The leading general took a step forward, asked solemnly, "Ruan Xiao Yang, you're disrespecting the royalty. Do you know you're committing a crime?"

Shi Sheng stepped out of the gate, raised her chin lightly and smiled. She then replied slowly and gently, "I don't know."

The general sneered, waved his hand and ordered, "stubborn and insolent. Arrest her and lock her up."

No one saw how this petite lady drew a sword out of nowhere. A bunch of people had already fallen to the ground before they could react. 

"Ruan Xiao Yang, how dare you beat them!" The general was furious.

"I slipped." she waved her sword again as she said that, causing a blast of wind to sweep across them. 

Another wave of the troops was sent flying by the wind and fell to the ground. 

The sword drew out a flower-like pattern in the air and poked the ground vigorously. The lady flew in the air, full of arrogance, "go back and practice more if you want to catch me."

The general lied on the ground holding his chest, with blood seeping out of the corner of his lips. He wiped away the blood ruthlessly, stood up from the ground shakily. 

"What is there to be proud of when you're relying on the sword. Come fight with me one-on-one if you're that capable."

Shi Sheng looked at him condescendingly, the corner of her mouth curved, "having this sword is my capability. You can whip out your sword if you have one too."

The general was mad. If he had a sword like hers, he would not be here talking nonsense with her. 

Before the general spoke, he heard a lady's snicker, "don't you think it's funny that a man like you is asking a lady to fight you one-on-one?"

The general was no opponent of Shi Sheng. He could only watch the gate closed, separating him and Shi Sheng's smiley face.

The general spat blood out of the madness. 


The general waved his hand, pointed at one of his men, "you, go back and report to His Majesty."


Du Gu Yi was scared of being seen by Du Gu Xiu's men, so he had been hiding in the backyard, waiting to run away once they barged into the Ruan Mansion. 

However, nothing had happened after he waited anxiously for a long time. There was no strange movement. 

Du Gu Yi grabbed someone and questioned him only to find out what happened outside the mansion. After hearing the incident, he had nothing but admiration for Shi Sheng.

He had never met anyone as epic as she was in his whole life. 

Du Gu Yi was not the only person feeling this way. Everyone in the Bai He County heard about this incident within the span of lunchtime. 

All of them rushed to the Ruan Mansion to look at the most epic person in history.

Du Gu Xiu led his men to the Ruan Mansion personally. He ordered them to smash the gate directly when he saw the tightly shut gate.

However, they were bounced off the gate from an invincible force the moment they touched the gate. Let alone getting into the mansion, they could not even touch the gate.

Shi Sheng seized the opportunity of the male lead wasting his time outside to rescue those caught by him at the yamen.

The magistrate cowered at a side while holding his head. He did not even dare to take a big breath. 

Your Majesty, while you're prying her lair, she's here to save her people. You should come back now! 

They were all her staff. Shi Sheng gave them their salary and asked them to go home or find somewhere to hide. 

Shi Sheng glanced at the magistrate, who was shivering and swaggered out of the cell. 

By the time Du Gu Xiu received news about this, Shi Sheng was already back at the Ruan Mansion, making him go crazy from furiousness. 

He wanted to tear Shi Sheng into pieces.

"I don't care how, open the Ruan Mansion gate for me!"

Du Gu Xiu said that as he left in a rage. 

Those left behind looked at each other. How are they going to open this untraversable gate?

Du Gu Xiu went back to yamen. The magistrate was asking for forgiveness on his knees while trembling terribly. Du Gu Xiu shoved a kick at him and walked straight to the backyard. 

The magistrate just escaped the jaw of death stroking his chest in relief. He decided to resign. 

If he continued doing this, he would get killed sooner or later. He had embezzled a lot of money over the years, after all...

No, he could not just resign. He should just run away. 

The magistrate got up and ran to the backyard right away. 

Du Gu Xiu went back to his room and drank several cups of water, but it could not put out his anger.

"Your Majesty."

Du Gu Xiu jerked his head. The hostility in his eyes scared the person standing at the door. 

He lowered his head and eased his expression when he saw clearly who that person was. "Ah Hua, why are you here?"

Su Hua went in hesitantly. Initially, she wanted to ask about Ruan Xiao Yang, but she did not dare after observing Du Gu Xiu's expression. She suggested carefully, "Your Majesty hasn't eaten, right? Do you want to try my roasted duck at Zui Xian Lou?"

She was not scared of Du Gu Xiu previously when he was staying at her place. But for some reason, she could feel an unsettling aura from Du Gu Xiu.

"Sure." Du Gu Xiu eased up and nodded. 

Zui Xian Lou was the restaurant Su Hua rented after the Ruan Family. She roasted the duck personally for Du Gu Xiu. After he ate the roasted duck with Su Hua, he felt much better. 

"Ah Hua, come to the capital with me this time." Du Gu Xiu looked at Su Hua.

Su Hua's hand that was rolling the duck meat stunned, she looked at Du Gu Xiu with shock, "going back to the capital with you?"

Du Gu Xiu nodded. 

"But..." Su Hua put down the meat in her hand, asked slightly anxious, "how can I go back with you?"

Du Gu Xiu seemed like he was into her, but he never confessed her feelings. Their relationship was still ambiguous. 

Who was she if she followed him back to the capital?

She did not want to be one of Du Gu Xiu's concubines. She wanted to be his one and only.

"Ah Hua," Du Gu Xiu held Su Hua's hand and with a bit of strength, he pulled her to sit next to him. Embracing her in his arms, with  a trace of love flowing under his eyes, "I'll marry you."

Su Hua blushed, but she gathered the courage to ask, "Is Your Majesty confessing your love to me?"

Du Gu Xiu scraped her nose lightly, "what do you think?"

"How should I feel about this sort of thing?" Su Hua puffed her face, slightly displeased. Her delicate lips were beaming with an alluring glow.

With the beauty in Du Gu Xiu's arms, he could not bear it and kissed Su Hua's lips out of the blue.

Su Hua was caught off guard by the kiss until she felt coolness on her body. She came to the realization, panicked and reached out to resist Du Gu Xiu. 

"Your Majesty... wait, Du Gu Xiu..." Su Hua grabbed his hand that was wandering all over her body.

Du Gu Xiu buried his head in her chest. The moist hot breath made Su Hua's body weak. She leaned on Du Gu Xiu and said softly, "Du Gu Xiu, no."

Du Gu Xiu moved up slowly and bit her earlobe, "Ah Hua, I'll marry you."

Su Hua panted, "Du Gu Xiu, you can only have me as yours."

Du Gu Xiu muttered vaguely and swept everything on the table off and put her in the table. 

Su Hua half willing and half unwillingly got all eaten up by Du Gu Xiu in the room.