Xie Yan went to question Xin Yi, and it turned into an argument, making Xie Yan slammed the door and left. 

Xin Yi received all kinds of harassing messages, causing her to slit her wrist for the first time. However, the people in the neighborhood discovered this and saved her. 

She found out that Xie Yan was sleeping with Nie Cheng when she returned from the position. These blows made her depressed.

Xie Yan probably felt guilty about it and took care of Xin Yi for some time. 

However, the harassing messages did not stop. Some even sent Xin Yi threatening messages. 

In the end, Xin Yi was overwhelmed and jumped off from her apartment rooftop. 

The time she was transmigrated here was when she cut her wrist for the first time. 

Shi Sheng was speechless. 

Is the original host retarded? 

How can she forgive her boyfriend for kissing another man?

Well, girls who are in love are retarded. She had no right to call her out.  

Everyone would think that their loved ones would change their minds, but that was not true. 

If they were meant to be together, nothing would change no matter how much you wished for it. 

The original host's wish was to find out who set her up and made them pay their price. 

And to break up with Xie Yan, dump him, more specifically. 

Nie Cheng was definitely behind the messages the original host received and the rumors at her school. 

Shi Sheng was willing to bet her sword on it. 

Her sword,"..." why am I getting shot for not doing anything?

When Shi Sheng was recuperating in the hospital, her neighbors would visit her and console her. 

They heard about the gossip too, but they knew what kind of person Xin Yi was, that she would not do something like that. 

Shi Sheng was discharged from the hospital after staying there for three days, with the care of her neighbors. 

Her stay in the hospital was exactly the same as the plot, so Xie Yan should be sleeping with Nie Cheng now. 

Shi Sheng was rather excited. It's the real-life version! 

She thanked the neighbors and rushed back home.

The main door was not locked. Shi Sheng could enter without her sword. 

The house was around Xiao YiShi ShengShi Sheng square meters, her room was smaller than Xie Yan and Nie Cheng's rooms. 

Shi Sheng heard some commotion from Xie Yan's room when she stepped in. 

The main door and room door were not closed for the purpose of the original host running into them. 

Shi Sheng approached the room door and peeped from the ajar door that Xie Yan was lying on the windowsill with Nie Cheng moving rapidly behind him. 

Shi Sheng took out the tablet that she got from hacking the system and turned on the video recording. This must be recorded in HD! 

Nie Cheng and Xie Yan changed their position at the right time, so Shi Sheng could get a clear frontal shot. 

Xie Yan looked clean, and people would know that he was the bottom. Nie Cheng, on the other hand, was tall and handsome, somewhat dominant.

Xie Yan still had the mood sleeping with Nie Cheng knowing that his girlfriend was admitted to the hospital. 

As for Nie Cheng?

He fought unfairly and pushed the bottom's girlfriend to the hands of the grim reaper. 

As a fellow scum, Shi Sheng felt like there was a lot for her to learn.

Shi Sheng looked at the time stamp of the recording. 

#talking about the top's durability#

It was almost half an hour! 

Did he not run out of energy?

In the room, Nie Cheng flipped Xie Yan over and put him onto his body. He held his hips and inserted his shaft into Xie Yan's body slowly. 

The change of position made Xie Yan slightly unbearable. Tears came out of the corner of his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Nie Cheng's neck and shook his head. 

"You want me to stop?" Nie Cheng asked softly. 

"Yes, please." Xie Yan's voice was teary. Clearly, he could not handle it. 

Nie Cheng inserted deeper, Xie Yan gasped loudly with his lags clamped tightly at Nie Cheng's slender waist. 

No matter how much Xie Yan begged Nie Cheng to stop, Nie Cheng had no intention of letting Xie Yan go.

It was over an hour.

Bravo, the top. 

Shi Sheng slithered back to her room quietly with her tablet. 

The original host wanted to dump Xie Yan with style. If she walked in now, she would fall right into Nie Cheng's trap. It was not worth it. 


Xie Yan and Nie Cheng stayed in the room for some time. Since the room soundproof was terrible, Shi Sheng heard Nie Cheng did Xie Yan a few times again. 

She gave a top like this Xiao YiShi ShengXiao Yi marks. He deserved it. 

In the end, Nie Cheng left because of a phone call. When he left, Xie Yan could not get down from the bed at all. There was a burning sensation at his back and bloodstain on the sheet. 

Shi Sheng pushed the door and walked in right when Xie Yan was changing the bedsheet. When he heard some noise, he immediately covered the bedsheet with his blanket. 

There was a strong odor in the room. Shi Sheng stood at the door side and did not go in. 

"...Xiao Yi... when did you come back?" Xie Yan's face was still flushed. He stammered out of guilt as he asked Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng glanced over him, "I just came back."

Xie Yan seemed relieved then apologized, "I'm sorry Xiao Yi, I didn't visit you at the hospital because I wasn't feeling well."

He glanced at Shi Sheng carefully, "it's my bad last time. I fought with you without clarifying the whole incident. I know Xiao Yi is not that kind of person, I'm sorry."

Shi Sheng smiled coldly and dodged the topic, "If you're not feeling well, then I should send you to the hospital."

The whole community knew that she tried to take her life by slitting her wrist, but Xie Yan did not mention a word about it. 

"No... it's okay... I just needed some rest." Xie Yan quickly shook his head. He gasped lightly as he might've accidentally jerked his body. Scaring that Shi Sheng might see that, he quickly covered up, "Xiao Yi... can you make me food?"

Shi Sheng smiled, "sure."

The previous disgusting heroines and male leads are no match to him. Look at how shameless he is. 

If you want me to cook for you, you better finish it. Or not, I'll beat you to death.  

Shi Sheng went out to buy a bowl of porridge and took it back to the kitchen. She then poured a whole bottle of salt inside. 

Shi Sheng served the porridge with a smile, "faster, eat while it's hot."

Xie Yan was too guilty to look Shi Sheng in her eyes, so he did not see Shi Sheng's sinister smile. 

He put a spoonful of porridge in his mouth and spat out the next second. The saltiness stung his tongue. 

"Why? Is it bad?"

"Xiao Yi... How much salt did you put in?"

"I put some sugar for you." Shi Sheng put the bowl of porridge in front of him, fed a spoonful of porridge with a faint smile, "you shouldn't eat other foods while you're sick. So bear with it."

The way Shi Sheng fed him was very forceful, but Xie Yan's bottom was too painful until he was not wearing pants. He did not dare to move too much, fear that Shi Sheng might see what was under the blanket, so he had to eat that terrible porridge that did not taste like porridge at all. 

Shi Sheng was smiling the whole time as if she did not know that inside was full of salt. 

By the time Xie Yan finished the porridge, his mouth was numb. 

"You should rest now. I'll cook porridge for you again tomorrow."

Xie Yan's eyes widened, and he shook his head. He did not want to eat that porridge anymore. 

But Shi Sheng ignored him and left with the bowl.