Su Hua puffed her chest, reprimanded Shi Sheng self-righteously, "it's not like you didn't know that our village was robbed by the bandits. Are you trying to put us in a tight spot by forcing us to pay rent?"

"What's that has anything to do with me?" Shi Sheng looked at Su Hua funny, "you getting robbed, that's your own problem. Am I supposed to bear the loss with you? Who do you think you are?"

It was like a buyer was robbed on his way home after buying an item, yet he asked the seller to be responsible for that.

Su Hua thought that she was the emissary of justice, "the Ruan Family is so wealthy, you're not short of this rent. Can't you have a little kindness?"

Shi Sheng spread her hands, "so it's my fault for being wealthy? I rented the land to you, and you pay for the rent. This is the rules."

"Since we're unable to pay now, can't you extend the deadline?" Su Hua was furious, "you bourgeoisie only knows how to exploit people. How could you be so cruel as a lady?"

Aren't you being ruthless when you can't even pay the rent!

What's the point of being mean to me when I'm not the one that robbed you? That's hilarious.

"I'll say the same about you." Shi Sheng smiled insincerely.

Su Hua probably knew Shi Sheng was referring to the incident of her being kidnapped by the bandits. She was speechless for a moment but was quickly calmed down.

She was only a weak, petite lady. She could not even save her if she wanted.

And she was fine anyway.

The bandits wanted money, and her family had plenty of them. What could they do to her anyway?

"Su Hua." The mayor could not stand watching her blabbering and pulled her behind him, "a little girl like you shouldn't interfere with this."

"Mayor, she's basically killing us," Su Hua was unwilling, "Ruan Xiao Yang, don't think that you're invincible just because you're loaded. Not everything in this world can be bought with money."

"Really?" the corner of Shi Sheng's mouth curved, her tone with a hint of ridicule, "but I'm wealthy, things that I can't buy with money I'll come up with other ways."

Su Hua,"..."

She looked at Shi Sheng weirdly, is this the Ruan Xiao Yang I know? Why does she sound so different from before?

The mayor was sweating bullets. He had someone to hold Su Hua back and apologize to Shi Shang hurriedly.

"I'll extend your deadline, but she has to pay on time." Shi Sheng pointed at Su Hua.

"Why?" Su Hua broke free from those two who were holding her back.

Why's she the only one who needs to pay on time?

"Because I don't like you."

Didn't you say that I'm cruel?

How can I fail to live up to that title?

I'm showing you how cruel I can be now.

Su Hua's face was flushed in rage, just when she wanted to argue with Shi Sheng. The mayor rushed to pull her aside as if she said anything more. The whole village might need to pay on time too.

Su Hua could only watch as Shi Sheng left there in her carriage.


Su Hua was still mad that Shi Sheng did not extend her rent deadline. She was determined to defeat the bourgeoisie.

Su Hua's household consisted of 6 family members. Her parents with two younger brothers and a younger sister.

She was the eldest child in her family. Her parents valued the sons over the daughters, so she and her sister had to do all the chores.

"What's wrong?" Su Hua heard someone from behind as she was plucking the leaves in the yard.

Su Hua turned around to see Du Gu Xia standing at the doorway. She concealed her unhappiness, "why did you get out of bed?"

Du Gu Xia had been treating his wounds for the past few days after being bitten by a venomous snake.

Du Gu Xia was at least 1.85m tall, wearing rough sackcloth, with some stubbles on his face. It was pretty good-looking in a wild way.

"I saw you standing outside for a long time. Did anyone bully you?" Du Gu Xia asked.

Su Hua went up and supported him, "it's all because of Ruan Xiao Yang. She came here to collect rent. How is our village going to afford to pay rent in this situation?"

"The Ruan Family is so rich, yet they still want to exploit us. Did she think that planting paddy is easy?"

Su Hua kept complaining while Du Gu Xia listened quietly. He blew a whistle after Su Hua went in to cook.

A black silhouette hopped in from the window, "master."

“InvestigateRuan Xiao Yang.”

"Yes, master."

The silhouette left without a sound.

The villagers saw Shi Sheng's face and were scared that she would get her revenge for that day, so when they heard that only Su Hua's family was the only tenant who needed to pay rent, they did not dare to say anything.


Su Hua was definitely unhappy that she was the only one who needed to pay rent. Shi Sheng heard that Su Hua beat up the rent collector who was sent to collect rent.

The person who beat them up obviously was not Su Hua. It was Du Gu Xiu.

The rent collector came back with his face bruised and swollen, "Miss, that Su Hua was too arrogant. Not only she didn't pay the rent, she even beat me up. Look at what she did to me."

"What did she say?" She has the male lead helping her, good job.

"She said she doesn't have food to pay us, but she has a life." the rent collector gnashed his teeth, "Miss, look at what she's talking about. She is a scoundrel."

Female leads were all about scoundrels. Most of them had this skill.

It's still the same phrase- shameless people are invincible in this world.

Shi Sheng waved her hand, "to get your salary, you can rest for the next few days."

The rent collector stopped complaining and was full of gratitude, "thanks, Miss."

Su Hua was a scoundrel to Shi Sheng. She took it easy as if anyone did not know how to be a scoundrel.

Even I'm afraid of myself when I'm like that.

Shi Sheng ordered someone to collect the land rented to Su Hua. Since she was not paying the rent, she could not plant there anymore.

Su Hua naturally was against it. Since she could not argue with them, she went up to the Ruan Mansion directly.

“Ruan Xiao Yang, come and face me.” Su Hua slapped on Ruan Mansion's gate, shouting so loudly until everyone from the street could hear her.

It was still early, so only some merchants were preparing to set up their stalls. They gathered around the Ruan Mansion when they heard that someone was making a scene in front of the Ruan Mansion.

“Ruan Xiao Yang, come out! Don't be a wuss. The others may be scared of you, but I, Su Hua, am not!"

"Ruan Xiao Yang..."

The citizens were curious about Su Hua's blabbering and were gossiping.


The gate of the Ruan Mansion opened slowly, Qiu Shui with the other servants standing inside.

"Where's Ruan Xiao Yang?" Su Hua stepped into the mansion immediately, "tell her to come out."

The servants behind Qiu Shui walked out in a line, blocking Su Hua's path. Qiu Shui sneered, "Su Hua, do you think the Ruan Mansion is someplace that you can come and go as you please? That our Miss is someone that you can meet just because you want to?"

Su Hua as a lady was no match for men. Two servants carried her out.

Qiu Shui headed out elegantly in small steps, ordered the servants, "bring her to the officials and say that she's trespassing the Ruan Mansion."


Su Hua was stunned. She only began to struggle when she was carried down the stairs. She yelled out loud, "what are you doing! Let go of me, Ruan Xiao Yang, come out and face me if you dare, let me go..."

"Stop gathering here." Qiu Shui chased those gathered outside Ruan Mansion.