Meng Zi did not have a lot of writers on hand, let alone good writers. Shu used up almost all her recommendation slots on Shi Sheng.

If an editor used her recommendation slots rightly, she could have recommended an excellent writer.

Shi Sheng's life was getting better while Xie Yan had been miserable. Some readers could not accept the sudden change in writing style and caused them to stop reading his novel. 

Xie Yan was haggard until he did not want to meet Nie Cheng.

He hesitated for a long time and decided to find Shi Sheng.

"Xiao Yi."

Xie Yan knocked on Shi Sheng's door for about one minute before Shi Sheng opened the door for him.


"We haven't gone out for a movie together for some time. I've bought the tickets. Do you want to watch it together?"

"Nie Cheng didn't want to go with you?"

"Xiao Yi, I'm only friends with Nie Cheng, don't misunderstand us." Xie Yan immediately shook his head to justify, "didn't I explain to you what happened last time? It's just an accident, you need to trust me, Xiao Yi."


Can't believe he could say that after sleeping with him.

Xie Yan raised the tickets to Shi Sheng's, "Xiao Yi, look, this is the movie you wanted to watch. Want to see it with me?"

Who wants to watch a movie with you! 


Shi Sheng slammed the door without a word. 

Xie Yan was shut outside the door. He knocked on the door again after some time. 

Shi Sheng did not react to his knocking, so Xie Yan called him, but he found out that her number was unavailable. 

"Xiao Yi, open the door!"

"Xiao Yi!"

"Xin Yi, open the door, let's talk."

Xie Yan sounded exasperated at the end. Nie Cheng had been clinging on to Xie Yan around this period of time. Although he was living with Shi Sheng, they did not have many interactions. 

Shi Sheng did not have time to care about him. The most important thing now was to earn money, then chase these two out of the house. 

The first day Shi Sheng's work was published, she already reached the top Xiao YiShi Sheng sales. The top ten sales were 10,000 soft girl coins.

She rocketed to the top three by the third day. 

Shi Sheng's first month's manuscript fee was 100,000 dollars. 

However, after her first manuscript fee, the readers noticed the author's updating speed had significantly decreased. She even stopped uploading new chapters at the end. 

Shi Sheng stopped writing novels after she got her paycheck. She straight away went to investment. 

Meng Zi: Ancestor, you haven't updated for three days! When are you updating! 

Ancestor: when I have time. 

Meng Zi: weren't you penniless?

Ancestor: ←_←, not anymore. 

It was true that she had money now. Although she was no millionaire, she still had money. She did not have to eat dirt anymore. 

Meng Zi:...

Why did she stop updating such a good novel! She had been updating so rapidly before. Just when she was about to publish a god-tier work, Shi Sheng decided to stop uploading. 

Meng Zi fainted in the toilet from rage. 


Since Shi Sheng got money now, she immediately returned the boss - Sister Hong's money. 

"Don't worry about it. You can use them first." Siter Hong was scared that Shi Sheng would not have money after she returned her money. 

"I have money." Shi Sheng put the money at Sister Hong's counter, "thanks, Sister Hong!"

Sister Hong shook her head, "this kid," she turned around, packed a few bags of snacks and gave them to her, "take them. Tell me if you need anything."

Shi Sheng took out fifty dollars from her pocket and put it on the counter, and rushed out with the bags of snacks. 

Sister Hong did not know how to react at the fifty dollar. She was giving her that free of charge. She did not want to sell her that. 

Shi Sheng ran too fast until she bumped into someone outside. 

She met with Nie Cheng's dark face when she looked up.

He suddenly grabbed Shi Sheng and pulled her to somewhere with no people. 

"Xin Yi, what have you been telling Xie Yan?" Nie Cheng questioned her harshly.

Xie Yan had not been picking up his calls and did not reply to his messages. Even his room was locked inside out. 

 Shi Sheng flung Nie Cheng's hand with force, "I didn't say anything to him."

Who knows what's up with your bottom? It could be his period. 

Nie Cheng threatened, "Xin Yi, you better break up with Xie Yan now. Or don't blame me for what's gonna happen!"

Shi Sheng sneered, "oh, are you going to use the same low tactics before?"

Nie Cheng frowned. 

How did she know? 

But the fact that she knew about this did not matter. 

"Glad that you know that. I can make you as miserable as I can with a few words."

Nie Cheng left in big steps after threatening her. 

Shi Sheng, "..." what a dominating chairman.

If you want to make me miserable, you need to have the capability to do so, retard! 

When Shi Sheng went back, Nie Cheng was on his way dragging Xie Yan out. They met at the stairway. 

Shi Sheng stood there. Initially, Nie Cheng was dragging Xie Yan, but when he saw her, he immediately wrapped Xie Yan in his arms. 

"Xiao Yi..." Xie Yan panicked and wanted to push Nie Cheng away. 

Nie Cheng lowered his head and whispered, "I'll kiss you in front of her if you struggle."

Xie Yan's body froze. 

Nie Cheng walked down with Xie Yan in his arms. 

Shi Sheng stood in the middle, and did not have the intention of moving aside. 

"Miss Xin, please move over."

"Where are you taking my boyfriend?" Shi Sheng asked with a smile. 

Nie Cheng answered without changing his expression, "it's a work-related matter."

"oh, work-related." Shi Sheng nodded. She moved to the side a bit. Nie Cheng thought that her tone was rather odd. When he was about to make a turn, she asked again slowly,"is sleeping together a work-related matter?"

"Xiao Yi, no..." Xie Yan looked up, quickly explained. 

However, before he could finish, Nie Cheng took over, "so what if it's?"

"Nothing," Shi Sheng shrugged, smiled mockingly, "remember don't overdo it, it's not good for your health."

Nie Cheng looked at her going up the stairs. He was feeling more bizarre. 

Why is her reaction so strange?

Xie Yan wanted to chase her, but Nie Cheng clamped him tightly in his arms. He could not move an inch. 

"Nie Cheng, what are you trying to do!" Xie Yan screamed out of frustration. His voice was so loud until the whole stairway was his echo. 

Nie Cheng did say a word and dragged him down forcefully. 


When Xie Yan came back with his legs weak, he noticed that his and Nie Cheng's luggage were outside the door. 

Xie Yan tried to open the door with his keys, but the door did not budge. 

Xie Yan knocked, and the door opened after his first knock. 

It seemed like Shi Sheng was waiting for his return. 

"Xiao Yi, what is the meaning of this?" Xie Yan questioned as he pointed at the luggage on the ground. 

"I'm evicting you." Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Xie Yan, "you didn't think that I'd still want you after you slept with another man, right?"

Xie Yan's face turned pale, and he explained hesitantly, "Nie Cheng was joking with you. We're really discussing some serious business."

Shi Sheng looked at Xie Yan's trembling legs, "it must be a real, serious business if you need to discuss it in bed."

"Xie Yan, are you mistreating Xiao Yi?" The next-door neighbor that had been eavesdropping could not help it, opened the door and came over aggressively, "I knew this Adonis is no good since the beginning. Xiao Yi, don't be afraid. I'll teach him a lesson for you."

Xie Yan quickly explained, "Uncle Qiang, I didn't, Xiao Yi misunderstood."