Regarding Shi Sheng's rebellion, Qiu Shui always thought that her Miss was talking nonsense.

How can they rebel if they haven't even been to the capital? 

Qiu Shui repeatedly told Shi Sheng to stop this nonsense. If this matter spread to the outside, the whole Ruan Family would be in big trouble. 

Qiu Shui found out that her Miss had not done anything strange after she said that, so she was able to be at ease. However, Miss's speech had been a little crazy later. She did not know if she turned out like that due to the bandits kidnapping. 

She had to have a doctor check her up. 

<i> Yes, Miss needs a check up. </i>

Qiu Shui invited the best doctor in the county and asked him to take Shi Sheng's pulse on precautionary grounds.

The doctor's diagnosis was- 

Miss Ruan was healthy. 

Nothing was wrong. 

The more Qiu Shui thought about it, the stranger it got. Where did Miss get her sword from when she was in He Mansion? 

When did Miss become so powerful?

She had been serving Miss since she was young. She did not know Miss knew how to fight. 

Qiu Shui kept an eye on Shi Sheng 24/7. She wanted to find out something strange about Shi Sheng. 

However, Shi Sheng was basically eating and sleeping, or she would stay in the study. She would not ask about the affairs in Ruan Family nor the stores. 

Qiu Shui's expression shifted, wheedling to Shi Sheng's side, "Miss..."

"Don't ask me anything. Even if you do, I won't answer you for sure." Shi Sheng did not even look up. 

Qiu Shui's eyes widened. How did Miss know what she was going to ask before she did?

Alright, Miss had been rather omnipotent lately. 

Shi Sheng was waiting for Lord Fan's message. However, the capital was too far away from Bai He County. It took at least a month for a round trip. 

By the time Shi Sheng received Lord Fan's letter, more than one month had passed. 

The situation in the capital was rather tense. The Emperor wanted to get rid of Du Gu Xiu. The last time Du Gu Xiu escaped to Bai He Village was the doings of the Emperor. 

Du Gu Xiu returned to the capital, but he did not fight heads on with the Emperor. Although both seemed fine on the surface, they had secretly fought each other many times. 

Lord Fan was telling Shi Sheng all these had nothing to do with her. 

But the question Shi Sheng was concerned about Lord Fan only answered in a sentence. "No one knows where he is."

Gu Du Yi was not in the capital?

Where did he go?

Did Du Gu Xiu even allow Du Gu Yi to leave the capital?

Or did he leave when the Emperor was chasing Du Gu Xiu?

Shi Sheng thought the latter possibility was more likely. 

Shi Sheng breathed a sigh. The sky is high, and the Emperor is far away. How is she going to help Du Gu Yi to claim the throne?


Su Hua was having a bad time lately. Ding Xiang cried in front of the elders of the He Family, saying that He Qing had been close with Su Hua. She was chased out from He Mansion, and her store was also taken back by the He Family. 

He Qing was locked up in the mansion and was not allowed to go out.

Ding Xiang bragged proudly to Su Hua and taunted her. 

This was not even the worst. Su Family managed to find her and begged her to return as her younger sister was terminally ill. 

Su Hua had pity for her sister, who was in the same situation as her. So she went back after the Su Family pleaded with her. 

When she returned, she realized that her sister was not sick, but the Su Family needed her back as they rented her as a helper to Li Family as they lacked manpower. 

The slight amount of money Su Hua had on her was snatched by her mother. However, Su Hua could not bear to leave when she heard her sister's cries. 

Su Hua could only stay there and farm. 

Shi Sheng entered the capital alone at the same time.

The prosperity of the capital could not compare with a small county like Bai He County. As the richest in Bai He County, she was dirt poor in the capital. 

Dirt Poor Sheng stayed in an inn and went around for the gossips.

Inn, tavern and tea house were the best places to listen to gossip. 

"I heard that the regent is going to marry General Zhen Bei's daughter. Is that true?"

Shi Sheng listened to those two gossiping next to her with her chin supported, looking bizarre.

Du Gu Xiu is going to marry a concubine? 

Is he abandoning the female lead?

"Yea, I have a relative who works at the General's home. I heard that the betrothal gift is almost gifted."

"Really? Who is he marrying?"

"It seems to be the First Young Lady of General Zhen Bei."

"Why isn't the Second Young Lady?" General Zhen Bai had two daughters. The second daughter was more popular, but the first daughter had a good temper. 

The commoners like them would not know the specifics.

That person lowered his voice, "don't tell anyone that the second daughter is marrying the royalty. or not..."

"I know, I know. Don't you know what kind of person I am? I'm zipping my mouth. But General Zhen Bei's idea is not bad. One is marrying the regent and the other marrying the Emperor. No matter what happens..."

After a few days, the regent placed the betrothal gift at General Zhen Bei's Mansion as expected. It was widely known. So when Shi Sheng went there, a huge crowd was already there.

As Du Gu Xiu entered the mansion, the Emperor's holy decree arrived too. 

It was the holy decree that declared the second daughter of General Zhen Bei as an imperial concubine. None of them is willing to let each other, allowing the citizens to watch the spectacle. 

In the end, General Zhen Bei had to come out and resolve this to end the whole affair.

The wedding was scheduled for half a month later. The Emperor would probably clash with the regent and set the wedding on the same day. 

Shi Sheng left the inn, getting ready to see what the Emperor looked like. He was the biggest antagonist in this dimension, so...

Could it be Feng Ci? 

As Shi Sheng was approaching the palace. She saw a familiar silhouette, but when she took a clearer look, she saw nothing. 

Shi Sheng frowned and chased in that direction. 

Shi Sheng chased for a while and stopped. She touched her chin, <i> did I see it wrong? </i>

"Miss Ruan."

Shi Sheng looked up towards the source of the voice. It was DU GU Xiua coming down with 2 men from a restaurant. 

Du Gu Xiu wore black silk clothes. His brows were narrow and long; sharp and wise-looking eyes, his thin lips slightly pursed. He did not have the demeanour of a superior; an invisible pressure emanated from him. 

"Regent." Shi Sheng smiled and called him nonchalantly. She was not intimidated by his aura at all. 

Du Gu Xia frowned slightly, "Why is Miss Ruan here?"

She knew that he was the regent. 

He never exposed his identity in Bai He County. 

Du Gu Xiu was unsure if she knew that after she came to the capital, he did not continue to ask. 

"Why can't I be here? You say it as if you own the capital."


Du Gu Xia's men chided at Shi Sheng and glared at her.