The news of Su Hua getting thrown out of the manor by Shi Sheng somehow spread to Bai He County. When Su Hua went back to Bai He county, people had been gossiping about it. 

Su Hua's temperament had changed a long time ago. After getting provoked by Shi Sheng today, she flew into a rage out of humiliation and ordered her guards to beat up some people. 

Most people would change their temperament according to their situation, and the same happened to Su Hua.

She was already unhappy that she was not Du Gu Xiu's only wife, and she had to share him with another woman.

Some more, her status was clearly higher than Shi Sheng, but in the end, she was the one that got schooled by Shi Sheng. There was no way she could accept that. 

However, she could not do anything about Shi Sheng.

"Your Majesty, someone is looking for you."

"No." Su Hua answered with annoyance. 

The servant stood at the door, hesitated for a moment and reported softly, "they say they're your parents."

"I said no!"

She already broke off their relationship a long time ago. They were no parents to her. 

The word of Su Hua ignoring her parents after she became successful soon spread in the Bai He County, making Su Hua furious.

In the end, Su Hua could not stand the pestering of her parents and returned to the capital resentfully. 

Initially, she wanted to go back to her hometown in glory, yet it turned out this way. 

However, what Su Hua did not know was that she had to face an even crueller truth when she returned. 

Her sister was declared a concubine and was pregnant while she was away.

"I'm so sorry, sister," Su Sister kneeled on the floor, her childlike face full of guilt, "His Majesty... had mistaken me as you, I... I couldn't break free from him. I'm so sorry, sister."

Su Hua looked at her and sneered. Is this how she repays her for saving her from the Su Family?

"Get out, get out!" Su Hua lost control. 

Su Sister looked at Su Hua with teary eyes, "sister..."

When Su Hua saw her face, she could see the way she was lying under Du Gu Xiu. She grabbed something next to her and smashed at Su Sister. 

In the end, Su Sister's maid had to drag her away forcefully. 

Su Sister kneeled at Su Hua's palace, and no one would persuade her to leave until she passed out, and Du Gu Xiu had to send her back to her palace. 

Du Gu Xiu went to see Su Hua with a dark face, "Su Hua, why did you become like this? She's your sister, and she has a child in her."

Su Hua's face turned black, "should I congratulate her for stealing my man? Du Gu Xiu, did you remember what you promised me?"

He said that when he became the Emperor, she would be his one and only. 

But now, he was getting more and more concubines. Every time his throne was not secure, he would use the excuse of could not refuse the ministers and kept those women around and dotted on them.

"But she's your sister. I thought that she was you, that's why..." Du Gu Xiu's expression was complicated.

"He..." Su Hua laughed grimly. 

The laugh probably triggered Du Gu Xiu. He went up and grabbed Su Hua's chin and forced her to look at him, "I only have you in my heart. What else do you want? I am the Emperor. I can't help it, can't you understand me?"

Su Hua brushed Du Gu Xiu away rebelliously, her eyes full of disgust, "Don't touch me."

Du Gu Xiu looked at his hand blankly for a few seconds. Rage rose up in his eyes, "Su Hua."

Su Hua glared back at him coldly. 

Du Gu Xiu sniggered, grabbed Su Hua's hand and threw her onto the bed, dismissing her scream and resistance and did her hard several times until she passed out. He then only let her go. 

Su  Sister would show up in front of Su Hua once in a while to flaunt Du Gu Xiu's care for her. 

When Su Sister was about to give birth, she and Su Hua fought, and Su Hua shoved her, causing the baby to be born prematurely and was a stillborn baby. 

This time Du Gu Xiu was truly enraged and punished Su Hua severely. 

When Su Hua was down and out, someone dropped a stone on her. The Empress had someone to disfigure her. The Empress had General Zhen Bei backing her up, so even if Du Gu Xiu knew who did this to Su Hua, he could only pretend not to know. 

Du Gu Xiu had been tolerating her for a long time after being disfigured, coupled with her violent temper. 

He had someone send her to Bai He County after she went crazy and made another concubine miscarry. 

Returning to Bai He County once again, Su Hua was not as glorious as she was previously. She only had an old lady to serve her this time. 

Although Du Gu Xiu had given enough money, they were stolen by the old lady after realizing that Su Hua was not mentally clear. She sent her to Bai He County and ran away with the money. 


"Miss, look down there. Doesn't she look like Su Hua?" Qiu Shui grabbed Shi Sheng's arms and pointed at a lady surrounded by a crowd.

Shi Sheng leaned against the window. That was indeed her. 

Can't believe she got disfigured. The palace was really a terrible place. 

Su Hua was dressed well, but half of her face was destroyed, looking rather hideous. 

Someone recognized her, and the news of Su Hua returning to Bai He County spread quickly from mouth to mouth. The spectators were getting more as time passed. 

Qiu Shui asked curiously, "Miss, how did Su Hua end up like this?"

The last time she came back with glory, it had only been a few months. What happened?

"Who knows?" Shi Sheng turned around to go back inside. At the same time, someone knocked on the door. 

Qiu Shui went to open the door right away. 

A man around the age of 30 stood outside dressed in fancy clothes. He smiled and nodded politely, "Miss Qiu Shui."

Qiu Shui turned sideways, "Miss is waiting for you."

The man signalled the person behind him and entered the room alone. Qiu Shui left the room and closed the room on her way out. 

"Qiu Shui." the person wen up to Qiu Shui, "Why did your Miss look for Marquis? Is it..."

"I have no idea about this." Even if she did, she would not say anything.

"We're on the same boat now. Qiu Shui, you don't have to be so defensive, right?" The man was a little sad. 

Qiu Shui rolled her eyes at the man, "We're not on the same boat with you."

Her Miss did not care to work with you. 

Qiu Shui, who worshipped Shi Sheng blindly, turned her head and ignored the man. 

The man who failed to snoop around for information went back to his team dismally. 

After standing for a while, he could not help but went up to Qiu Shui and chatted with her.

Qiu Shui got very annoyed, but he was not aware of that and kept talking until the door was opened again. Qiu Shui entered the room straight without a word.