The magistrate had a headache as some families did not send their daughters into court. They wanted to bribe the magistrate, but he did not dare to accept as the regent was here. 

The magistrate ached as he could not take those cash. 

But when he saw Shi Sheng, his aching became even more severe. 

This woman was his living nightmare. 

"Miss Ruan..." the magistrate got up from his seat immediately and kicked the bailiff next to him, "hurry and get Miss Ruan a chair."

Ding Xiang and her father arrived simultaneously when the magistrate tried to please Ruan Xiao Yang, making them feel strange about his actions. 

Shi Sheng sat on the chair with a clear conscience. 

The magistrate did not dare to provoke Shi Sheng. He then turned around to greet, "Old Master Ding, Miss Ding."

Father Ding bowed and greeted back, "Lord."

"Lord." Ding Xiang had just cried, her voice was slightly hoarse, but it was not unpleasant to hear. Instead, it was rather titillating. 

Father Ding wanted to say something but was stopped by the magistrate, "Old Master Ding, I can't make the decision on this matter."

He glanced at Ding Xiang, "Miss Ding's age and looks are in line with the selection requirements. Old Master Ding, you don't have to worry about her. Entering the palace is of high position and great wealth, something that can bring great honor to your ancestors."

"Dad," Ding Xiang pulled her father's sleeves. She did not want to enter the palace; she wanted to stay with He Qing.

Father Ding pulled his sleeves over to block the view, then gave something to the magistrate, "Lord, this is my only daughter. Help me think of a way. I'll be very appreciative."

The magistrate pinched the stack of cash Father Ding shoved him and twitched in pain, and pushed back after a while, "Old Master Ding, not that I don't want to help you this time, I just can't. If I were to help you, you wouldn't see me as the magistrate anymore."

 The magistrate hurriedly asked someone to record her name. 

Father Ding sighed and shook his head. He could bribe it away if it was the others, but this time was the regent. 

How would he dare to bribe the regent?

"Miss Ruan..." the magistrate smiled after he settled Ding Xiang's issue, "take a look here. If there's nothing wrong, then I'll register Miss Ruan's name."

"Something's wrong." Shi Sheng raised her head to look at the magistrate. 

The magistrate's calves felt weak and he needed support from a table next to him to stand properly, "what's wrong, Miss Ruan?"

"I don't want to enter the palace."

"This... I can't make a decision like this!"

If he could, he would have swam among cash.

His eyelid kept jumping this morning since he woke up. He knew something was going to happen. This Ruan Xiao Yang was not easy to deal with. 

The magistrate waved at the bailiff next to him, signalling him to get the regent. People that he could not handle will be handled by the regent. 

The magistrate did not show it and persuaded Shi Sheng to stall for time, "Miss Ruan, it's pretty good to enter the palace. Not everyone can enter the palace. Look at those girls outside. You need to cherish such an amazing opportunity."

"Like going there and waiting for death?" Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows, "those who enter the palace without a good background, the people from outside wouldn't even know they were dead in the palace."

Ding Xiang's complexion turned pale instantaneously when she heard what Shi Sheng said, clutching onto Father Ding's hand tightly. 

The magistrate sweated bullets, "you're not supposed to say that."

"What should I say then?" 

The magistrate, "..." how would he know what to say? Why isn't the regent here yet?

Du Gu Xiu took his sweet time and arrived. The magistrate ran over to him as if he found his backbone, "my Majesty."

He nodded lightly, looked at Shi Sheng, who was still sitting on the chair, without moving an inch. 

Father Ding and Ding Xiang knelt and greeted Du Gu Xiu. 

"Bold unruly woman, why aren't you on your knees when you see the regent?" Du Gu Xiu's right-hand man chided at Shi Sheng loudly. 

"Is he worthy of that?" Shi Sheng glanced at the right-hand man, looking arrogant and unimpressed.


Shi Sheng raised her head slightly, looking like she was smiling and not smiling at the same time, "and?"

The magistrate standing next to the regent was sweating cold sweats like bullets, terrified to death. 

Ruan Xiao Yang even dares to defy the regent, does she not want to live? 

The right-hand man approached Shi Sheng and was going to pull her hair. Qiu Shui could not bear watching this and rushed in front of  Shi Sheng, blocking in front of her. The right-hand man tugged Qiu Shui's hair. Her hair which was tied up neatly fell apart instantly, and she was dragged to the side with her hair in the right-hand man's hand. 


Qiu Shui screamed in pain. Her hands tried to protect her hair, but the right-hand man's strength was so muscular, Qiu Shui was tugged tightly. 

Shi Sheng, almost at the same time, kicked The right-hand man in his private part. 

"Ah!" Shi Sheng's scream was much louder than Qiu Shui. He let loose his hands and covered his crotch, his body bent slightly, and his face was full of anguish. 

Shi Sheng helped Qiu Shui up, "are you alright?"

Qiu Shui's hair was all over the place, and her eyes were slightly red. She shook her head, "I'm fine."

Shi Sheng took a look at Qiu Shui's scalp. Some of her hair was pulled off. When she touched her hair and slipped, a bunch of hair fell off. 

Shi Sheng's face turned dark, she gently combed Qiu Shui's hair. Then, in the next second, she pulled out her sword without any warning. Everyone saw a flash, and The right-hand man, who was wailing, fell to the ground slowly with his eyes wide.

Fresh blood seeped out of his body and spread on the floor slowly. 

"Ah! She killed someone!" 

Du Gu Xiu was enraged, "Ruan Xiao Yang, are you not taking me seriously!" 

"Nope." Shi Sheng answered honestly, "you're not good-looking. So why should I take you seriously?"

You are all in the female lead's mind. How can someone as great as I take a retard like you seriously?

"Miss..." Qiu Shui's face was white. She pulled Shi Sheng's sleeves lightly. 

How could Miss kill someone in front of the regent? Oh no, oh no, something bad's going to happen, and this is all my fault. If it weren't for me, Miss would not kill him. Hopefully, she could take the blame from her. 

"Ruan Xiao Yang disrespected the regent, beat her to death." Du Gu Xiu ordered. 

Shi Sheng looked askance at Du Gu Xiu. Her look was too sarcastic, making Du Gu Xiu uncomfortable. 

But Du Gu Xiu's authority was challenged, so he did not take back that order.

And the outcome was Du Gu Xiu's people were all beaten up by Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng's body had some Spiritual Qi in her body after a long time. So although she could not kill them with bare hands, with the help of her sword, killing a bus full of people was not a big deal. 

"Du Gu Xiu, don't you ever try to have any ideas with me." Shi Sheng pointed at him with her sword, "you think just because you're a regent and you're so great? I can call the world whatever I want it to be called."

Du Gu Xiu's face turned livid with rage, glared deadly at Shi Sheng. 

This woman was not arrogant; she was egotistically conceited. 

Many great people in history did not dare to say they could name the world whatever they wanted. Who gave her the confidence to say that!