The news that every bandit of Hei Feng Gang wad killed in a fire came late, everyone in the nearby villages were shocked.

A social canker is silently gotten rid of just like that?

Various versions of speculation came out after this, spreading from mouth to mouth. In the end, no one knew what the original version was.

Everyone thought that it must be a chivalrous hero that could not stand Fei Feng Gang for robbing and oppressing the villagers and ended them. They all admired and were grateful for this mysterious hero.

If they knew that Shi Sheng vanquished the Hei Feng Gang because she did not want to leave anything behind, that would cause her trouble. Who knew how they would feel.

Shi Sheng, who became a noble hero, unintentionally listened to Qiu Shui's report about collecting Su Hua's land back.

Although Su Hua regretted what she said about the land, she could only return the land to the Ruan Family as she declared it in front of the magistrate.

Now the Su Family were pretty unhappy with Su Hua.

"By the way, Miss. Have you heard the news about Hei Feng Gang?" Qiu Shui mentioned as she finished reporting.

Shi Sheng laid on the chaise lounge, with her eyes closed. Her long lashes left a fan-shaped shadow on her fair skin, "yes."

"Miss, who do you think wiped out the Hei Feng Gang?" Qiu Shui was curious, Miss said she was saved by someone when kidnapped. Could it be the same person that saved Miss?

Qiu Shui could not stop filling the holes in her brains the moment she started.

"Me." Shi Sheng's soft pink lips moved.

"Piang!" There was a loud bang outside that coincidentally drowned Shi Sheng's voice.

Qiu Shui ran to the door to see, "what's going on with you guys? If you can't lift it, then get more people, be careful."

Qiu Shui went out and instructed them, by the time she was done, she had already forgotten her question.

Shi Sheng could only describe life in ancient times in a word, 'boring!'

Other than to eat and drink and sleep, it was the same routine every day. It was like raising a pig.

Oh, she could go shopping too.

This dynasty was quite tolerant of women. Unlike some backgrounds, those who can go out were only the married ones.

Shi Sheng walked from the beginning of the street to the end of the street and turned back out of boredom.

"Miss? What are you doing?" Qiu Shui was puzzled from following Shi Sheng roaming back and fro on the street. What are we trying to do from wandering on the streets?

"I'm bored!" Shi Sheng looked up and sighed.

The female lead didn't come to pick a fight with me. I've nothing to do, how am I not bored?

Qiu Shui's mouth twitched, suggesting, "I heard that there will be a tea party. Why don't Miss have a look?"

Tea party?

To drink tea, is it?

"Lead the way." She waved her hand after considering for a moment.

Tea parties were a convention where a group of scholars would compare their poems and their knowledge in a tea house. Many maidens would gather here as most of the scholars were young and talented.

The tea house had two floors. The ladies were on the first floor. The first floor was draped with a light veil to hide the ladies face. The men were on the ground floor.

Shi Sheng went upstairs and heard the ladies exclaims.

"Mister He surely will win today."

"Mister He is overflowing with talents. No one can outshine him."

Shi Sheng followed the ladies' sight and looked down to see a young man was surrounded in the middle. He was pretty good looking, with a heavy academic aura. He was chatting with someone gently.

"That's He Ting, the second son of the He Family." Qiu Shui explained softly to Shi Sheng, "he's brilliant since young. I heard that he's going to the capital next for the official examinations. "

The He Family's ancestors were high-ranking officials after the dynasty changed. They stooped to running a silk business. Although their family assets could not compete with Ruan Family, their connection was good as they ran business outside.

Shi Sheng's sight only stopped on He Ting for a moment and spotted the person next to him "who's that person sitting next to He Ting?"

Qiu Shui looked in Shi Sheng's direction, "That's the first son of the He Family, He Qing. He Qing's feeble, the He Family rarely let him out. Oddly, he's here today."

From Shi Sheng's perspective, she could tell that He Qing's complexion was not well. He was pale with a hint of greenish-grey as if he was terminally ill. Those around seemed like they did not relish having contact with him.

Shi Sheng only asked about He Qing as she felt like his expression was rather weird. It was too empty, like a zombie walking.

"Pak! Pak! Pak!" Fervent applause erupted suddenly.

Shi Sheng withdrew her eyes from He Qing, looking at He Ting, who induced the applause. He thanked the others politely before helping He Qing up to leave.

The others went away one by one after He Ting left. The ladies on the first floor seemed to lose interest as well and left the tea house.

Shi Sheng stood there blankly. It was evident that she spaced out.

"Miss... you're not into Second Young Master He, right?" Qiu Shui asked probingly.

Qiu Shui thought nothing was strange about this as Miss was about the age to get married.

However, the He Family...

They were not on good terms with the Ruan Family. The He Family would never allow their second to enter the Ruan Family. Most importantly, he had a fiance.

Shi Sheng snapped back and asked, "what did you say?"

"I asked... Are you into Second Young Master He?" Qiu Shui kept her volume low.

Shi Sheng,"..."

Which eye of yours see that I'm into him?

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Qiu Shui and headed out in strides.

As they passed by a street, suddenly Shi Sheng heard a familiar voice.

She paused and headed into that street while Qiu Shui looked at her, confused.

"I've never agreed to this, and I'll never agree. You should find them for what they agreed to."

"We don't care about that. You're bought by our Master. Hurry up and follow us back. Our Master will not treat you poorly. You get to live a good life with our Master. What else are you dissatisfied with."

"Let go!" Su Hua broke away from them, "I've never agreed to this."

"If you want to refuse a toast, then you'll be forced to drink a forfeit."

"Ah! This is against the law. I want to report to the official! Let me go."

Su Hua did not possess the land anymore, causing her family to hate her. Their family was poor, to begin with. Now that they did not have the land, how are they going to survive?

The Su parents had the idea of selling Su Hua to be someone's mistress again.

Now that Su Hua was pretty, she could fetch a higher price.

She was drugged by her parents and sent to the county. By the time Su Hua knew she was sold by her parents again, she was furious.

She let it slide when the first time happened, but now it happened again.

Hence, he seized the opportunity when they were caught off guard, but she was caught up by them before she could run to the street.

Shi Sheng watched the female lead getting caught back in silence.

It was all a set-up.

This gag was not in the plot, but the male lead would definitely come to rescue her.

Even if the male lead did not come, the male support would come.

Who's the male support?

That's right!

He Ting was one of the male support.

"Miss, is Su Hua." Qiu Shui whispered when she recognized her.

Shi Sheng turned around to leave, mouth pouting, "I don't know her. Who's Su Hua?"

Qiu Shui,"..."

Miss, let me tell you, one day you'll lose me!

"Miss, wait for me."