"Li Hong Hong!"

A voice chided from below the stairs. Su Hua rushed up the stairs and bashed her, "you're stealing men again!"

The large-face lady did not relish seeing Su Hua. She raised her chubby hand, slapped it towards her, and replied angrily, "Su Hua, mind your own business. Who gives you the right to tell me what I can or can't do?"

"Your dad!" Su Hua dodged her slap and puffed her chest, unafraid of that lady, "do you want your dad to know about what you're doing right now?"

The lady got scared the moment Su Hua mentioned her father. She glanced around and saw no one was there, so she got the courage again. 

Pointing at Su Hua's nose, "Su Hua, don't think that I'm scared of you just because of my dad. I'm going to bring him back today."

Du Gu Yi,"..." I know I'm good-looking and attractive, but I really can't accept someone as feisty as her.

"Ruan Xiao Yang!" Du Gu Yi knocked on the door again. 


The moment the gate opened, Du Gu Yi's back was leaning against the door. Du Gu Yi fell right into the mansion on all fours, just in time to see the approaching figures.

Su Hua and Li Hong Hong, who were amid arguing, stopped to look at those inside the door as well. 

"Why are you fighting at my Ruan Mansion?" Shi Sheng side glanced at Su Hua, "who gave you the face?"

Su Hua's nosy nature kicked in again, "Ruan Xiao Yang! This mister has been looking for you for so long. Can't you talk to him to clear things up?"

Shi Sheng turned to look at the retard Du Gu Yi. 

Du Gu Yi looked back to Shi Sheng dumbfounded, I don't know her at all! 

For real! 

"Su Hua, aren't you too nosy?" Qiu Shui couldn't help but speak. 

When is the turn of an outsider like her to tell her Miss how she should handle her matters?

"I just dislike the way Ruan Xiao Yang's acting." Su Hua spoke for Du Gu Yi self righteously, "this mister has been waiting for you for so many days. The whole Bai He County knows about this. What you're doing is too rude."

Shi Sheng,"..." I'm being rude or not had nothing to do with you, miss heroine! 

Can you mind your own business  

"That's right, what're you trying to do by letting such a handsome sir wait outside your doorstep!" surprisingly, Li Hong Hong agreed with Su Hua.

Shi Sheng smiled with the corner of her lips curled up, "close the door."

Since you don't want to see her that much, then I'll satisfy your requests. 

I'm such a kind and understanding person. 

Freaking retards.

The servants at the door-side pushed to close the door right away, shutting Su Hua and Li Hong Hong out.

Li Hong Hong's eyes widened, looking at Du Gu Xiu, who was on the other side of the door, wailed, "Mister..."

He's still inside!

"Su Hua, this is all because of you." Li Hong Hong shifted the blame at Su Hua. It was all because of this woman that mister was taken away by Ruan Xiao Yang. If she did not show up, she could have brought the mister home. 

The more Li Hong Hong thought about it, the angrier she got. She went up to grab Su Hua and slapped her. 

"It's all because of you, you b****. Who told you to tell my dad, who told you to stop me!" Li Hong Hong grabbed and scratched her, tugging her hair and clothes. 

"Li Hong Hong, stop. Ah! Li Hong Hong you're crazy."

Li Hong Hong's weight had the overwhelming advantage to overpower Su Hua and beat her up.


Inside the mansion, Du Gu Yi was still sitting on the ground. Shi Sheng was standing next to him. They could hear screaming outside from time to time.

That lady was so scary. 

He suddenly felt like this lady standing next to him was not as scary. 

"Miss Ruan." Du Gu Yi stood up from the ground, cut to the chase right away, "I'm entrusted by someone to look for you. Lord Fan asked me to take care of you for some time."

If it were not for the fact that Lord Fan was his mentor, he would never accept this request of his, causing him to run all the way from the capital to somewhere this isolated to suffer. 

"Lord Fan? Why did he ask you to take care of me?" Did Lord Fan not say in the letter that he did not know where Du Gu Yi was? Did he lie to her?

And now he's asking Du Gu Yi to take care of her? What does he even mean? 

Lord Fan and Old Master Ruan had been friends for many years. When Old Master Ruan passed, Lord Fan even came to offer his condolences personally. 

"You have to ask Lord Fan about this. I have no idea." he did not want to know either. He just wanted to stay alive. 

"The timing is not correct." Shi Sheng said faintly. 

Du Gu Yi was puzzled, "what do you mean?"

"Why did Lord Fan ask you to take care of me?"

Du Gu Xiu frowned and tried recalling, "around last year September."

In September, she was still in Bai He County and had not sent Lord Fan the letter. But why is he asking Du Gu Yi to take care of her at that time? 

Du Gu Yi continued, "I wanted to come to find you, but I had to take care of some personal matters that caused a delay. After that, I met you in the capital."

But she ran away before he could finish his sentence. 

"How did you know that's me?" They had never met before that. 

Du Gu Yi ruffled the hair in front of his chest. "I have some eyes in the capital. Du Gu Xiu was investigating you, so naturally, I'll know."

Shi Sheng frowned. That did not answer her question. 

She did not hide her whereabouts when she was in the capital. Anyone could find her if they intended to do so. 

Then there was only one question, why did  Lord Fan ask Du Gu Yi to take care of her at such an early stage?

Shi Sheng was not someone who likes to dwell on things. If she did not understand it, she would not think about it. When the time is right, the truth will surface. 

"You can go back now. I don't need any protection. Help me thank Lord Fan." She had many ways to protect herself. She did not need a retard to drag her down.

Du Gu Yi's eyes lit up, and asked quickly, "are you sure? No, you need to write me a letter so I can report back to Lord Fan."

Shi Sheng,"..." this is a prince that knew how to take care of issues. No wonder he could survive to the end. 

Shi Sheng wrote a letter for Du Gu Yi. 

Du Gu Yi left Ruan Mansion happily with his letter. However, in less than half an hour, he ran back anxiously. 

"Du Gu Xiu... I saw Du Gu Xiu." Du Gu Yi panted. 

Shi Sheng disdained, "and what's a big deal about it?" Was Du Gu Xiu a three-headed and six-armed monster? Why is he so scared?

Du Gu Yi glared at Shi Sheng, "Du Gu Xiu came with an army blocking Bai He County's entrance. I can't get out."

There was only one way out of Bai He County. If he went out, he would be caught by Du Gu Xiu's army. 

He did not want to die now. He wanted to live a good life in the capital. 

Shi Sheng was curious, "Did Du Gu Xiu know you're not at the capital?"

"Of course not." Du Gu Xiu rolled his eyes at Shi Sheng.

"Then he's not that capable." Shi Sheng pouted her mouth. He did not even know this retard was out of the capital.