Su Hua's carriage entered the Bai He County and was greeted by the newly appointed magistrate. 

Naturally, Su Hua would stay at the county courthouse. The ostentation was enviable. 

No one knew that Su Hua would turn into a superior imperial concubine. Those maidens that did not get chosen were beating their chests and stamping their feet in regret. If they were married into the palace, they might be the ones that came back in glory. 

Many envied Su Hua.

Su Hua was somewhat proud about this. Weren't they the ones that looked down on her?

Yet how they have to bow to her, kneeling in front of her. 

Su Hua wanted to go back to Bai He Village, and the magistrate immediately made the arrangements for her. 

Bai He Village had not changed much since she left. 

"Who's planting these fields?" Su Hua pointed at the paddy fields that were growing well, asking the magistrate who was following her outside. 

The magistrate lowered his head and answered carefully, "Your Majesty, they're planted by the Ruan Family."

Su Hua frowned. Is Ruan Xiao Yang again. 

"Did the Bai He Villagers rent these lands and plant them?"

"Your Majesty, no. The Ruan Family hired workers to plant them." The magistrate knew about the feud between Su Hua and Ruan Xiao Yang, so he was full of apprehension.

What is Her Majesty thinking about?

When Su Hua reached Bai He Village, the villagers did seem to like her very well, but they could only bury the disdain deep in their hearts due to the disparity in status. 

However, Su Hua was a sensitive person. She could feel their unhappiness at her. 

Su Hua was confused. She helped them rent the Li Family's lands before she left, and the rental was lower than the Ruan Family. Why are they still disliking her?

Su Hua only learnt that the Li Family raised the rental after she left the village, and the rent was 10% higher than the Ruan Family. These tenants signed the contract for a few years, so they had been suffering all this time. 

"Summon Li Long Sheng to see me." Su Hua ordered the magistrate.

"Yes, Your Majesty." the magistrate responded right away.

On their way out, they saw another carriage was coming in another direction. The magistrate's mouth twitched when he saw that. 

Are they trying to cause trouble?!

This lady had not been out all year long. Why did she suddenly come out?

The magistrate had someone to stop Shi Sheng's carriage. 

Qiu Shui lifted the curtain to see the magistrate. She got off the carriage and bowed respectfully, "Sir, what's the matter?"

"Where's your Miss going?" The magistrate looked at the carriage. 

"The weather has been warm lately. Miss wanted to stay at the manor in the village for some time to prevent sunstroke." 

The magistrate quickly thought about it. The Ruan Family would definitely run into Su Hua's carriage when they passed by Bai He Village. 

"Cough cough... Can you ask your Miss to come in a couple days?" The magistrate was afraid of Shi Sheng too, after getting her treatment. The way he ordered was more like discussing. 

"Why?" Qiu Shui did not understand. 

It was hard to convince Miss to go out. If they were to go back now, she would not be pleased. 

The magistrate, "..." can he say that Su Hua was in front?

Shi Sheng was getting impatient in the carriage, she opened the carriage, "What are you dawdling about? It's getting dark!"

"Miss Ruan," the magistrate quickly rushed forward. 

"Lord Zhou," Shi Sheng greeted simply, "why is the road blocked? Are you not letting me through?"

"No, no..." the magistrate was sweating bullets.

Shi Sheng knew that Su Hua came back. This female lead only got to be an imperial concubine instead of the queen still had the guts to come back and show off. 

"Get out of the way."

"Miss Ruan ..."

The magistrate wimped out the moment Shi Sheng glared at him and ordered his men to let her through. 

The carriage travelled past him slowly. Shi Sheng ordered her coachman to go to the village with another path. 

"Miss, are you tired? Would you like to take a rest?" Qiu Shui carried her baggage into the manor while asking Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng leaned against the carriage and shook her head. Qiu Shui also stopped asking and directed the servants to set up the items. 

By the time she finished, Shi Sheng was gone and could not be found in the manor. 

Qiu Shui knew that Qiu Shui would always go to the mountain behind the manor. Sometimes she would stay there for a day, sometimes for a few hours. Hence, when she confirmed that she was not in the estate, she sent someone to the mountain and made sure that she was there, then Qiu Shui would stop worrying. 

The spiritual energy was better in the mountains. Shi Sheng felt more comfortable staying there. 

She stayed until noon of the next day, and when she returned, there were many strangers in her manor. 

Shi Sheng: "..." What's all this fuss?

"Miss!" Qiu Shui rushed out from a corner frantically and complained angrily, "Su Hua insisted on staying in our manor."

Awesome, heroine. 

Why don't you fly to the sky while you're at it?

Yesterday, Su Hua brought her people to the manor not long after Shi Sheng left, insisting on staying here. Qiu Shui could not help it even if they disagreed. 

The imperial guards who came with Su Hua were highly skilled in martial arts, so the servants at the manor were defeated in a couple of blows.

They even chased them out.

"Where's she?"

"In there." Qiu Shui pointed at the manor. 

Shi Sheng headed towards the manor while Qiu Shui followed behind her with confidence. She was not the same Qiu Shui as before. Her Miss could go toe to toe with a regent before. Why would she be scared of Su Hua?


The imperial guards stopped Shi Sheng, "Lan Concubine is using the manor, those..."

The imperial guard was sent flying away before he could finish his sentence. 

The imperial guards instantly surrounded Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng defeated these small fries in minutes. Su Hua heard the commotion and went out. 

Su Hua hated Shi Sheng to the bones, she chided right away, "Ruan Xiao Yang, do you want to die?"

Shi Sheng kicked the last imperial guard away, turned around and smiled, "Yeah, I don't want to live anymore."

Su Hua looked at the imperial guards on the ground with disdain. These people are so useless. 

Su Hua thought that now she was a concubine, Ruan Xiao Yang would not dare to do anything to her, but she forgot that Shi Sheng was someone who dared to oppose the regent. She would not stop just because she was the Emperor's concubine. 

So when Shi Sheng threw out Su Hua and her people, they did not even have a chance to resist. 

"Ruan Xiao Yang, do you even respect the laws and the royalty!" Su Hua's fancy palace clothes were dirty, and her hair was in a mess, looking like a shrew. 

"This is not the first day I disrespected the laws anyway," Shi Sheng stood at the manor gate, looked at Su Hua with a smile, "Su Hua, if you dare to provoke me again, I will kill you."

This is not the first day I disrespected the laws! 

This sentence sounded as arrogant as it could be. 

A chill sent down Su Hua's spine. She swayed back a few steps and fell to the ground with her head hitting on the stones on the ground, blood flowed out instantly. 

"Your Majesty ..."