Du Gu Yi did not say how he exited the capital without DU Gu Xiu knowing. The point is he could not get out of Bai He County now, so he had to stay in Shi Sheng's mansion.

Du Gu Yi's shamelessness and how smoothly he dealt with every matter could be observed during his stay in Ruan Mansion. 

Du Gu Yi was someone willing to do anything to just save his life. 

Shi Sheng even suspected that he would agree to cross-dress as a lady if it meant to protect his life.


Du Gu Xiu did not conceal his identity for his current visit to Bai He County. Soon, everyone knew that the regent came to their county.

Shi Sheng did not fear death and went to spectate. 

Du Gu Yi pretended to be a middle-aged man following Shi Sheng, "Ruan Xiao Yang, why are you here to see him? He wants to kill you."

"Why are you following me if you're so scared?" this death fearing retard. He could not stay in the mansion and had to follow her. What was his problem! 

"I'm here to see why he is here." Gu Du Yi looked around with a crafty look on his face, causing people around him to notice his strange behavior. 

Shi Sheng facepalmed herself. 

You need to stop thinking of yourself as a thief when you're pretending to be one. Stay calm! 

Sgu Sheng moved aside quietly. 

You should stay away from retards if you value your life.

Shi Sheng saw Su Hua from the crowd. She seemed like she was dragged here. She looked confused about Du Gu Xiu being admired by so many. 

Du Gu Xiu exchanged a few words with the magistrate. Then, someone next to him stood out and signalled the citizens to quiet down. 

"The prince came here to select a concubine. Whichever family has a lady with the suitable age are welcome to register at yamen."

Everyone was shocked when they heard that. 

Concubine selection? Why did he come all the way to Bai He County?

Once their doubts were over, they were left with happiness. If their daughters could get favor in the palace, their status would soar to the sky.

"Concubine selection?" Du Gu Xiu scratched his ear in confusion, "why haven't I heard of this before?"

"It's obviously an excuse!" Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Du Gu Yi.

"Of course I know that." Du Gu Yi never admitted his mistake. He covered his mouth, made sure that no one was looking in his direction, then continued, "don't you think that this is bizarre?"

He could have used other excuses instead of concubine selection...

Shi Sheng kept quiet, thinking that he was probably here for the female lead. 

"Did Du Gu Yi marry that... whoever is the daughter of General Zhen Bei?" Shi Sheng asked out of nowhere.

"Yeah." Du Gu Yi nodded.

Shi Sheng mourned for the heroine for a moment. 

"Do you know why he married her?" Du Gu Yi, drew near Shi Sheng, was impatient to share his little secret. 

"Military power?" General Zhen Bei had many valuable soldiers with him. So Du Gu Xiu married his daughter, which was very likely for military power. 

Du Gu Xiu flipped out one finger, "that's one of it."

Shi Sheng's mouth twitched, "there's a second reason?"

Du Gu Yi nodded. His expression was yelling at Shi Sheng to ask him. 

Shi Sheng was not interested, so she did not ask. 

However, Du Gu Xiu could not hold it in anymore, "let me tell you. She was conceived with his child. That's why he must marry her."

Shi Sheng was stunned, "How did you know?"

"I just so happened to hear about it" Du Gu Yi was proud of himself. 

Shi Sheng,"..." why are you so proud about it?

"It's when Du Gu Xiu went back to the capital last time for General Zhen Bei's birthday ceremony. He was probably drugged and..." Su Gu Xiu stretched his hands and crossed them, and both of his thumbs kissed each other. He gave Shi Sheng that looks of 'you know what's going on, "and he was caught on the spot by General Zhen Bei. Do you think he can not marry her?"

Shi Sheng kept quiet. Is it alright to tell a lady like her all the explicit details?

But the male lead was reckoned by someone?

This is awesome! 

She could predict the death of General Zhen Bei.

Du Gu Xiu entered the court with the fear struck magistrate. Shi Sheng saw Du Gu Xiu's men bring the heroine to the yamen's backdoor.

The crowd dispersed gradually. Many went to spread the good tidings. 

Getting chosen as a concubine was a temptation to many. They dreamt about wealth and riches after entering the palace. However, they would only realize the reality was much crueller than they imagined. 

Many when to bring their daughters to report to yamen. After layers and layers of selection, only maidens who were rather pretty were left. 


"Miss! Miss! Someone summoned you to court!" Qiu Shui ran in hurriedly.

Shi Sheng opened her eyes slowly. How did she get involved in this?

Are you not dead yet, plot?

"Miss, what should we do? I heard that the pretty ladies are chosen. Someone as pretty as you will definitely get picked." What's going to happen to Ruan Family if Miss was chosen?

"Let's go and have a look." Shi Sheng got up slowly, patted the hem of her somewhat wrinkled skirt, and said arrogantly and cockily, "let's see what these retards can do to me."

"Miss, you can't go!" Qiu Shui blocked Shi Sheng's path. Her eyes turned red from anxiety. 

"If I don't go. This is not going to end." Shi Sheng caressed Qiu Shui's head. "wait for the news here. They don't dare to do anything to me."

"Miss." Qiu Shui's tears were welling up in her eyes. 

Shi Sheng smiled gently and walked around Qiu Shui. 

Qiu Shui bit her lips and decided to follow Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng did not stop her and let her follow along. 

Some ladies were roaming at the court. They were the ones that were disqualified.

They began gossiping and pointing fingers when Shi Sheng showed up. 

"Look, look, the one from the Ruan Family."

"She... can be chosen, right?"

"Obviously. If Ruan Xiao Yang enters the palace. What's going to happen to the Ruan Family?"

"They have so many properties, if Ruan Xiao Yang isn't there, then..."

Shi Sheng walked past them without paying any attention to them. Qiu Shui glared at some of them out of anger. All they know is to gossip about others,

The moment Shi Sheng entered the court, she saw someone familiar. 

Ding Xiang.

She was supported by her maid, crying out her heart. A man stood next to her, probably her father. He did not look good as well.

Ding Xiang pushed the maid away and grabbed her father's arm. She sobbed, "father, I don't wish to enter the palace. I'm engaged to He Second Master."

"Daughter... I... can't do anything about this!" Father Ding sighed. It was decided by the officials, ordinary citizens like them could not do anything.

The citizens could not fight with the officials.


Father Ding waved his hand, "go in first. I'll talk to the magistrate..."

Ding Xiang walked inside while crying. She coincidentally enters yamen at the same time as Shi sheng. She glanced at Shi Sheng, probably thought they were suffering from the same fate and empathized with her. She lowered her head and did not say a word.