The fetus inside the lady was gone. Du Gu Xiu came late. After listening to his underlings' report, he glanced at Su Hua and got into the carriage.

Su Hua opened her mouth and called Du Gu Xiu's name silently. 

He quickly got off the carriage with the lady in his arms. She grabbed onto Du Gu Xiu's sleeves, "Your Majesty, my child."

"Don't worry about it." Du Gu Xiu's tone was not considered gentle, but it was not cold as well.

"This is all my fault." the lady sobbed inconsolably.

Du Gu Xiu did not say a word and carried the lady towards the courthouse.

Shi Sheng could not understand. Wouldn't it be better to ride in the carriage instead of walking there?

Su Hua was forced to follow behind them.

The villagers followed them all the way to the courthouse and gossiping about the incident earlier. 

"They called her princess, right? Did the regent marry her?"

Bai He County was relatively remote, and winter just passed. Hence, they haven't caught up with the news.

"They did call her princess, and the regent even comes here to get her, so it must be true."

"Then what about Su Hua?"

"A vixen. She seduces the regent and now the princess here. She even took the princess' child life. Now she's done."

Shi Sheng exited the crowd slowly with her arms crossed.

"Ruan Xiao Yang," Du Gu Yi called her and caught up to her, "how did you know the princess is here?"

"I heard it from someone." Shi Sheng answered honestly.

"Who?" Du Gu Yi was curious. He only knew that a moment ago. How did she get the information earlier than him?

"I don't know." She really did not know. She heard it from a group of merchants while she went out earlier, saying that they met a group of people with guards from the imperial court, and there was a beautiful lady on it. 

She purposely took a look at the path the merchants mentioned. That's how she knew.

Now that Du Gu Xiu's wife is here. Su Hua is going to have a hard time. 


Su Hua had been locked up in a cell for several days. She had not met a single person other than the person that sent her food every day.

Early this morning, she was taken out and was spanked 20 times without reason. 

20 spanks were almost life-threatening for a lady like her. 

Su Hua, who was on the verge of dying, was carried back to her cell. She fainted from the pain, and when she woke up, her butt was in terrible pain.

Her tears rolled down uncontrollably. 

"Don't cry." a voice next to her spoke, and a pair of hands cradled her face, "I'm sorry, Ah Hua, making you go through this."

"Du Gu Xiu... " Su Hua's voice cracked, "that child..."

Is he really gone?

"I didn't know she's pregnant in the first place. I didn't push her on purpose. She slapped me first." Su Hua could not form coherent sentences. 

Du Gu Xiu leaned down and kissed Su Hua. She stopped crying from the kiss. The pain on her body seemed to disappear magically. She whimpered softly.

Until Du Gu Xiu let go of Su Hua, she then only grabbed his hand and questioned, "did you marry her?"

Du Gu Xiu stayed silent for a moment and nodded. He then quickly explained, "Ah Hua, don't worry, I don't like her. I'm going to divorce her after some time."

Du Gu Xiu then explained his situation to Su Hua. Although it was difficult for her to accept this, she did not hold on to it. 

Du Gu Xiu visited Su Hua every day and applied medicine for her personally. Whenever he applied medicine for her, he would also touch her. 

Su Hua was unable to move, so she could only let Du Gu Xiu do whatever he wanted. 

"Du Gu Xiu, can you apply the medicine properly!" Su Hua lay on her back with her face flushed.

Du Gu Xiu's finger stopped on Su Hua's private part. He leaned down and blew in Su Hua's ear, "doesn't Ah Hua like this?"

Su Hua blushed even more. She tugged the blanket and wrapped it around her, "I'm fine now. You don't have to apply medicine for me."

"You're already fine?" Du Gu Xiu raised his eyebrows at Su Hua.

"Yes, I'm fine." Su Hua quickly shook her head, 

"Since you're fine..." Du Gu Xiu dragged his last word and rolled into the bed. He stripped Su Hua's clothes off in her shriek. 

A pale face lady listened to what went on in the cell.

"Princess, taking care of your body is more important." The maid that held her reminded her softly. 

The lady hooked up a cold smile and left.


While Su Hua was not in her shops, Shi Sheng brought her servants from the Ruan Mansion to chase the staff out of the stores and beat up those that did not want to leave. Instead of doing business, she was whacking up the shops to the ground. 

The news of Shi Sheng destroying the shops was quick to reach Su Hua and Du Gu Xiu's ears. Su Hua could only face her herself as Du Gu Xiu could not get away from his princess.

By the time Du Gu Xiu rushed there, Shi Sheng was destroying the last shop. 

"Ruan Xiao Yang, what are you doing! Stop now!" Du Gu Xiu squeezed through the crowd, seeing her devastated shop, and screamed at Shi Sheng, "Ruan Xiao Yang, who gives you the right to destroy my shop!"

"Your shop?"Shi Sheng looked at Su Hua with amusement, "do you have the deed of this shop?"

Did you really think that the store is yours just because Su Hua gave it to you?

Shi Sheng waved the deed, "it's written in black and white that these stores belong to the Ruan Family. So if I want to smash my own shop it is none of your business!"

"These stores were seized and confiscated, so they aren't yours anymore." Su Hua responded loudly.

Shi Sheng sneered, looked at Su Hua with absolute calmness, "who does Du Gu Xiu think he is? Think that he can seize my properties?"

"Ruan Xiao Yang, don't ignore the law and disrespect the royalty!"

Shi Sheng smiled widely, "beat me up then."

I feel like I just got a level up for being scum.

Ai, this is what happens when you're a beauty.

[...] what the Host is proud of? What's so great about being scum!  

"You..." Su Hua pointed at Shi Sheng. Her face was turning green from rage. 

She looked at the wrecked store behind her and looked at the arrogant and cocky Shi Sheng. She wanted to choke Shi Sheng to death at the moment. 

How could she trample on the fruits of her labor like that?

Su Hua forced herself not to cry, "Ruan Xiao Yang, you and I cannot exist at the same place!"

"Welcome to be one of my enemies." Shi Sheng spread her hands, "but you have to queue. There's a lot out there trying to kill me."

Su Hua: "..."

Shi Sheng waved her hand to signal her people to leave with her. The crowd made way for them as if they were avoiding a plague. 

Su Hua glared at Shi Sheng's back hatefully and gnashed her teeth, "Ruan Xiao Yang."

Su Hua went back to the courthouse gloomy. Right when she arrived, she was summoned by the princess.

The princess sat on the main seat, sipping her tea gracefully. 

She did not say a word for 10 minutes while Su Hua stood in the middle. She then opened her mouth slowly, "if you want to serve His Majesty, you need to learn the rules. You can't act like a countryside girl and disgrace His Majesty."