The incident of Shi Sheng smashing the stores made the villagers in Bai He County realise that they should not mess with the Miss from the Ruan Family.

If you want her stores, she had no problem giving them to you. 

Just wait until you reopen the store; she would bring her men and destroy the stores without a word. 

They did not dare to mess with someone with such a rough style. 

While Shi Sheng had fun smashing the stores, Qiu Shui, on the other hand, her heart was aching in extreme pain, "Miss, those are our stores."

You destroyed them without much consideration. Have you thought of Old Master's feelings?

"..." Shi Sheng stayed silent. Qiu Shui was about to activate her nagging mode. Why did she keep meeting people like this? "Qiu Shui, I'm hungry, can you make me something to eat?"

Qiu Shui weirdly said, "didn't you just eat?"

"I've been using a lot of stamina lately." because I'm trying to get rid of you. 

Qiu Shui bowed, "please wait for a moment, Miss."

Qiu Shui exited the room. Du Gu Yi looked inside the room sneakily and saw no one was inside before he slipped in, "Ruan Xiao Yang, Ruan Xiao Yang."

Shi Sheng looked at Du Gu Yi, and he chuckled, "I have good news for you."

"Your good news is not necessarily good news for me." Shi Sheng said rhythmically. 

Du Gu Yi winked at Shi Sheng, "It's really good news, do you want to know?"

Ask me!

Ask me, and I'll tell you.

Shi Sheng remained silent. 

Du Gu Yi could not hold it in, "the Emperor sent an inspector here."

"How is that good news?" The Emperor was a weakling. What's the use of sending an inspector?

Du Gu Yi gave Shi Sheng a 'you don't understand this' look. He shook his head and said, "let me ask you, do you know who the inspector he sent is? He's the man who became the senior minister in the palace in merely a few months, He Qing. This man, tsk tsk, is utterly capable. Even now, the Emperor listened to him almost all the time. And I heard that he's from Bai He County."

Shi Sheng: "..."

He Qing that retard is coming for his demise! 

Du Gu Yi told everything that He Qing did in the capital, about him battling the wits and courage with Du Gu XIu in the imperial court, fighting for military force, until he could write a novel about it. 


The source of Du Gu Yi was a mystery as Shi Sheng had not seen him had contact with anyone. 

As a prince who survived until the finale, it was logical that he must be pretty powerful secretly. 

He pretended to be scared of Du Gu XIu, but Shi Sheng never saw an ounce of fear in his eyes. He even dared to watch Du Gu XIu's drama.

Shi Sheng did not wholly trust Du Gu Yi's news, so she went out of the Ruan Mansion at night, alone. 

She flew out of the Bai He County on her sword. 

The moment she left Bai He County, she could see some torches shining brightly on the way to Bai He County. 

Several figures were hurrying in Bai He County's direction. 

Shi Sheng stopped on top of them for a few seconds, and they stopped moving as well. It seemed like they were looking up at her. 

Shi Sheng flew down to them directly on her sword. 

The leader was He Qing. 

He Qing still looked as frail as he was. He was so slender until he could get blown away by the wind. 

"Aiya," He Qing was vexed, "I purposely came here in advance. How did you still know about this?"

Shi Sheng squinted her eyes, "just who are you?"

"Me?" He remained with a smile on his face but the smile matching his complexion and the fire behind him, felt rather creepy, "I'm Mu Bai."

"Never heard of that name."

Mu Bai...

He used his real name in the previous dimension.

The corner of Mu Bai's lips stiffened for a moment. I'm so mad. How can she not know who I am?

But he was a gentleman, he could not lose his temper. Hence, He Qing remained smiling, "it's okay, now you've heard it."

"Your goal."

"Isn't my purpose clear to you?" Mu Bai smiled as if he was facing a partner he was about to enter into a partnership with.

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows, "killing me?"

Mu Bai smiled and did not answer as tacit confirmation.

"Do you have a vendetta against the person that came up with this system or me?"

Mu Bai held up a finger, "I can only answer one question at a time."

He backed off a few steps, "our battle has just begun, Shi Sheng. I know you are a conscientious person, but everyone makes mistakes, even the best, and we still have a lot of time ahead."

He suddenly drew the sword of one of the men behind him and slit his throat without blinking an eye.

Although he did not want to die as all his efforts from earlier were all wasted, it's better to die now. 

The light in Mu Bai's eyes disappeared slowly as he smiled creepily. His body slowly fell into the bush next to him.

Shi Sheng: "..."

Look at how decisive you are until I don't want to torment you! 

Those who left behind bit their tongues one by one after Mu Bai's fall.

Alright, Mu Bai it is!

You've got my attention! 

Shi Sheng wandered back to Bai He County slowly. 

The news of the inspector's tragic death spread to Baihe County soon enough. Everyone was bizarre by the fact that this inspector committed suicide. 

Everyone in Bai He County was puzzled by the way he died. 

Why did he commit suicide when he was about to her Bai He County?

The only person who was happy about his death was Du Gu XIu. This person that suddenly showed up was hard to deal with. It did not matter how he died. The point is, he's now dead. 

Du Gu XIu did rush back to the capital with his ladies without batting an eye at Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng stood on the tallest restaurant, watching Du Gu XIu and his people left, "Du Gu Yi, do you want to become the Emperor?"

"Nope." Du Gu Yi ate and drank happily at the side. 

"Princes that don't wish to become the Emperor are not good princes." Shi Sheng turned around.

"Can you make me the Emperor?" Du Gu Yi took a mouthful of the thigh. His mouth was all greasy, and quickly complained, "Ruan Xiao Yang, there's a limit in bragging. I know you're powerful, but only in Bai He County. The capital is not something you can handle."

Shi Sheng looked away silently. This retard is not suitable to be the Emperor. 

"Who else in the capital want to start a revolution?" Shi Sheng sat opposite Du Gu Yi.

Du Gu Yi thought about it, without answering her question, "do you really want to start a revolution?"

Shi Sheng looked solemn, "do I look like I'm joking to you?"

Du Gu Yi glanced at Shi Sheng carefully for a few seconds, then nodded with certainty, "Yes."

Shi Sheng tossed a wine glass at Du Gu Yi, and he dodged, yelled unhappily, "Hey, don't use violence!"

Using violence just because they're in disagreement. What kind of lady is she?

Shi Sheng went to take another wine glass, Du Gu Yi immediately called her to stop, "Marquis Yong Le always wanted to start a revolution, but he has too little military power in his hands to start anything."

Marquis Yong Le was the first princess' husband. He was Du Gu Yi's senior but Du Gu XIu's peer.