Shi Sheng appeared to be utterly calm whenever she bid Feng Ci farewell. She took off the watch from Feng Ci's wrist and kept it in her space.

Holding his hand, which had already lost its warmth, she spoke softly, "see you in the next dimension."
Shi Sheng went back to the system space and walked to the screen slowly.

[Host, did that intruder show up in this dimension?] System asked immediately.

"He did." Shi Sheng swiped her fingertip on the screen, "he showed up in the mansion, once."

[!!] It did not notice at all!

Shi Sheng stopped relying on this retarded System anymore. Since she was in a relatively good mood, she explained to it, "I did not trip Ying Su in the mansion, and she did not do that on purpose. I saw a rock on the ground."

[...] this is rich, [then why didn't he… do anything?]

Shi Sheng disdained, "did you think I fixed the patches for nothing? This time he didn't dare to fight me must be my character is more powerful than him."

[...] Host, you will lose me if you continue treating me like this.

Name: Shi Sheng

Personality point: -255000

Health point: 40

Accumulated point: 42000

Mission grade: A

Mission point: 94

Hidden mission: completed

Hidden mission reward: 2000 points

Side mission 1: completed

Side mission 1 reward: 3000 points

Side mission 2: completed

Side mission 2 reward: 1000 points

Tools: "Queen's Crown", "Devil's Heart", "Dark Night"

That's epic. My personality points rose by 10,000.

Does fighting crime and eradicating porn get this many points?

[... Host, don't overthink. That's all because of Xu Shan Shan.]

Shi Sheng, "…" why do you have to say that? Can't you let me be happy for a minute?


"Choose dimension."

[Insufficient authority, unable to choose dimension.] Did you thank that you own the System, you can do whatever you want?

Shi Sheng was slightly upset, insufficient authority again.

She could not crack the last level of authority.

Cracking the whole System, it would break. It was equivalent to committing suicide. I'm so angry.

The System was somewhat smug. Its master ain't that easy to deal with, hehe.

Shi Sheng rested for a moment in space. She waved for her hand in frustration, "next dimension."

[Transmission begins...]

- Everyone knew that Ruan Xiao Yang had no regard for the law.

When Shi Sheng woke up, she noticed that someone was carrying her, where her limbs were in the sky, tied to a rod. People were in front of her. Her body was swaying around.

Overhead was the dense woods, dappled light falling from the canopy and flashing extremely fast in her eyes.

"Hey, this young lady is awake."

A pervy hand suddenly stretched out above Shi Sheng's head and pinched Shi Sheng's cheek.

Young Lady Sheng, "..."

She would remember this.

"Stop blabbering, quickly return. We'll be in trouble if the officers catch up."

The pervy hand pinched Shi Sheng again. It felt so good in his hand until he did not want to let go. He only took back his hand after someone in front of him scolded him.

Shi Sheng tried to look up to see that pervert, so she would slash him first when she had the chance.

Shi Sheng tried to move her limbs after taking a look at the pervert. She was tied securely to the rod. She could not move at all.

This body seemed quite weak as well. She was already out of breath after struggling for a while.

Why do I get such a weak body every time! Just give me a stronger body so I can kill everyone!

"Stop moving. I don't relish hitting someone as delicate as you." the pervert said and pinched her once again.

Shi Sheng, "…" let me tell you, I'm a person with limited patience.

I'll forgive you if it's only one time.

But you dare to pinch me twice!

You’re done.

These people were moving quite fast. They were already heading up the mountain and entering a mountain stronghold before Shi Sheng broke free from the rope.

The mountain stronghold had a sign. Shi Sheng could not recognize what it was saying after being exposed to the sun and wind.

Shi Sheng was placed on the ground like a pig. Everyone was talking all around her.

"We're finally back. This is exhausting."

"Faster report to our boss. We've got a huge loot this time."

Shi Sheng turned her head aside to see a bunch of people carrying a bunch of items in.


This word popped up in Shi Sheng's mind.  

The gang was busy organizing the looted things and did not rush to deal with Shi Sheng. They were very simple-minded, how can someone tie up like run away?

Shi Sheng estimated her body's physical strength first. Quite weak, not someone who trained in martial arts.

So the best solution is ...

To wait for the bandit leader.

As the saying goes, to catch bandits, first catch the ring leader. Everything will be easily solved once the bandit leader was gotten rid of.


Shi Sheng suddenly realized, why should she use her brain?

The body is weak, but she has a sword, so why should she be afraid of them?

Shi Sheng thought that she was retarded, and took out her sword nimbly to cut the rope.

"What are you doing?"

A bandit turned his head to see Shi Sheng cutting the rope with a long sword and yelled instantly. He ran towards her.

The bandits near him noticed them after his yell and dropped their things to gather around Shi Sheng. They were talking and discussing around her without any sense of crisis.

"Who gave her the sword?"

"No, the place where she was just now was empty."

"Then where did the sword come from? It's such a big one. It can't be hidden in her breasts, can it?"

As a bandit was approaching her, Shi Sheng had already cut all the ropes and stood up with the support of the iron sword.

"Young lady, still want to run? Can you run? Just look at where we are!" The bandit laughed maliciously, "Listen, if you follow our lead and you'll get to live a good life. If you dare to resist, then do not blame us when we destroy you.."

"Where are we?" Shi Sheng was weak. Her body was swaying as if the next second, she would plow her head into the ground.

"This is the Hei Feng Gang." The bandit said as he proudly puffed his chest, waiting for Shi Sheng to scream and beg for mercy.

Yet, she did not.

This young lady looking petty and weak looked at him with the eyes as if he was a retard. There was some sort of extremely conceited arrogance in her eyes.

Her pink lips flicked, and she leisurely spat out a few words, "Never heard of it."

"You've never heard of Hei Feng Gang?" The bandits around her exploded in anger instantly. Their voices shook the birds in the trees next to them to fly away with a flutter.

"Who doesn't know about us, Hei Feng Gang in this area?."

"This woman is not a fool, right?"

"Even a fool knows about us!"

They glared at Shi Sheng murderously as if she did not know how big their crime was.

Damn, is Hei Feng Gang very powerful?

So the whole world has to know about it, right?

"What's wrong with not knowing your gang? You guys are powerful and awesome, but frankly, you're nothing but bandits." Shi Sheng glared righteously back, "why are you glaring at me? With such small eyes, it's not going to become bigger after glaring at me."

"Who told you that we are bandits!" The bandits raged.

"Then what are you?" If you're not bandits, then are you Robinhood?

The bandit took a deep breath and shouted solemnly, "We are robbers!"

Shi Sheng: "......" oh my gosh, please bring this retard back to the mental hospital and stop making me laugh.

A bandit next to him reminded him scarily, "Shuan Zi, bandits and robbers have almost the same meaning."