Shi Sheng spent a whole night finishing the outline of her novel and managed to squeeze the first three chapters to upload to the website.

Shi Sheng yawned and got up from the chair, stretched her back and sighed. I'm so poor!

She looked at her phone, which was still charging. 

After hesitating for a few seconds, Shi Sheng unplugged the phone and held down the on-off button.

At first, she thought the phone could not be turned on, but the screen lit up quickly. Naturally, it was still very laggy. At least the phone did not hang. 

Shi Sheng waited for a moment before reading the messages. It was no different from the original host's memory. They were berating her for being shameless or threatening her, or they photoshopped her photos.

Xin Yi was just a young lady, of course she would be frightened by these. 

Shi Sheng scanned through them, and another few messages popped in again. 

Shi Sheng shook her head and picked out the card and threw it away. She waited to go out and get a new sim card. 

Does this girl not know how to change her sim card?

Shi Sheng had not slept at all last night. By the time she woke up, it was already noon. She could hear noises coming from the living room. Shi Sheng sat for a while before getting up in her slippers and opened her room door to look out. 

Nie Cheng was cooking something in the kitchen. It smelled nice. 

Shi Sheng pouted, and recalled that she had not eaten in some time. She changed her clothes, getting ready to go out to eat.

"Xiao Yi."

As Shi Sheng was heading out, Xie Yan called out from behind. He held onto the door. It could be him unable to move as he wished, he looked like he was in pain. 

Shi Sheng looked over, and he quickly squeezed out a smile, "You haven't eaten, right? Do you want to eat together?"

Nie Cheng, who heard them from the kitchen, walked out with a dark face, glaring at Shi Sheng with disdain. 

"No need." as Shi Sheng pushed open the door. She would not have the appetite to eat with these two. 

Xie Yan trembled as the door was slammed with a loud 'piang'. He looked at Nie Cheng, seeing that he was looking unhappy, quickly explained, "she's just a girl... I..."

Nie Cheng sneered, "she already cheated on you. Why are you still defending her?"

"Xiao Yi is not that kind of person." Xie Yan refuted. 

Nie Cheng took two steps forward, cradled Xie Yan's chin and kissed him dominatingly. After he was done, he said gloomily, "remember that you're mine now."

Nie Cheng turned around and headed back to the kitchen after he finished while Xie Yan stood there until Nie Cheng called him to eat. 

Shi Sheng came back after finishing her meal and getting a new sim card, and Nie Cheng and Xie Yan were still eating. 

Both of them were sitting very close to each other. Xie Yan's face was flushed, while Nie Cheng's hand was under the table. When Shi Sheng walked in right when Xie Yan moaned. 

Nie Cheng looked at Shi Sheng provokingly, as if he was showing off. Xie Yan lowered his head with his lips bitten tightly. 

Shi Sheng was grossed out by them. 


You can do whatever you want in your room, but don't do it in the living room.  

Shi Sheng returned to her room disgusted. I should chase them out as soon as possible, so my eyes won’t be tainted.  


Shi Sheng turned on her laptop, and there was a notification prompting her that she could get a book deal. 

Shi Sheng added the editor as a friend according to the notification. 

Before Shi Sheng finished typing, the editor sent her a message.

Hua Yue Que: send me your synopsis. 


Hua Yue Que:...

I really don't want to talk to someone with this username. 

Shi Sheng dug out her synopsis and sent them. 

As the editor was reading her synopsis, Shi Sheng searched for her name on the website but could not find any. 

Did she send it from the back-end? Could she be fake? She probably was a new editor. 

Hua Yue Que: who's the heroine?

Ancestor: Yan Nian Nian.

Hua Yue Que:...

She did not know what they was doing. It took them a while to reply. 

Hua Yue Que: change the synopsis and send it back to me before 5pm. 

Shi Sheng did not see any problem with her synopsis. 

Ancestor: why do I need to change? I think the settings are pretty good. 

Ancestor: Where do you think is no good? 

Ancestor: say something! 

Shi Sheng closed the chatbox. Are new editors this cold? This is too much! 

I think it is better if I change to a new editor.

She immediately changed her settings by abandoning that novel with three chapters. 

Luckily, she was full of ideas, so she was not scared that she could not submit a script. 

As Shi Sheng was busy writing her scripts, Nie Cheng and Xie Yan were busy bonding. 

Shi Sheng went out to post the contract. When she returned, she only saw Xie Yan sat in the living room with his laptop in front of him. 

"Xiao Yi, you're back." Xie Yan raised his head and greeted her with a smile. 

How dare he flirt with another guy in front of her yet still could greet her like nothing happened. 

He must have thought that the heroine liked him so much until she would forgive him for everything. He must think that she was a retard that did not know anything.

Shi Sheng really admired this bottom. 

Shi Sheng glanced over his laptop. It was the same brand that the heroine recorded in her accounts book. 

"Hmm." Shi Sheng shifted her glance, changed her shoes and entered the living room. 

"Have you eaten?" Xie Yan asked thoughtfully. 

Shi Sheng responded without an emotion," yep."

Xie Yan replied with an oh, and the room went back to silence. When he saw that Shi Sheng was entering her room, Xie Yan quickly asked, "Xiao Yi, can you let me check my new chapter?"

"I'm busy." I'd rather dig my own grave than help you edit your script. 

Shi Sheng entered her room, leaving Xie Yan standing there awkwardly. 

Xie Yan only realized something was wrong at this moment. 

Shi Sheng finished her script, logged in to the webpage to see Xie Yan had uploaded a new chapter. Shi Sheng clicked into the latest chapter. 

It indeed was vastly different from the previous chapters and very similar to his earlier works. 

This retarded heroine! 

The readers also noticed something was off with Xie Yan's latest chapter. But since the plot did not change much, they only took it as the author was in a bad mood. 

Right after Shi Sheng updated a new chapter, the Hua Yue Que messaged her again. 

Hua Yue Que: have you changed your synopsis?

Ancestor: Nope, I'm not gonna write this novel anymore. 

Go ahead and be so picky. You're not the only one picky here. I can be picky too.  

Hua Yue Que:...

Hua Yue Que stopped messaging her, and Shi Sheng straight away blocked her. 

Shi Sheng was quick, and her speed of updating was faster than those ongoing novels. Her editor, Meng Zi, asked her not to update this fast or her work would not get to the recommended tab. 

Meng Zi: Ancestor, why did you update so many chapters in a day? I just submitted your request to be on the recommended tab. Stop updating so quickly! 

Meng Zi: Ancestor, are you there?

Ancestor: I'm waiting for my novel to get to the shelf. I'm penniless. 

Shi Sheng was still in debt, and she could not activate her capital and collect cash illegally. 

She wanted to sell her stuff from space, but she found out that it was difficult to sell things in this dimension. She needed to have a legit platform, with all sorts of certificates. Her items did not have any certifications, and she did not have any legal means. Unless it was someone she was close with, it would be tough to sell them.

Meng Zi:...

The editor was probably going mad from anger. 

However, Shi Sheng's plot was incredible, and her writing style was good. The editor had high expectations for her. Hence, even if Shi Sheng was updating her novel like mad, the editor still helped her get various recommendations.