Shi Sheng left with Qiu Shui who was dumbfounded. Those who wanted to stop Shi Sheng would run away when she pretended to wave her sword. 

Could they survive this terrifying sword slashing on them?

"Miss..." Qiu Shui followed Shi Sheng, "we've provoked the regent. Will there be any consequences?"

"Of course." How could anyone live a peaceful life after provoking the male lead?

"Then, then... what should we do?" Qiu Shui was anxious, "let's leave Bai He County and stay outside for a while."

Shi Sheng replied calmly, "Du Gu Xia's people are everywhere. Where can you hide?"

The number of people she offended could circle the universe for one round. So she ain't afraid of Du Gu Xia! 

The worst could happen was she dying anyway.

[...] Host, your mindset is very dangerous! 

#My Host kept thinking that missions are games, and she would respawn. Please help. This is urgent. #  

Qiu Shui was so anxious until she did not know where to put her hands and feet. She was in total panic mode. 

After returning to Ruan Mansion, Shi Sheng told Qiu Shui to rest, but she was relentless. She kept giving Shi Sheng ideas to save their lives. 

They, from a small and isolated Bai He County, had heard about the regent's rumors. Could the Ruan Family survive after Miss disrespected the regent and murdered someone in front of him?

 "Miss, how can you be so calm, faster think of a way!"

Shi Sheng had a headache. What else could she do? She had already offended him, "why don't you hide in a countryside village?"

Qiu Shui's eyes widened, "how about you?"

What was the point of returning to a village?

"I need to start a revolution!"

Didn't Du Gu Yi want to be the Emperor?

She could not let him do that. 

If you're not going to let me live a peaceful life, I will do the same to you. 

The true philosophy was about enduring the suffering together. 

Du Gu Yi tripped and almost fell when he heard that as he entered the room. He almost knocked the vase by the door off. 

Du Gu Yi held the vase, "Miss Ruan, how dare you say that?"

Qiu Shui was shocked, she turned around, panicking, "Mister Gu Du... how could you barge into a maiden's room."

Du Gu Yi was innocent. He did not mean to barge in. He was scared into the room after hearing what Shi Sheng said. 

"Cough cough..." Du Gu Yi coughed, placed the case, and exited the room. He then knocked on the door. 

Shi Sheng,"..." this retard.

Qiu Shui wanted to stop Du Gu Yi, but he already let himself in. 

He approached Shi Sheng, asked curiously, "Miss Ruan, I heard that you got rid of Du Gu Xia's people in the court?"

"You're well-informed." Shi Sheng gave him a sly look. 

Du Gu Yi could not argue back, "this time you've really offended Du Gu Xia."


"Why're you reacting this way?" Du Gu Yi was confused, "are you not scared that Du Gu Xia would do something to the Ruan Family? You can run away by yourself, but how about everyone in the Ruan Family?"

"Why do we need to run?"

"Why not? That is Du Gu Xia! The regent! He could dye a river with blood with a frown!"

Shi Sheng yawned, "winners are the kings, and losers will be the outcasts. If I was killed by Du Gu Xia, that means I'm not capable enough. I have nothing to say about this."

Du Gu Yi's mouth twitched, "aren't you optimistic?"

Shi Sheng smiled with confidence out of nowhere, "because I know that a retard won't kill me."

Du Gu Xia,"..."

If the regent was a retard, what are the rest of them?

 "I'm curious, where did you get your confidence?" Du Gu Yi said after trying to hold it in for some time.

Shi Sheng looked at Du Gu Yi, her lips slightly opened, "I'm born with it."

"Cough cough..." Du Gu Yi choked on his saliva. He then turned around to ask Qiu Shui, "how did your Miss grow to this age without anyone killing her?"

Qiu Shui: "..." Miss was not like this. Ever since she escaped from the bandits, she had been acting strange. 

She always thought that Shi Sheng was triggered, but now look at her. This was not merely triggered. This was simply crazy. 

"But Ruan Xiao Yang, are you really going to start a revolution?" Du Gu Yi returned to the original topic.

The only prince who would be so interested in a revolution would be this moron, Du Gu Yi. 


Du Gu Yi glared at her, "but you just said that!"

"You heard it wrong." Shi Sheng answered seriously.

Du Gu Yi turned to Qiu Shui, asked silently, did I mishear that?

His ears were quite well. How could he mishear?

Qiu Shui did not dare to nod or shake her head. She just looked down and did not say a word.

Shi Sheng's face full of righteousness, "we should get rid of the treacherous officials and support justice."

[...] Host, don't you feel an ounce of shame when you say that?

I want to slap the definition of supporting justice on your face, so you will know what it means exactly.

Du Gu Yi thought that he misheard her, "Miss Ruan, can you repeat?"

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "retard."

Du Gu Yi was hurt. No, he can't talk to this woman anymore. He will get a heart attack sooner or later.


Du Gu Xia was quick at taking action. Every store that belonged to the Ruan Family in Bai He County was closed down in the name of offending the royalty. 

Everyone in Bai He County was stunned. What did the Ruan Family do?

Most of their employees were arrested and locked up in jail. The Ruan Mansion was surrounded by Du Gu Xia's army as well. 

The Ruan Mansion was in chaos.

While Shi Sheng, the master, was strolling in the yard leisurely. The panicking servants calmed down unexpectedly when they saw Shi Sheng's chill behavior.

"Miss definitely has a solution."

"That's right. Miss is so powerful; we have to trust her."

"Believe in Miss."

They cheered each other on. Shi Sheng gazed through all of them unperturbed, and the corner of her lips curved, "do what you're supposed to do."

They looked at each other and bowed simultaneously, "yes, Miss."

Shi Sheng headed to the main gate slowly. The guards at the door were shivering in terror, afraid that those from outside would barge in.

They breathed a sigh of relief when Shi Sheng showed up, "Miss."

"Open the gate."

"But..." they hesitated. There were troops with swords outside.

Shi Sheng looked at him, he immediately lowered his head, "yes, Miss."

Both of them worked together to open the gate.

The scene outside slowly appeared from the opening gate until the whole view was in Shi Sheng's vision. 

Armor-clad troops surrounded the Ruan Mansion, and in the distance were the villagers looking and gossiping at the Ruan Family. 

Everyone's attention was drawn to the center of the gate the moment Ruan Mansion's gate opened. 

A dark blue figure gradually appeared in everyone's sight. 

The beautiful lady with her arms crossed, where the hem of her dress was swaying in the wind. She looked outside calmly, as if the troops outside were not there to arrest her.