan Master Wu left the dorm. Ling Yi was pacing around outside for quite some time, but he never went in for some reason.

He later learned that Clan Master Wu had always taken a liking towards Ying Su. But because Ying Su was an exceptional student, she attracted the attention of the other higher-ups, so Clan Master Wu did not dare to do anything suspicious. 

He only found out about this after Clan Master Wu’s death.

And his death was connected to him.

He still remembered the day when he went to find Ying Su. Before he reached the door to her room, he noticed people guarding it.

He recognized those people. They were Clan Master Wu’s associates.

Ling Yi had a bad feeling about it. He quickly went downstairs, walked around to the back, and climbed up from outside.

Ying Su’s room was on the third floor. He climbed up to the outside of the window, and the window curtains were not drawn. Through the window, Ling Yi saw Ying Su lying flat on the bed, unconscious. Clan Master Wu had mounted her and was unbuttoning her clothes.

Ling Yi was furious, his mind full of killing intent. It was probably at that time when he found out that he had feelings for Ying Su.

The bed was facing inside the room, and Clan Master Wu’s back was facing him. Enraged, Ling Yi climbed through the window and stabbed Clan Master Wu in the back.

Then he jumped onto the bed and slit Clan Master Wu’s throat. Blood spurted out onto Ying Su’s face.

Because Clan Master Wu was caught up in his deviant act, Ling Yi could attack him. Otherwise, he would have been noticed before he got close.

Ling Yi woke Ying Su up, but Ying Su did not panic at what had just happened. She simply told him to find another Clan Master.

The six clan masters were at odds with each other. Ying Su managed to liaise with one of the clan masters who were at odds with Clan Master Wu. They successfully set up a situation where they would lure Clan Master Wu into raping her so she could kill him in the name of “self defense”.

Though Clan Master Wu’s associates knew about this, they could only grit their teeth at what unfolded because of the organization’s rules.

They were allowed to find women outside the organization. Still, the girls within the organization were forbidden to be treated in the same manner.

Ling Yi and Ying Su had escaped a sticky situation. Still, since then, Clan Master Wu’s people have been secretly targeting them.

In the end, no one dared to partner with them, so Ying Su and Ling Yi became permanent partners. Even with people secretly plotting against them, under Ying Su’s leadership, they still completed tasks at a rate far higher than that of the other teams.

He had accompanied her through their darkest times and faced life and death together. But in the end, she fell in love with another man, leaving no room for him in her world.

But he would not give up. He would do anything to spend time with Ying Su. 

One day, she will forget about that man and fall for him.

He will replace that man and become the most important person in her heart.

He can wait.

No matter what you become or how you change, even if you were at your worst, if that someone will not abandon you, he will surely accompany you through life until death.

-Ling Yi