Shi Sheng went back to her room and felt gloomy looking at the messy room.

The original host loved cleaning, but after she was harassed, she was dazzled and distracted, causing her to stop cleaning up. 

When she transmigrated here, her room was like a garbage pile. 

Shi Sheng went to the bathroom. Since the original host was a girl, she moved the washroom next to her room, while Xie Yan and Nie Cheng shared the bathroom in the master bedroom. 

The bloodstain on the bathroom floor turned black, emitting an unpleasant odor. Shi Sheng could not stand that and found someone online to clean it up.

She realized that the original host was dirt poor when she was paying the cleaning lady.

All her money was used on the medical and hospital bills, only left with a few cents in her card.

The cleaning lady looked at Shi Sheng with suspicion, Shi Sheng answered awkwardly, "Miss, please follow me down to collect your wage."

The lady did not say a word but probably was scornful in her heart. 

No money still wants to hire someone to clean up her place. It's not even a big house. What a baby. 

Shi Sheng could not help that she basically did not have other survival techniques other than those that kept her from starving to death. 

Shi Sheng borrowed money from the grocery store boss. She was concerned about her health and shoved 1000 dollars at her, telling her to buy something healthy, and she could take her time to pay her back. 

Shi Sheng grabbed the 1000 dollars, feeling bizarrely touching. She was this poor until she needed to borrow money.

Shi Sheng thanked the boss and went back to her place. When she got to the door, she saw Nie Cheng carrying big and small bags about to open the door. Shi Sheng could see an ointment in one of the plastic bags. 

Nie Cheng opened the door and went in without even looking at her. 


The sound of the door shutting made the windows vibrate. 

Well done, top. Dare to be this arrogant in front of the official girlfriend!

Nie Cheng's household seemed to be pretty wealthy. If she chased Xie Yan out, Nie Cheng would be the one reaping the benefits.

By letting Xie Yan stay here, she did not have to travel a long way just to watch them.

Shi Sheng walked back to her room slowly. Someone knocked on the door right when she sat in front of her study table.

Nie Cheng stood outside with a dark face.


"Where's the pot?" Nie Cheng asked coldly. 

Nie Cheng was about to cook something for Xie Yan, but he could not find the pot.

"How'd I know? Do I look like I eat pots?" Shi Sheng rolled her eyes and slammed the door in his face.

What kind of mental illness he had until he came here looking for a pot. 

Nie Cheng was slapped in the face by the wind of the door closing. He looked at the somewhat old door and had not snapped back for a moment. 

Did she just yell at him? And slammed the door in front of him?

Nie Cheng wanted to knock on the door again, but he feared that Xie Yan could come out, so he gave in and went out to buy a pot. 

As a perfect top, he had to have some cooking skills. Shi Sheng could smell the tempting smell of his cooking.

Shi Sheng pouted and turned on her laptop. The desktop was messy too, and its speed was worse. 

This girl was penniless! 

Shi Sheng noticed some folders did not have a name. Instead, it was a random bunch of alphabets. 

Shi Sheng clicked in and saw two image folders, one was something similar to an account book and dairy, and the other was ...  a novel.

The images were the original host with Xie Yan, and some had Nie Cheng in them. They were either watching a movie or having a meal. 

Whenever the original host tried to take a photo with Xie Yan, Nie Cheng would show up, intentionally or not, resulting in an awkward picture of the three of them. 

The account book recorded how much the original host spent daily, even the bus tickets.

Shi Sheng traced back the record and saw three somewhat large amounts. 

One of them was a laptop, 6000+. However, Shi Sheng did not find that laptop brand at the original host's place.

The other was 3000, just that transaction without a description. 

The last one was 5000, it was a phone. Like before, Shi Sheng did not see that phone around. 

Shi Sheng recalled and matched up with the timeline, respectively. She knew where these items went. 

The original host gifted them to Xie Yan.

Shi Sheng,"..." this idiot.

The last folder was...

Shi Sheng clicked open and see, there were seven novels. 

Five of them had a title while the other did not. 

Those five with a title should belong to Xie Yan. 

Shi Sheng thought that the original host was just keeping her boyfriend's script, but when she opened the text file, she noticed a vast difference between these two texts.

Shi Sheng opened a browser and searched for Xie Yan's author name - Yan Ye Zhi.

Many pirated versions popped out in the search engine, and Shi Sheng found the legit website. She clicked into the author profile and one novel with the title "Shen Shou*". It was a boy love novel. The bottom was a divine beast, and the top was a friar.

The title of this novel had the same pronunciation as 'a bottom divine*', which matched the theme very well. 

* 神兽 - Shen Shou; 神受 - a bottom divine

The latest chapter was updated a week ago. 

Shi Sheng compared it with the original host's script. Parts that had been modified were matched with the latest chapter. 

Shi Sheng,"..." I may have found out something incredible. 

The original host edited Xie Yan's novel?  

Shi Sheng read Xie Yan's earlier works, and they were vastly different. Even if Xie Yan was improving, everyone had their unique rhetorical techniques. 

Xie Yan's rhetorical techniques from his previous novels were obviously different from his later works. 

One of Xie Yan's trending novels "Jiao Zi En Chong", a modern aristocratic tyrannical novel. It was updated around the period Xie Yan moved into Xin Yi's place.

However, Shi Sheng did not find something like this in the original host's memory. It seemed like the original host forgot about them. 

Shi Sheng scanned through the other two novels. One of them was a thriller novel, it had already ended, only with 150,000 words, and it was inscribed with Xin Yi's name. 

Shi Sheng read through this 150,000-word novel. The writing was beautiful, the plot was interestingly excellent, the relationships between the characters were complex yet not confusing, and they were interlocked with each other. 

This could definitely fetch a good price.

Xin Yi's writing skills and plot construction were excellent. If she were to be a writer, her works would be successful. 

Shi Sheng did not know why Xin Yi wrote this novel, so she did not touch it. She kept it nicely. 

Since Xin Yi did not specify what to do with the novel, Shi Sheng would not do anything without her permission.

Shi Sheng was unsure if Xin Yi did or did not help to edit Xie Yan's novel. It could be possible that Xie Yan sent Xin Yithe edited version. So...

The next update would reveal if Xin Yi helped Xie Yan edit his work or not. 

Shi Sheng registered an author account at the same website as Xie Yan. She would not give up the opportunity of digging a pit. 

Bringing every reader from the world down was her ambitious dream. 

Digging Pit Sheng went online.