[side mission: help Du Gu Yi ascend to the throne.]

The retarded system suddenly pinged. 

It probably knew that Shi Sheng was not in a good mood, so it shut down and went offline right after it announced the mission. It knew nothing. 

Shi Sheng did not pause due to the system's announcement. Instead, she continued approaching Sun and stabbed her under her incredulous gaze. The bailiffs did not have any reaction as everything was happening so fast. 

They only reacted after Shi Sheng pulled out her sword.

She murdered someone in yamen! 

The magistrate was already pissing himself out of terror, shaking while hiding under the table.

The magistrate did not take a stand. The others did not dare to make a decision as well. They could only gather around Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng shook off the blood on her sword, looked at the bailiffs surrounding her and finally gazed at the magistrate who was cowering under the table. 

Shi Sheng headed towards the magistrate. 

"Stop her! Stop her!" The magistrate shouted from below. 

Shi Sheng swung a few officials away and pulled the magistrate out from the table and pressed him against the table, with her iron sword resting on his neck, "now tell me, who bribed you?"

Damn it, there's always retards out there trying to hurt me!  

"I...I", the magistrate could feel the chills on his neck. His heart was about to stop pumping, and his body was trembling incredibly. He could not form a complete sentence, "you...you..."

"Who?" Shi Shing smiled faintly, pressing the sword harder on his neck.

The magistrate felt the blade cut into his skin, and his brain was going to be separated from his neck in the next second. 

His eyes rolled over, and he passed out on that spot when he thought about that scenario.

Shi Sheng,"..."

With his guts, he still wants to be a corrupted official?

In his face for being a county official only. 

Shi Sheng slapped the magistrate twice to wake him up. The magistrate pissed his pants, and the pungent smell was all over the hall.

Shi Sheng let go of him out of disgust, took a few steps back, "I'll ask this for the last time. Who bribed you? You'll be like her if you don't tell."

Shi Sheng glanced over to the Sun's corpse.

"I...I'll tell... I'll tell..." the magistrate fell limp to the ground and spoke in terror, "is He Qing, the eldest son of the He Family, he bribed me."

He Qing ...

She suspected him before and even asked someone to keep an eye on him, but other than he was absent-minded, he did not seem strange. 

"What's his end goal?"

The magistrate was about to cry, "he only asks me to lock you up in jail. He didn't say anything else. It's my fault, madam. I shouldn't take his bribe. Please forgive me. I won't do it anymore."

The magistrate agreed to He Qing initially because He Qing promised that he would get Ruan's Family heritance if she went into jail. He was blinded by the wealth and agreed with him.

Who knew that Miss Ruan was not some usual maiden. She was so tough until she could threaten the magistrate. 

"Are you saying that He Qing killed Sun Er Gou?"

"I don't know," the magistrate shook his head, sniffled, "He Qing told us it's time when we received the report."

"You've been working with each other for a long time?" Shi Sheng gazed eerily at the magistrate. 

The magistrate trembled and nodded. He Qing had been planning about this for quite some time. He asked him to take care of the verdict and don't care about the others.

"Very well."

 Can't believe there's some retard planning to harm her for such a long time.  

The magistrate was filled with chills, What's so well about this?  


Qiu Shui went up to Shi Sheng the moment she walked out from yamen, "Miss? Are you alright?"

She was summoned to yamen twice in such a short time.

This time was about a murder case. She would never believe her Miss killed anyone. Miss has everything she wants. Why would she kill someone she didn't even know?

"I'm good."

Shi Sheng stood straight under the sun as if she was gilded with a layer of golden light. Her confidence came from within. 

She would be an outstanding, dazzling person. 

Qiu Shui's mind popped out of this sentence out of nowhere. 

Miss was not like the previous Miss. 

"Let's go to He Mansion." Shi Sheng walked down the stairs and headed to He Mansion.

Qiu Shui chook her head and paced up to follow Shi Sheng, "Why are we going to He Mansion, Miss?"

"We're going to settle something."

"Ah?" Qiu Shui turned around to see the deserted yamen. She was confused. Why should we go He Mansion to settle something?

Qiu Shui was puzzled.

How horrible the He Family is to bully the Ruan Family. Did they think that her Miss is a lady, so it's easy to pick on?

The He Mansion's gate was shut tight, Shi Sheng broke in right away violently. 

Qiu Shui was dumbstruck the whole time, When did Miss become so powerful?

He Family's servants heard something and rushed to the gate. Many from the He Family knew Shi Sheng because she had been hanging around on the streets lately. 

But why did Ruan Xiao Yang barge into He Mansion?

He Family was not in conflict with the Ruan Family recently. 

"Miss ruan, why are you trespassing the He Mansion?" a servant stopped Shi Sheng in front of a door.

"Where's He Qing?"

"First Young Master?" the servant wondered, "why are you looking for him?" and in such a rough way.

Shi Sheng's tone turned cold, "where's he?"

The servant also turned a cold face, "Miss Ruan, you're asking for too much!"

They had already given her face, but she did not know how to back down.

Shi Sheng forced her way into the mansion and met He Ting and Su Hua, who hurried there after hearing the news.

The male lead probably went back to the capital and had not been around the heroine lately. 

"Miss Ruan," He Ting stopped Shi Sheng and glanced light at his servants who were wailing on the ground. Anger showed up on his face, "why did Miss Ruan hit the He Family's servants? Did Old Master Ruan not teach Miss Ruan manners?"

"Nope." Shi Sheng lied as she breathed.

He Ting, shocked by her answer, asked with a stiff face, "What's up, Miss Ruan?"

Shi Sheng poked the ground with her metal sword,  "I'm looking for He Ting."

"Is this how you find people? You said I was trespassing last time when I went to look for you and sent me to yamen. Ruan Xiao Yang, aren't you trespassing now, too?" Su Hua was mad. 

This woman was a double standard.

"Sue me then!" Shi Sheng replied arrogantly.

Su Hua said to He Ting, "Second Young Master, report to the official."

He Ting frowned and nodded, sent someone to report to the official.

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, did not bother to stop that person. "Where's He Ting?"

He Ting eyes Shi Sheng a few times, "why are you looking for my older brother?"

Shi Sheng answered coldly, "it's a private matter."

"My brother is not well, so he won't be seeing any guests." He Ting responded with a cold tone, "Miss Ruan, if you leave He Mansion now, I can let this slide, so don't make a scene."