Shi Sheng really wanted to show him what it meant to be outrageous. 

But she caught another glimpse of the figure flashing past at the street corner. Shi Sheng ignored Du Gu Xia and hurriedly chased after it. 

Du Gu Xia raised his hand to stop his man from chasing Shi Sheng.

"Your Majesty?" He was confused. This woman was so disrespectful to him, yet he's letting her go?

Du Gu Xia squinted his eyes slightly, looking at the street Shi Sheng disappeared into, "send someone to follow her and see what she wants."

He always felt that this woman was not that simple. 

She was not like any wealthy lady stuck in a small county. She seemed to be someone who had seen great things. She always gave out a sense of overly arrogant kind of confidence. 

As if there was nothing she could not accomplish in this world.

Du Gu Xia had never seen such a strange woman.

"Yes." The subordinate followed after Shi Sheng.


Shi Sheng did not chase that person as they ran to the busiest, more crowded street. She lost them within a blink of an eye. 

Shi Sheng crossed her arms and sighed lightly. 

This game is getting more interesting. 

More interesting than the previous dimensions.

[Host, please correct your attitude, this is not a game.] The system didn't want to remind her because it's no use. 

"Is this not a virtual dimension?"


"If it's, then why isn't it a game?"

[...] I'm speechless.

Shi Sheng turned around and headed towards the palace. Getting into the palace might be difficult for other people, but it was a piece of cake for Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng found her way to the Emperor's imperial study. She went around to the back, knocked out the guards, and pushed open the window to look inside. 

The first things she saw were ladies dancing and twisting their bodies in there. Music was coming out from inside. 

A man in a bright yellow court dress was sitting on his throne. He was rather chubby. Could tell if he was good-looking. He embraced one lady from each side, enjoying the beauties serving him.

Shi Sheng,"..." my gosh! 

This Emperor's epic. He can still enjoy all these while the regent's planning for a revolution.  

She heard that the Emperor was lascivious, that he had many thousands of concubines. A retard like him could be the Emperor for so many years. He was quite capable. 

Shi Sheng waited outside for some time. The Emperors probably got tired from playing around with them. He went to the back with the concubines in his arms to rest. As for what he was doing... 

Shi Sheng did not want to talk about it.

Based on this point, Shi Sheng was sure that this dude definitely is not Feng Ci. 

Shi Sheng shook her head and left. There were not many people in the vast palace, yet she was not scared to be seen by anyone. She just roamed around the court freely. 

Even if someone spotted her, her carefree and nonchalant attitude would not make anyone suspect her. The palace had many people in the first place. Sometimes the daughters of some ministers would marry into the palace. So it's normal to see someone they don't know. 

"General Zhen Bei's daughter is entering the palace in a few days. We're going to lose favor from the Emperor again." A path from a distance, a few people showed up with maids and eunuchs following them. Based on their stance, they were probably the concubines. 

The concubines next to the lady walking in front comforted her, "His Majesty is fast to be enamored with the new concubines and bored with the old. She won't get doted on for too long. Big Sister Li, you bear with His child. There's nothing to worry about. "

"That's right, His Majesty is still young. So it's justified for him to like the young and pretty concubines. But His heir is different, Big Sister Li, you have a guarantee, unlike us."

Concubine Li was pleased by the other concubines' praises and smiled with her lips pursed. 

Shi Sheng watched them walk away and shook her head with a bizarre expression. 

Do they really like the Emperor? 

I'm afraid that only very few do. 

They like the wealth and glory or were forced to marry into the palace, being forced to fight for a man's love.  

Shi Sheng left the palace and headed to her inn slowly. 

Although the Emperor was incompetent, he had the support of the older ministers. However, they were weakened a lot by Du Gu Xia. Therefore, the Emperor's side of power was not sufficient to fight against Du Gu Xiu. 

Then she had to deal with DU Gu Xiu.

The male lead...

Shi Sheng walked and paused and continued at a languid pace. The person following her was getting anxious. 

If you want to walk, then walk, stop, then stop. What are you doing by walking and stopping all the time?  

As he was about to go mad, the person in front of him disappeared into thin air. 

He was shocked. He quickly scanned around. There were not a lot of hiding spots in this street. Her speed should not be that fast either. How did she disappear within the blink of an eye?

"Looking for me?"

A soothing voice came from above his head. He looked up to see a maiden sitting on a metal sword floating amid the air. Her feet were swaying lightly. He could not see her expression from the light behind her. 

The night wind blew over her hair.

The dark clouds overhead dispersed slowly, revealing the bright moon. 

The moonlight spilt on her face and illuminating her features clearly in front of him. She was a pretty lady, a palm-sized face with her thin brows, the corner of her lips smiled in a shallow curve.

"You... you..." that person fell into the dark.

Is she a ghost? Or a monster? 

How can a sword float in thin air?

Shi Sheng hopped off the sword and approached the person slowly with her sword, "Why did Du Gu Xiu send you to follow me?"

Mister male lead, you've underestimated me. Send such a retard to follow me.

That man trembled in fear when he heard Shi Sheng's question and answered, "I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just passing by. I haven't seen anything. Let me go."

He had to use unique means to save his life when necessary. 

"Let you go?" Shi Sheng snickered, "are you dreaming?"

That person felt terrifying chills pressing down at him. He was frozen beyond movement. The cold light converged into a ball of light and magnified in his eyes...


Regent's Palace

Du Gu Xiu stood at a cloister. The moonlight separated the abbey and the courtyard into two worlds.

"Your Majesty, the person who followed Ruan Xiao Yang is dead."

A man kneeled behind Du Gu Xiu reported to him softly.

The place was silent, a night wind blew by, and the leaves in the courtyard rustled, causing the shadows on the ground to sway along like a demon brandishing its claws. 

After a long time, Du Gu Xiu only spoke, "how did he die?"

"A sword stabbed in his throat."

"Where did she go today?"

That person replied quickly, "she circled the palace for a while and disappeared. Our men did not manage to follow her. After that, she was spotted outside the palace. The person that followed her was dead by the time we found him. And she was nowhere to be found."

Another burst of silence, the person kneeling on the ground looked up carefully at the shadow of the tall man standing in front of him. 

"Your Majesty?"

Du Gu Xiu raised his hand, "send Hei Ying after her."

"Do we need to send Hei Ying?" He was shocked. 

Du Gu Xiu raised his head, a resolute voice rang in the silent abbey, "tell him to kill with a strike."

He sensed danger from Ruan Xiao Yang.

Something dangerous had to be eradicated.