Since Du Gu Xiu started going out with Su Hua, she had been ordered to stay at the courthouse. Du Gu Xiu had Su Hua to handle those stores seized from the Ruan Family. 

The Bai He villagers were somehow unhappy with how they used their positions for personal gains. Especially the merchants that were eyeing the stores. 

If anything happened to the Ruan Family, her stores would be confiscated and resold to the merchants as the courthouse could not operate them. It would be advantageous for them, so they had to keep an eye out. 

But now, Miss Ruan was still young and fine, yet the regent gave her store to Su Hua. How could they not be unhappy about it? 

But it could not help that Su Hua was in the regent's favor at the moment. All they could do was name-calling her at her back. 


The Ruan Mansion

Qiu Shui was the first to hear the news. She rushed to find Shi Sheng right after she heard it, "Miss, the regent has crossed the line."

How could he give Su Hua the stores when her Miss is still alive and doing fine! 

"Just give them to her if she wants them." Shi Sheng replied nonchalantly. 

"Miss!" Can you be a little concerned? Now the mansion was surrounded by the army, and the stores were gone. 

Shi Sheng waved her hand at her, "you don't have to care about this. Go eat well and sleep well. Look at your dark circles. Go take a rest."

Qiu Shui wanted to cry. 

There's no way she could sleep in peace.

Lives are at stake!

Shi Sheng disappeared in Qiu Shui's sight as she did not want to listen to her nagging. 

Du Gu Xiu's concubine selection was over, but it was because of Shi Sheng. He ordered his men to send the ladies to the capital, along with Ding Xiang, who attempted to commit suicide. 

As for He Ting, he was locked up in the He Mansion by his family. He was completely isolated from the outside. He only knew about the outside occasionally from his servants.

When he heard that Du Gu Xiu was dating Su Hua, He Ting drowned his sorrows in alcohol every day, he was totally dejected. 

The Su Family naturally knew that Su Hua had got herself involved with Du Gu Xiu, coming to Su Hua multiple times and causing a lot of chaos. 

One of the most severe incidents was when Mother Su slapped Du Gu Xiu, saying that she was being ungrateful, causing Du Gu Xiu to almost kill her on the spot. In the end, she was able to escape due to Su Hua stopping him.

Su Hua decided to break off the relationship with her family due to that incident as well. She also paid them handsomely to buy her sister from them.

The Su Family really stopped looking for Su Hua when they got the money. 

Su Hua was someone who wanted to be wealthy, so she still wanted to continue her businesses after the male lead promised to marry her.

After getting the stores from the Ruan Family, Su Hua immediately began to operate all sorts of businesses. 

From food & beverages to fashion to jewellery, she was quick to win the hearts of Bai He Village maidens.

Su Hua's businesses were doing well, and with regent behind her, no one dared to look for trouble for her. 

Du Gu Xiu could not do anything to Shi Sheng, so he seized Ruan Family's property using the official name and gave them to Su Hua.

In the end, the Ruan Family was left with the mansion. 

Du Gu Yi, the guest was getting fidgety and began to hang out in front of Shi Sheng all day long.

"Ruan Xiao Yang, you're now penniless. Yet you still have the mood for sunbathing?"

"What else can I do?" Shi Sheng switched to a more comfortable position. 

"Aren't you very arrogant? GO get them back!" Du Gu Yi slapped the table next to him.

Shi Sheng raised hand, the wind brushed her hair, "you just want to see Du Gu Xiu and I get into a dog fight, right?"

"I'm not that kind of person, alright," Du Gu Yi refuted immediately, "I just want to watch the battle of wits and courage between you and Du Gu Xiu. This is more interesting than those in the capital that fight against each other secretly."

Those from the capital only fight in the dark, so it was hard to tell who did it. 

Unlike now, everyone knew it was she and Du Gu Xiu up against each other, but Du Gu Yi could not do anything about it. 

"You want to watch a show?" Shi Sheng sat up, looked at Du Gu Yi. 

Du Gu Yi nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

Shi Sheng stood up, said lightly, "let's go."


"To watch a show."

Du Gu Yi did not know Shi Sheng's definition of watching a show, but when he saw her about to step out of the main gate, he flinched a little.

He struggled for a while, quickly ran back to disguise himself and chased after Shi Sheng.

When he reached the main gate, Shi Sheng already got through Du Gu Yi's army with force and headed to the main street.

Du Gu Yi lowered his head and quickly went after her. 

"Where are we watching the show? What show is that?" Du Gu Yi looked around sneakily as if he was afraid that no one knew he was hiding something. 

Shi Sheng's lips curved, whispering in Du Gu Yi's ears, "welcome the regent princess."

Du Gu Yi unable to stand straight, "what did you say?"

"Are you deaf? you see a doctor if you're sick?"

"Cough cough..." Du Gu Yi choked on his saliva, patting his chest to calm down, "no, the regent princess? The one from Zehn Bei General?"

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "did Du Gu Xiu married Du Gu Yi wives?"

Du Gu Yi,"..." that's right, he only married one. 

Du Gu Yi did not walk far, and someone shoved a piece of paper at him. Du Gu Yi opened it surreptitiously, then he looked at the lady standing in front of him, bizarre. 

How did she know that the regent princess was coming?

Before Shi Sheng reached the main entrance of the courthouse, there was a crowd surrounding the place. When Shi Sheng walked towards them, those villagers made a path for her to walk through.


Shi Sheng heard a delicate chide and a crisp slap that came after the slap as she was approaching. 

In front of a glamorous carriage, a lady in fancy outfits and a slightly bulged stomach glared in a direction angrily. 

The person who stood in front of her was Su Hua,Du Gu Xiu was nowhere near to be found. 

Su Hua was slapped by someone without a good reason. She was burning with rage, "all I did was bump into your servant accidentally. I've already apologized; who gives you the right to slap me?"

"Who?" the lady raised her hand again. 

But before she could slap Su Hua, she suddenly raised her hand and pushed her away. 

The lady probably did not expect Su Hua to fight back and tripped and fall backwards directly. Her waist hit the carriage carried by the horses.

The lady's complexion turned pale, her body stunned here. 

 "Princess, princess..." her maids only then realized that went on and surrounded that lazy, screaming out their lungs, "someone, someone, call a doctor!"

"Petulant." Su Hua sneered, but when she saw the red liquid seeping out from the lady's dress. She looked flustered. 

She wanted to step up but was blocked by the other. 

The lady was helped to get on the carriage. Du Gu Xiu was straight away being arrested by the guards next to her,

"If anything happened to the princess. You're done!" the maid said to Su Hua viciously. 

Shi Sheng smiled with her hand supporting her chin. The lady was already a fourth month pregnant. It is evident to everyone except for Su Hua.

This is interesting. 

"Ruan Xiao Yang, stop laughing, or you might get into trouble." Du Gu Yi rubbed his arms.