Su Hua indeed was saved by He Ting and was brought back to the He Family. Su Hua did not want to return to her family, so she stayed there to be He Ting's personal maid.

As she was literate, considered to be educated and well-balanced, the He Family pretty liked her.

Su Hua was quick to become well acquainted with the He Family.

He Ting would take her with him every time he went out.

Previously He Ting would not bring anyone out with him. Even if he did, it would be an attendant. He would never bring a personal maid. This soon spread in the Bai He County. People were criticising Su Hua for being shameless for seducing He Ting.

Shi Sheng heard about Su Hua from these people.

"Surprisingly, Su Hua opened a store. What is it called? Per.. per... what?"

"Perfume store!" The person next to her added, "I heard that you'll get a very nice fragrance with a wipe."

"Cheh, who knows if she's bluffing. As a lady, she's showing her face to everyone and not doing her responsibility. Mister He too, indulging in her nonsense."

"Didn't they say it's super nice? Let's go and have a look."

"Sure, let's see what that Su Hua is up to."

The ladies dressed in garish clothes passed by Shi Sheng and headed to another street.

Shi Sheng was playing with a paper fan by a stall, put down the paper fan after they were gone and turned around slowly, "let's go and check out the female lead too."

"Female lead?" Qiu Shui was puzzled.

Why is the way Miss speaks getting weirder every time. I can't even understand her.

"Su Hua." Shi Sheng knocked on Qiu Shui's forehead, "let's go."

Qiu Shui touched her forehead and jogged up to Shi Sheng, "Miss, why did you call Su Hua female lead? What's a female lead?"

"Kids don't ask so much."

Qiu Shui's mouth twitched, "... miss, you're younger than me."

"Really?" Shi Sheng thought about it. It seemed like the original host was younger than Qiu Shui. She put on a straight face, said with a stern tone, "my mental age is older than you."

Qiu Shui was even more confused, What is mental age?

Miss, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?

Su Hua's store was given by He Ting. It was placed in the more prosperous area in Hai He County, and Ruan Family's rouge store was next to it.

The Ruan Family's employees were standing outside their store at the moment, watching the crowded store next to them.

"Cough cough!" Qiu Shui stood next to them, clearing her throat.

Two employees turned their heads right away, "Miss Qiu Shui."

"Miss is here." Qiu Shui moved a bit to reveal Shi Sheng, who was standing behind her.

They were shocked and quickly bowed to her, "Miss."

Shi Sheng nodded lightly, looking at the crowd from the next store. Su Hua's voice could be heard faintly from inside.

Shi Sheng looked back and asked them, "how long since she opened her business?"

The workers bent over, "three days."

"How's their business?"

They looked at each other and were unwilling to tell.

Qiu Shui got stern, "answer Miss' question."

"Yes... the crowd was only there to watch on the first day, but many tried using her perfume. On the second day, people started to buy her product. As for today, the crowd was already there before her store opened."

One of them pulled out a small porcelain bottle from his sleeve, "we sneaked in and bought a bottle. The fragrance is really quite good."

Shi Sheng took the bottle and had a sniff. A hint of sweet lotus scent assailed the nostrils. The liquid inside was slightly sticky, but it was pretty slippery after applying it on her hand instead of being sticky.

Good job, my female lead, for making something like this in the ancient era.

"Get out of my way! Get out of my way!"

A rude voice coming from the end of the crowd, a few servants chased the crowd away, carrying a carriage and stopped in front of Su Hua's store.

Su Hua was explaining how to take care of the product and had to come out of the store because of this incident.

"What's going on, mister?" Su Hua looked at them and asked, neither servile nor overbearing.

"What's going on? Just look at what you're selling. How dare you ask this?" the servant shoved Su Hua out of nowhere.

Su Hua stumbled by the shove, almost fell. She held it in as she was the seller and smiled, "mister, is there anything wrong with my product?"

"Anything wrong?" The servant sneered, walked to the back of the carriage, pulled out a veiled lady and pulled off her veil, revealing a face covered in red spots.


The ladies from all around shrieked with their mouths covered and looked away. They did not dare to look at her.

The servant grabbed that lady and shouted, "look at this. This is what happened after using your product. Luckily it wasn't our Miss. If our Miss turns out like this, how are you going to compensate."

Su Hua' heart sank, my perfume shouldn't have any problem...

"Take a look, everyone! Who would dare to use this if this is what happens after using this product? What kind of intention do you bear by selling this!" The servant tugged at the lady again to show it to everyone, "Look everyone, this is not running a business. This is killing people."

Those ladies who already bought the perfume were terrified by the lady's face and covered their faces.

"Gosh, I used it yesterday. Help me check if my face has red rashes."

"Me too. Do I have it?"

The crowd was in chaos.

Su Hua calmed down, and requested to examine that lady's face. The servant did not decline the request and let Su Hua have a look.

"Miss, do you think Su Hua's perfume have problems?" Qiu Shui tipped toes to see what was going on.

"How would I know?" Shi Sheng puffed, "but based on this situation, she would be fine at the end."

Qiu Shui asked, in confusion, "what do you mean?"

"Someone's jealous of her." It was all a plot.

I've already seen through it.

Qiu Shui understood right away. When people got jealous in the business world, they would frame them. This was something the Ruan Family went through before.

"Do you have anything to say?" The servant spoke again.

"When did she use my product?" Su Hua could not tell how this lady got the rashes. She could only ask for the process.

Everything in her product was all-natural, so it would be much purer than cosmetics products these days. Logically speaking, something like this would not happen.

"Last night," the servant answered, "our Miss bought it home and asked her to try using it first. It turned out this way this morning."

 "Have she eaten anything?"

The servant was getting impatient, "Why are you asking so much? She got these rashes because of your product. Now tell me, what should we do?"

Su Hua responded calmly, "I have to find out everything to determine if this lady turned out this way because of my product. Before that, I won't admit that something's wrong with my perfume."