Du Gu Xia rushed to the yamen once he received the news of Shi Sheng sending Su Hua there.

Initially, Du Gu Xia wanted to leave after bailing Su Hua out, as he could not expose his whereabouts now. However, Su Hua wanted to sue Shi Sheng in return.

The magistrate did not dare to slight after intimidated by the regent's threat. He requested Shi Sheng to the yamen right away.

Based on the original plot, Ruan Xiao Yang could not even make out there alive. How would this even happen in the first place?

Shi Sheng went to yamen cheekily.

She wondered what Miss Female Lead would sue her for?

Su Hua stood in the middle of the lobby in yamen. Du Gu Xia was next to her, neither kneeling nor sitting.

The magistrate sat under the plaque that read 'Justice and Honesty'. Though he appeared to be solemn, he kept glancing at Du Gu Xia with the corner of his eyes.

The regent is standing right down there.

The mighty and powerful regent!

His legs were shaking underneath the table.

"My lord." Shi Sheng bowed politely; though her bowing was not entirely correct, it was no big mistake. Since she was such a beautiful lady, the magistrate did not feel good to reprimand her.

Su Hua looked up to see Shi Sheng while she turned her head and smiled mysteriously.

Su Hua suddenly felt chills everywhere, as if a beast was staring at her. She was sweating bullets.

Du Gu Xia had been observing Shi Sheng the moment she stepped in.

He had seen all kinds of ladies in the capital, the shrewish ones, delicate ones, obedient ones. He had seen it all. However, this was the first time he saw someone like Shi Sheng... who was calm and collected when summoned to the yamen, without a trace of panic.

He had the information on the Ruan Family. Her parents passed away when she was young, leaving behind a daughter and an enormous family inheritance.

Shi Sheng looked askance to Du Gu Xia. This male lead is a powerful character, from being the disgraced prince who was banished to the frontier to becoming a regent.

Even the Emporer has to address him accordingly.

Shi Sheng lowered her head. Her mouth was curling up more and more. Isn't this exciting?

Breaking up the couples are fun.

[...] This is not a video game! They are not NPCs. Come on!

The system was breaking down.

"State your name." The magistrate hit the Jing Tang Mu*, pretended to be under control and asked loudly.

*Jing Tang Mu is a wooden block made for the magistrate before starting a trial.

"Ruan Xiao Yang." I really don't want to answer such a moronic question.

The magistrate pointed to Su Hua, "this villager from Bai He Village wants to film a complaint of you taking back the land forcibly before the lease contract expired. This is true?"

Shi Sheng realized what was waiting for her.

"Yes, this is true." Shi Sheng nodded in conformation.

The magistrate looked at Du Gu Xia. He coughed, "why are you taking back your land when the contract hasn't expired?"

Shi Sheng shrugged. Her tone was nonchalant, "because I don't want to."

The magistrate choked, "there is a law in our dynasty that stated that if you take back your land by force before the contract expired, you'll have to pay for a penalty."

Shi Sheng responded calmly, "the contract stated clearly that the tenant has to pay rent while she's renting my land. Su Hua didn't do so. Why can't I collect back my land?"

Su Hua refuted immediately, "you're extending the deadline to other villagers. Why should I pay right now?"

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Su Hua, "that's up for me to decide who I want to extend the deadline. Are you trying to force me to extend the deadline for you?"

"You're being unfair."

Oh my lord, the kind of logic the female lead has.

"That's right, I'm being unfair. What can you do about this? I can't stand you and want you to pay right now." Shi Sheng said arrogantly.

I'm the most powerful since I have lands.

"Pak!" The magistrate hit the Jing Tang Mu on the table. He chided with his brows furrowed, "this is the yamen. Where are your manners? Su Hua, now tell us if you've paid the rent or not."

"I... I..." Su Hua opened her mouth, tears welling up in her eyes. "the bandits robbed our village not long ago. The foods in our village were taken by them. My lord, it's not that I didn't want to pay. It's just that I can't."

"Bandits? Bandits from where?"

Su Hua answered immediately, "it's the Hei Feng Gang. They had been robbing all the villages in this area, and now they stole almost all of our foods. My lord, how can I possibly pay the rent?"

Hei Feng Ganf had been the biggest problem in the Hai Be county. However, the magistrate received news that the whole Hei Feng Gang was burnt down to crisps by someone. He then sent someone to find out if it's true. That person had not returned, so he did not know what the exact situation was.

"Miss Ruan, how about you just extend her deadline?" The magistrate asked hesitantly.

He was scared that he would upset the regent if he did not speak up for Su Hua. He came here personally for her, after all.

"Why should I?" Shi Sheng asked stubbornly.

The magistrate seriously, "didn't you extend the deadline for other tenants?"

"It's up to me to be lenient to whom." Shi Sheng scoffed.

The magistrate was speechless. She's the landlord, and she didn't collect the rent unreasonably. He can't defend her without a good reason.

The magistrate could only look at Du Gu Xia helplessly.

"If you don't rent the land, then it's fine. Who cares about your land anyway." Su Hua suddenly spoke out, "Ruan Xiao Yang, just you wait."

She did not believe what she was capable of. She was a mere ordinary person from this ancient era.

"Why should I wait just because you ask me to?" Shi Sheng sneered, mocking her with no restraining, "aren't you proud?"

Even if I do wait for you, you can't do anything to me anyway.

"You ..."

Du Gu Xia held Su Hua back, said with an unknown intention, "Miss Ruan, don't be this merciless."

Shi Sheng's brows curved, spoke lightly as if every word was smashing his heart, "cruel? You haven't seen how cruel I can be. Do you want to? I promise you'll never forget about it."

Gosh, saying that she collecting her own land back is cruel.

Shi Sheng scoffed, "if there's nothing else, then I'll leave."

The magistrate wanted to condemn her, but Du Gu Xia did not say anything. Hence he could only hold it in and watch Shi Sheng leave.

How dare she speaks that way to a regent? This Miss Ruan is done.

The magistrate was looking at Du Gu Xia. He could not bear this anymore. He wanted to just slide down from the table.

There was a saying in the capital.

There would be millions of bodies floating if the regent frowned.

It was exaggerated, but the ferocity of regent could be glimpsed.

The magistrate could already predict the whole Ruan Family being beheaded.

De Gu Xia did not care about the frightened to death magistrate. He exited the yamen with Su Hua.

"You..." Su Hua looked to the yamen behind and back to DU Gu Xia, asked hesitantly, "who are you anyway?"

She could tell that the magistrate was terrified of him.

She knew that he was no ordinary villager the moment she saved her. His aura was different, but she only thought that he was a son of an official and did not give many thoughts about it.

However, based on what happened today, Su Hua realized that this person that she saved might not be as simple as a son of an official.

"I'll tell you later."

Su Hua was curious about it, "can't you tell me now?"


Su Hua was disappointed, "alright, then." Who is he? The chief officer of the palace? Or the son of some great officer?

Yeap, since he's this young, should be the son of some great officer.

Gosh! And she asked him to help with the chores before this.

Su Hua showed a smile immediately, pleasing him, "to thank you for today. I'll cook you something nice when we're back."