The first thing that Du Gu Xiu did after returning to the capital was to get rid of Mu Bai's men. 

Without Mu Bai, the Emperor was no match for Du Gu Xiu. He was soon placed under house arrest by Du Gu Xiu.

Du Gu Xiu probably did not want to end up with a name of being a rebellion, so he did not overthrow the Emperor directly. 

Su Hua was married into the regent's palace, and the princess had been tormenting her in different ways. 

In the original plot, without Mu Bai's interference, Du Gu Xiu did not need to marry the princess for the military support from General Zhen Bei. Naturally, the rivalry between Su Hua and the princess would not exist in the first place.

Su Hua wanted to return to Bai He County, but every time Du Gu Xiu would detain her using his affection for her. The fact that she would go back to Su Family after being sold twice proved that she was a soft-hearted person. 

Whenever Du Gu Xiu told Su Hua about his difficulties, Su Hua's defence would meltdown. 

Thanks to plot armor, although the princess tried to kill Su Hua several times, she failed.

Su Hua had also learnt about the palace war in the shortest time. 

Du Gu Xiu, in the end, became the person with the most power in the world with the help of General Zhen Bei. He murdered the Emperor secretly and left a fake edict that declared Du Gu Xiu to be the next Emperor.

Many knew that this was an inside job, but those displeased with this did not dare to put their lives at risk since everything had already happened. 

Du Gu Xiu became the Emperor successfully. 

There came the problem of declaring the Empress. 

The princess, General Zhen Bei's daughter and was his first wife, naturally should be declared the Empress. 

But Du Gu Xiu wanted to make Su Hua the Empress. 

After facing many ministers' opposition, especially General Zhen Bei, Du Gu Xiu had to declare the princess as the Empress while Su Hua was a mere concubine.

This was when Su Hua realized that following Du Gu Xiu back to the capital was a mistake. 

"Sister, don't be sad." a teenager patted Su Hua's back. "His Majesty only has you at heart. Even if she's the Empress, she's no competition to you for His Majesty's love."

Su Hua forced out a smile, grabbed Su Sister's hand, "I'm fine."

Su Sister looked somewhat similar to Su Hua. She was around 1Su Hua, looking somewhat childlike, yet she was charming when she smiled. 

"Sister, His Majesty said that he'll rest at your palace tonight."

Su Hua's smile was brighter than before. 

Du Gu Xiu came in surrounded by his men, and Su Hua was already done showering and putting on makeup. She was looking radiant. 

Du Gu Xiu did not care about the other and carried Su Hua up in bridal style and headed to the bed. 

The others read the room and left. 

After a round of tossing and turning on the bed, Su Hua leaned on Du Gu Xiu's chest, "I want to go back to Bai He County."

Du Gu Xiu frowned, "Why?"

There was a woman that he hated there. He wanted to get rid of her once his side at the capital was stabilized. 

"I want to take something back."

"We have everything here. Just order the servants to buy for you if you want everything." Du Gu Xiu's hand roamed around Su Hua's body, "don't go back to Bai He County. I don't feel safe about there."

Su Hua was unhappy. She pushed Du Gu Xiu away and lay down with her back at him. 

"Alright, I'll let you go back." Du Gu Xiu turned Su Hua back to face him, "but you have to make me happy."

Su Hua pinched Du Gu Xiu, rolled over and sat on him.


It's been more than a year since Su Hua went back to Bai He County, and Bai He County had changed a lot.

As soon as she entered, the first thing she saw was a signboard of the Ruan Family. 

The whole street was almost filled with Ruan Family's shops. 

Su Hua learnt from someone that now the 80% of the stores in Bai He County, not to mention the nearby lands, all belonged to the Ruan Family. 

Shi Sheng was the bachelorette that a lot of people wanted to marry at the moment. People would come in waves to court her, but she had no intention of marrying anyone.