"Tick... tick..."

Shi Sheng could only hear this noise, drip by drip. It seemed relatively empty. 

Her body was cold, and her limbs were numb. It was quite difficult for her to open her eyes. 

The outmoded ceiling with cracks entered her vision. The blinding white light pierced her eyes until it was painful, causing her to have double vision, and she was getting dizzy. 

"Tick... tick... tick..."

Shi Sheng turned her head slightly, and water immediately drowned the side of her face. She quickly turned around again to prevent the tragedy of being drowned to death. 

She was lying in a bathtub with her entire body submerged in water. Her hand rested on the outside, and it was precisely the source of the ticking sounds.

Her wrist felt numb with a hint of pain.

Shi Sheng tried to raise her hand and saw a hideous scar with fresh blood dripping down right in front of her eyes. Outside the bathtub was full of blood. 

Shi Sheng,"..."

She's killing herself!

Shi Sheng could feel that she was losing her life and turned around to see her phone resting on the sink next to her. 

Shi Sheng squeezed her bleeding wrist and grabbed a towel next to her to stop the bleeding. 

She rose from the bathtub while supported on it and moved to the sink with difficulty. 

Shi Sheng had been pressing on the phone for some time, but it did not react. 

Shi Sheng,"..." is it out of battery? Or broken?

Shi Sheng panting and swayed out of the bathroom with her phone in her hand. 

The room outside was not large, around ten square meters. It can be told within a glance that it was a single apartment. 

Shi Sheng headed in the direction of a table, and it was messy, filled with her laptop, snacks, all sorts of books and papers.

Shi Sheng could not find her charger after searching for it for a long time. 

She was exhausted and slumped to a chair, panting heavily.

Shi Sheng stopped the bleeding first as she could not find the charger. As she was looking for bandages to wrap the wound, she found her charger under a pile of clothes that had not been washed for a long time.

Shi Sheng wrapped up her wound and charged her phone. She turned on the phone after a few minutes of charging it. 

Before she could open the menu, the phone rang non-stop until it crashed and turned off by itself. 

Shi Sheng,"..." this is epic!

This time Shi Sheng could not turn on the phone at all.

Without speaking a word, Shi Sheng threw the phone away and decided to be self-reliant. 

The bleeding was stopped, and her body had not reached its limit. She could still stand for a while. Shi Sheng looked for the items in the space for some time, but she could not find anything useful.

Her body did not have spiritual energy, so she would probably die faster if she ate those foods. 

Shi Sheng took a jacket and wore it, took out the original host's wallet and headed out. 

Outside was a living room, with two rooms. Shi Sheng glanced over and headed in the direction of the entrance. 

Outside the door was an old corridor, the cement on the wall was peeling off. The floor was wet and dirty, piles of sundries stacked at the corner. You can even see the rats running in the darker corners. 

Shi Sheng,"..." host, what kind of life are you living?! 

This old building did not have a lift, so Shi Sheng could only walk downstairs. She could see the outside after she reached the ground floor, it was dark, and nothing could be seen clearly. 

There was an iron door on the ground floor. Shi Sheng tried to pull it open, she could not. The door was locked.

What the ****?!

An unfortunate lady could get drowned in a teacup. 

Where's my sword! 

"Xiao Yi? Are you heading out?" a mellow voice called her, scaring Shi Sheng almost took out her sword and slashed at it. 

With a "Pak" sound, the lamps in the hallway lit up, and Shi Sheng saw an old lady draped in a jacket, looking at her with a kind and friendly face under the dim light. 

"Did you forget your keys? Wait for a while. I'll help you get it, so you don't have to go back again." The old lady went back inside the house as she said that and came out in a jiffy with a set of keys.

The old lady said as she opened the door, "it's so nice to be a youth, so full of energy, still can go out so late at night. Unlike us, old people."

Shi Sheng did not respond. She did not know anything at the moment. 

The old lady's vision was not good, and she took some time to open the door. 

"Go ahead, tell me when you're back, and I'll open the door for you."

"Thanks." Shi Sheng slightly raised her head and stepped out. 

The old lady smiled, "be careful."

This neighborhood was quite big to be an old neighborhood. Shi Sheng walked and stopped intermittently, trying to find a place to call the cops/ 

Shi Sheng only saw a store that opened for 24 hours after she exited the neighborhood. She headed over there and made a call. The boss seemed to know her. 

"Xiao Yi? What's going on? You look so pale." The boss came out from her store and held Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng replied, "I'm not feeling well."

"Why are you not feeling well? Don't move. I'll send you to the hospital." the boss said as she closed her store. 

Shi Sheng did not say anything. It looks like the original host is quite popular!  

The boss sent Shi Sheng to the hospital and paid for the bills. 

Shi Sheng only had time to receive the plot after she was administered to the ward.

This is a boy love dimension. 

The original host's called Xin Yi. She was an orphan. Her parents left her a house from that neighborhood that she came out of. 

The people from the neighborhood took pity on her and would help her out from time to time. 

When Xin Yi went to college, she renovated the house and rented two of the rooms. 

One of the tenants was the bottom male lead, Xie Yan. 

Xie Yan was an author. He wrote boy love novels online. It was one of the trending novels. After one of his novels went on trending, he was considered as a god-tier boy love author.

After he moved to Xin Yi's place, he was attracted to her and always cared for her. 

They had an ambiguous relationship. Their neighbors would tease them from time to time, and Xie Yan did not refute. 

Xin Yi was shy and did not dare to confess her feelings, so Xie Yan admitted his feelings to her, and both of them became official.

However, everything changed after the top male lead's appearance. 

Nie Cheng showed up in Xie Yan's world by moving next to him. Initially, Xin Yi did not think of anything strange, just that Xie Yan and Nie Cheng knew each other. 

After that, whenever she and Xie Yan went on a date, Nie Cheng would show up intentionally or otherwise.

After Nie Cheng showed up too many times, Xin Yi was unhappy about that and complained to Xie Yan. But Xie Yan just brushed it off. 

Until Xin Yi saw them kissing.

Xin Yi wanted to break up with Xie Yan, but Xie Yan found out that Nie Cheng was having affairs with his ex and did not want to be with him anymore, so he begged Xin Yi to stay.

Saying that Nie Cheng forced him to be with him. He did not want to be Nie Cheng.

That time Nie Cheng did move away, so Xin Yi believed Xie Yan. 

Then her tragedy began to happen.

She was constantly being pestered by strange men and was photographed and uploaded to the school forum, saying that she was a woman of loose morals that had illicit relationships with many men.

Seeing that she was about to graduate, her college expelled her. Even the internship that she interviewed for rejected her with the excuse that she was not suitable for them.

While Xin Yi's life was in a mess, Xie Yan received a mysterious text saying that Xin Yi cheated on him.