"Xiao Yi?" Uncle Qiang looked at Shi Sheng.

"He cheated." Shi Sheng replied faintly.

Uncle Qiang's expression changed, grabbing Xie Yan's by his collar and punching him in his face. 

"I hate two-minded people like you the most. " Uncle Qiang spat, "what's up with our Xiao Yi? Where did she wrong you?"

"Cough cough..." Xie Yan's face was numb from the punch, blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth, "Uncle Qiang... listen to my explanation."

"Listen to your explanation? Did Xiao Yi accuse you wrongly? People like you don't deserve our Xiao Yi." Uncle Qiang carried Xie Yan downstairs. 

The tenants from below heard the commotion and came up. They were asking what was going on when they saw Uncle Qiang carrying Xie Yan. 

"This brat cheated on Xiao Yi." Uncle Qiang snorted coldly. 

"What?" everyone was shocked. 

Uncle Qiang explained briefly, and the crowd glared angrily at Xie Yan. Some volunteered to get Xie Yan and Nie Cheng's luggage down. 

Since it was after working hours, the community was filled with people pointing and judging him. 

Shi Sheng followed behind the crowd, with the community comforting her. 

"Shi Sheng, don't be scared. We won't let him mistreat you."

"Xiao Yi, don't care about this kind of douche. You still have a long life ahead." Some were scared that Shi Sheng might do something stupid like last time. 

"Yes, I understand." Shi Sheng nodded obediently, "who hasn't met a few scums living in this world anyway."

The crowd was relieved to see that Shi Sheng did not have an extreme reaction. They were really scared that the same thing might occur. 

"Xiao Yi... Listen to me..." Xie Yan's voice came from the front. 

The men already carried Xie Yan to the neighborhood entrance and threw him out. His weak body was no match to the strongmen.  

Shi Sheng came out from her consoling women group, looked at the scoundrel Xie Yan, "Xie Yan, remember this! We didn't break up on a mutual term. I'm dumping you!"

"Well said, Xiao Yi."

The community behind her cheered. 

Xie Yan's face turned to embarrassment and shame,"Xiao Yi, do you have to be this cruel?"

"Pfft..." Shi Sheng could not hold it in and laugh for some time, "am I the cruel one here when you've been sleeping with other people in my house?"

I disagree with this logic! 

"You..." Xie Yan's face went pale instantly. 

"Am I not dumping you at the right moment? Now you don't have to separate from your new lover. You don't have to pretend anymore."

Xie Yan felt like he was stripped naked and being watched by a crowd. He felt humiliated from the bottom of his heart. 

They had at least dated before. Did she need to announce this to everyone?

As Xie Yan did not know what to do, Nie Cheng showed up at the right time as if a savior dawned upon him. 

Nie Cheng brought Xie Yan into his car and packed the luggage. "Xin Yi, you're going to regret this."

Shi Sheng,"..." what the ****! 

Didn't he tell her to break up with Xie Yan? Now she's breaking up with Xie Yan, yet he still has issues about this. If you're that great, why don't you rule the universe?! Retard! 

"Xiao Yi, don't feel sad. We have your back. Whoever that bullies you will have a hard time with us."

"That's right. it's not worth it for that kind of person."

"I'm fine, for real." Shi Sheng motioned a stop gesture, "thanks, guys. I'll buy everyone dinner."

Everyone saw that Shi Sheng was insisting on it and accept her offer, went to a nearby restaurant. 

However, when they were paying the bills, they were scared that Shi Sheng could not afford it and suggested paying for themselves. Making Shi Sheng used some effort to convince them not to. 

She could still afford to buy them a meal. 


Shi Sheng fell behind when they were on their way back to their neighborhood. As they entered the neighborhood, she saw the old lady that opened the door for her and was heading out swaying. 

This was Grandma Yang. She was quite close with Xin Yi.

"Grandma Yang, where are you going?" Shi Sheng asked her as she passed her. 

Grandma Yang was slightly deaf and could not hear her clearly," ah?"

Shi Sheng raised her voice, "I'm asking, where are you going?"

Grandma Yang heard it clear this time, "I'm going to pick up my grandson."

Shi Sheng was not a nosy person. Hence, she listened to Grandma Yang and sent her out of the neighborhood before leaving. 

Shi Sheng went back home and saw her laptop that did not shut up was filled with her editor's messages.

That broken laptop hung there.

Shi Sheng kept quiet. I should get a new laptop.

Shi Sheng rebooted the laptop, although it was still laggy, she could barely use it. Some of Meng Zi's messages disappeared from the lag, Shi Sheng could only see the ones rushing her for more chapters. 

Meng Zi probably saw Shi Sheng online, so she messaged her again. 

Meng Zi: how did you trigger Nie Cheng?

Nie Cheng? What?

Ancestor: ?

Meng Zi: Nie Cheng denied the recommendation requests and benefits that I submitted. 

Meng Zi: how did you offend the dark face Hades?

Shi Sheng then only recalled that Nie Cheng was the chief editor of the lady section...

This top male lead is epic. 

He must have seen her information as her sales were too eye-catching. The superiors must have seen it. 

Meng Zi: how did you make him mad? Ahhhhh

The editor seemed agitated. This was her first god-tier writer. Can't believe it was getting aborted. 

Shi Sheng's fingertips tapped on the keyboard, and a message popped out on the screen. 

Ancestor: must because I touched his man. 

Meng Zi: !

Followed by a few fear emojis. 

The information from that sentence was too much for Meng Zi to digest. 

Meng Zi: He indeed likes men?

Shi Sheng did not reply. Meng Zi kept bombarding her with messages.

Meng Zi: Do you know Nie Cheng in real life?

Meng Zi: there was a rumor that Nie Cheng was pretty with a man in the editorial department.

Meng Zi: Ancestor, don't pretend to be dead. I know you're here. Tell me, who is it?

Shi Sheng's mouth twitched as she read Meng Zi's messages. Is this the attitude that an editor should have?

Ancestor: aren't you scared that you'll get fired from gossiping about your superior?

Meng Zi: I'm not afraid of him. Tell me who Nie Cheng 's with?

A mere editor that did not fear the male lead. This is epic! She definitely has someone powerful behind her! 

Ancestor: Xie Yan

Meng Zi: !

Meng Zi liked to gossip about Nie Cheng. If she did not sound excited about this conversation, Shi Sheng suspected that she was in love with Nie Cheng.

And the truth was, Meng Zi was nosy about Nie Cheng's gossip and his relationship status. 

After the gossip, Meng Zi jumped to the topic of well boy love.

Meng Zi: our website is beginning to provide more support for boy love novels. 

The company definitely would head in the same direction as its gay superior. 

Sometimes Shi Sheng's novels did not even have a male lead. It was about a few women fighting together. Could not help it that her work was outstanding, so the readers love it. 

Should she write boy love novels?