Shi Sheng did not stay at the inn from before. Instead, she sat somewhere dark on a rooftop where she could observe that inn without being spotted easily. 

Around three in the morning, Shi Sheng saw several figures swept in from afar very quickly and stopped around the inn. 

Shi Sheng cupped her face, watching them burn down the inn and kill anyone who escaped on sight. 

No wonder System said that the male lead was not qualified to be the emperor.

The attitude that rather get 1000 killed than to get one missed should not be a male lead's characteristic. 

The male lead could be cruel, but only at his enemies. 

Shi Sheng drew her metal sword, let us save the world, the sword of salvation!  

[...] we should thank God for the fact that you haven't destroyed the world. Now you want to save the world, have you taken your medicine for your otakuness?  

Metal Sword,"..." changing my name again, somemore it's such a classless name. 

Shi Sheng rushed there with her sword. Before arriving at her destination, the inn suddenly exploded, and the heatwave gushed from her front with fire sparks. Shi Sheng was choked by the hot air. 

The surrounding buildings were hit by the buffeted heatwave and began collapsing. The woods were crashing at Shi Sheng. 

My... gosh! 

I only wanted to show off!  

Shi Sheng retreated rapidly to a safe distance before complaining. 

How can I get defeated before I even showed up? What did it pick right here right now to explode? 

The luck value is behind this again! 

Pretentious Shi Sheng decided to leave quietly. 

As she turned around, someone had been standing behind her silently for some time. He was watching her. She could only tell that it was a man based on his features. 

"You're so cruel."

Shi Sheng eyed that person up to down a few times. She did not know him at all. He was not Feng Ci as well. She blurted out, "Du Gu Yi?"

"You know me?" he was surprised, then said narcissistically, "right, not many ladies in the capital wouldn't know someone as handsome and talented as me."

Shi Sheng,"..." hehe, this is epic! Someone who shows up in a place like this definitely has something to do with the plot.

Is this narcissist going to be the emperor? 

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes and headed to another street. 

I don't want to help someone this retarded to be the emperor. 

I'm not going to complete the mission. 

[Host, can you please complete your mission?] System is wailing. How can you not do your task just because you don't feel good about it?  

Shi Sheng ignored System. Of course she was not going to do anything that did not make her feel good. 

She was not a masochist. 

But Du Gu Xie caught up to her, "miss, how can you be so cruel? Those people are innocent."

"What does that have anything to do with me?" Shi Sheng asked in return.

Had she not been cruel this entire time? 

Besides, she did not kill those people. The male lead did. She was not going to take this blame. 

"But they were coming for you. How does that have nothing to do with you?"

Shi Sheng stunned, Du Gu Yi did not brake in time and almost crashed into Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng gazed at Du Gu Yi slyly. 

Du Gu Yi felt uncomfortable from Shi Sheng's gaze and crossed his arms as if she would do something to him.

Shi Sheng beyond words, this retard!  

"How did you know they came after me?"

"I have my own ways." Du Gu Yi suddenly waved his sleeves, returned to his retarded demeanor, pretending to be a saint, "miss, I find that you have an excellent physique. Do you want to work under me?"

Shouldn't you say I should train in martial arts followed by that sentence?

Why should I work for you? 

You think I'm uneducated, don't you think?! 

Shi Sheng smiled profoundly, "what can I get from working for someone who's pressed under Du Gu Xiu anyway?"

Who doesn't know how to be pretentious! I'm the great grandmother of being pretentious! 

Du Gu Yi's mouth twitched, "miss, you've offended the regent. It's not going to end well for you. If you follow me, I can save your life."

Shi Sheng glanced at Du Gu Yi and responded indifferently, "by submitting to Du Gu Xiu?"

Du Gu Yi,"..." Why does this lady have to make everything sound so bad? I'm just doing what's right at the time. 

Du Gu Yi seemed to be determined to make Shi Sheng join his side. He began to follow Shi Sheng.

"What are you trying to do?" What's Du Gu Yi's problem? Why is he stalking her? 

"Chill, chill." Du Gu Yi comforted Shi Sheng, said thoughtfully, "Miss, are you from the Ruan Family?"

The alarm in Shi Sheng's heart set off. She turned around and ran away. 

There's definitely a hidden plot. 

I'm not going to go along with it! 

Du Gu Yi was dumbfounded. Why did she run away?

Shi Sheng escaped from Du Gu Yi and left the capital on her sword without a word. 

[...] no one can compete with Host when it comes to being capricious.


Shi Sheng stayed in the capital for some time. By the time she returned to Bai He Village, it was already winter. Shi Sheng returned to Ruan Mansion right away. 

Qiu Shui had been worrying about Shi Sheng. She was able to ease up when she saw she came back safe and sound. 

"Miss, is everything alright?" Qiu Shui looked at Shi Sheng with concern. 

She disagreed with Shi Sheng going to the capital by herself in the beginning. However, she left a letter and ran away. When she sent people to chase her, but none caught up to her. 

Shi Sheng shook her head, "I'm fine."

"That's good then. Miss, you are the head of the Ruan Family. Please refrain from doing that again. What if anything happens to you? What are we going to do with this huge Ruan Mansion?"

Shi Sheng,"..." then you can be the master instead, right?  

Shi Sheng threw this nonsensical thought away, "what has happened recently?"

Qiu Shui looked grave, "there are several things, all of them have something to do with Su Hua. Villagers from Bai He Village stopped planting in our land and followed Su Hua to plant Li Family's land. Su Hua somehow comes up with an agreement with the Li Family that they only collect 30% of the rate. Su Hua's also working with someone in the county to open a roasted duck restaurant. Their business is booming..."

Shi Sheng, "..."

The must-have in a transmigration novel, roasted duck! 

The all-time beloved, across every dimension, roasted duck. 

"Miss, no one is farming in Bai He Village's lands. What are we going to do when spring comes?" Qiu Shui was somewhat concerned. They had a lot of lands in Bai He Village. If no one was farming, then the grounds would be deserted. 

Shi Sheng pouted her mouth, "hire someone to plant then."

"Hire someone?"

"We'll see when the time comes." Shi Sheng waved her hand. "If it's vacant, let it be vacant then. Our family doesn't lack money anyway."

Shi Sheng sighed. It's easier to be pretentious in Bai He County. She had to keep on counting her budget in the capital. 

Qiu Shui: "..."