"Miss Ruan, are you really not going to consider the proposal I offered?" Marquis Yong Le asked again, hoping for a yes.

"Marquis, don't try to gain what you can't afford to lose." Shi Sheng said as she glanced at him. 

Marquis Yong Le laughed softly, "I still know when to give up. Since Miss Ruan declined, let's pretend that I never mentioned that. We can still be friends."

Marquis Yong Le bowed at Shi Sheng, "Miss Ruan, I'll meet you in the capital, goodbye."

An intelligent person knew who he could mess with and who he could not. 

As Marquis Yong Le was leaving with his men, the man that chatted with Qiu Shui turned around and winked at her. 

Qiu Shui completely ignored him, "Miss, what did Marquis Yong Le tell you?"

What does the last sentence mean?

"He asked me to marry him."

"Marquis Yong Le is quite old." Qiu Shui immediately blurted. 

Shi Sheng: "..." You're focusing on the whole point. 

Is his age the issue?

She did not even think about marriage. Feng Ci was not here. She was not going to marry anyone else! 

Shi Sheng went downstairs and saw someone taking Su Hua away.

"It's someone from the Li Family." Qiu Shui ran over to look and reported to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng looked at Su Hua getting dragged away by them and smiled insincerely. 

A few days later, she heard about Su Hua again from Qiu Shui's gossip.

Su Hua was tortured by Li Hong Hong in various ways, basically living in hell. 

Shi Sheng was getting ready to go to the capital, so naturally did not have time for gossip. 

She went to the capital alone. 

She saw Du Gu Yi  holding a pretty lady the moment she entered the capital.

Du Gu Yi  did not pay attention to Shi Sheng as he passed by her. He was talking to that lady.

 Until that night, Du Gu Yi  only sneaked to her windows. 

"Ruan Xiao Yang! Open up the window!" Du Gu Yi  tapped the window lightly. 

Shi Sheng opened the window, "climbing to a maiden's window in the middle of the night, Nan Ping King is pretty feisty."

Du Gu Yi  filtered that automatically, "Ruan Xiao Yang, what are you doing here?"

"None of your business."

"Tell me!" Du Gu Yi  climbed into the room, "I heard that something's going on at Marquis Yong Le's side. Are you guys going to start a revolution?"

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows, "why, are you regretting now?"

"Why would I regret it? I really don't care about the throne." Du Gu Yi  sighed, "but I'm born in a royal family."

"What do you want from me?"

Du Gu Yi  looked around and lowered his voice, "I'll help you. After it's done, help me tell Marquis Yong Le to let me leave the capital. I want to travel around the world."

"Isn't it easy for you to leave?" This man was capable of that. Du Gu Xiu's men did not even notice that he stayed at Bai He County for such a long time previously. 

Du Gu Xiu turned gloomy, "you won't understand the dread that knowing someone is plotting against you all the time."

Shi Sheng,"..." oh, I understand that feeling very well. Tons of retards are plotting against me. 

Du Gu Yi  had a city defense map and information that outsiders did not know. 

Shi Sheng initially planned to start a revolution with violent force, but she did not have to, with Du Gu Yi 's help.

Shi Sheng did not even have to show herself. Marquis Yong Le could settle it all by himself. 

Marquis Yong Le was not like Du Gu Xiu. He did not care about his reputation as long as he could ascend to the throne. 

When the palace was under attack,  Du Gu Xiu had a great plan of escaping with his people in a path that few knew. 

However, when they reached the exit, they realized someone was already there waiting for them. The torches lit up gradually and illuminated the whole area. 

Du Gu Xiu saw the person waiting in front of him. 

A lady's soothing voice rang in the dark night.

"Du Gu Xiu, long time no see."

The only thing that came up in Du Gu Xiu's mind was not about losing his glory and wealth, but it was this phrase that this lady said to him once, "I can call the world whatever I want it to be called."

Du Gu Xiu was unaware that Marquis Yong Le had been plotting for this revolution in secret for more than a year. By the time he found out, everything was too late. 

Du Gu Xiu looked at the girl in front of her. 

She did not change much from a few years ago, still as calm and rational as before. Those eyes never fluctuate.

As for them...

Something had changed long ago.


Marquis Yong Le ascended to the throne and changed the reign title to Chang Le.

Du Gu Xiu was imprisoned for the rest of his life in the palace, guarding the imperial tombs. 

Du Gu Yi  faked his death, changed his name and left the capital, travelled around the world. 

Although Marquis Yong Le did not bother about trifles, he was a good Emperor.

Bai He County was made independent and was not under anyone's jurisdiction. Shi Sheng became its king by occupying most of the lands. She became the wealthiest landlord in Bai He County. 

She even took care of every woman in Bai He County. 

No bandits would show up in Bai He County, and the tenants were living a better life than other places, causing many people to envy and want to move there. 

The only thing the Bai He Villagers could not understand was why this landlord bachelorette did not marry anyone and did not have any man around her. 

Shi Sheng died of old age at the end and returned to the system space.

The moment Shi Sheng stood straight, System questioned. 

[Host, what did the male and female leads do to you?] she just had to kill them.  

"I don't like them." Shi Sheng walked to the front of the screen, "do I need a reason to dislike them?"

[...] that's a fair point. 

When you don't like someone, it doesn't matter what they do. You're just going to hate it. It's filling the holes with all sorts of insensible stuff. 

Hold on, it's being misguided by Host.

[You can't dislike every male lead and female lead, right?] 

"I'm a stepmother character, so disliking them is a norm." Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. 

[...] what a stubborn Host.  

Shi Sheng lowered her head to look at the patch she fixed. 

The system was already exploited.

Good job, Mu Bai. 

Shi Sheng told System not to nag her for staying in space for a long time and wait for her to fix the patch before refreshing her profile. 

Name: Shi Sheng

Personality: -25800

Health: 45

Accumulated Points: 43000

Mission grade: A

Mission rating: 89

Sidequest: Not completed

Sidequest reward: None

Tools bar: 'Queen's Crown', 'Heart of the Ghost King', 'Dark Night'

Shi Sheng glanced silently at the personality column. 

Shi Sheng sighed and asked, "Is there any information about Mu Bai in the database?"

[...] I'm not a search engine; just because you want to check that doesn't mean I'll have the data, [searching...]

System began to search in its database uncontrollably. 

I'm so mad! 

Master! I'm infected! 

[No matching data found. Do you want to switch to different keywords?]

Who is Mu Bai?

Master, why are you outside for so long and let this weird thing in.

Shi Sheng looked at System as if it was a retard, "next dimension."

[Transmission begins ...]