Ancestor: it's useless for me to write anything if Nie Cheng's going to block me.

Nie Cheng was someone vengeful. Since he knew that she was on this site, there was no way he would let her survive.

Meng Zi: Give me a moment. 

Meng Zi: 266****6

Ancestor: ?

Why did she send her numbers?

Meng Zi: your work is excellent. Nie Cheng isn't that all mighty. If you add this number, it'll confirm that your novel flies into the sky. 

Shi Sheng's writings were completely a hobby. She used it to earn money because she was destitute. So when she had some money, she couldn't care less if her novel could get a contract or not. 

So Shi Sheng ignored this opportunity happily. 

Shi Sheng got offline and went to the living room for water. 

However, there was no water inside the water dispenser.

Xin Yi had been refilling the water when she was around, and Xie Yan only had been using it. 

Shi Sheng put her hands on her hips, blowing her fringes. I'm so thirsty! 

Shi Sheng went to the kitchen, getting ready to boil the water by herself. In the end, she could not find a kettle, and most importantly, there was no tap water. 

Shi Sheng,"..." ha ha ha! 

Shi Sheng went downstairs gloomily to buy water. Sister Hong's husband was in the store and chatted with Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng walked out of the store after she finished her water. There were no lights around the shop, so Shi Sheng quickly headed back to her apartment. 

She walked for a few steps and stopped, turning around to look at the opposite side of the street. 

It seemed like someone resembling Grandma Yang was standing under the unlit street lamp. 

Shi Sheng stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. She turned around and walked towards that figure. 

Grandma Yang stood under the lamp post with her neck sticking out, looking in a direction. 

"Grandma Yang."

Grandma Yang could hear Shi Sheng clearly as the surrounding was tranquil. She then turned around with a smile, "Xiao Yi."

"Grandma Yang, it is almost midnight." Shi Sheng pointed at her phone, "your grandson is not coming back. You should head back home."

The light from the cellphone screen reflected on Grandma Yang's vicissitudes face. There was a disappointment in the bottom of her eyes, "they must be busy."

Shi Sheng did not want to judge them,"let me send you back."

Grandma Yang looked around reluctantly, then nodded her head after a while, "fine, let's go."

Shi Sheng sent Grandma Yang back to her house. When she went upstairs, she could hear some movement on her floor. 

Shi Sheng slowed down her steps and walked up carefully, looking in from the corner of the stairs.

There were two people with a black beanie trying to open her house door. 

One of them had a knife in his phone.

If she was not delayed by Grandma Yang, she would be in the house by now. 

As Shi Sheng was lamenting about it, they already picked open the door and entered her house rapidly. 

Shi Sheng took out her phone and called the cops. 

Nothing will go wrong from calling the cops when something bad happens. 

After Shi Sheng called the cops, she only then went up, stood at the doorstep, waiting for the thieves to come out. 

After around two minutes, the thief with a knife stuck her head out. Before he could see the outside clearly, he was kicked right in the middle of his face. 

The thief was stomped back into the house. Shi Sheng opened the door and turned on the lights. One of the thieves who was a few steps away was shocked by this sudden change. 


When the cops arrived, Shi Sheng had already tied up the thieves. The siren woke everyone from the neighborhood up and quickly rushed there. 

Shi Sheng suspected that their intention was not merely stealing. 

However, both of them insisted that they were there to steal. 

Without proof, Shi Sheng could not say that they were trying to harm her. The police would assume that she was crazy.

The cops arrested the thieves and told her that they would inform her if there was any progress.

The community went back to their homes after comforting Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng placed a lot of defensive talismans after this incident. 

This Nie Cheng would be much crueller than she imagined. 

Shi Sheng would read the readers complaining under Xie Yan's novels daily. 

Although his writing style changed previously, the plot remained. Now that the story had changed as well, many expressed that they could not understand the story. 

Xie Yan said in the author dashboard that he was facing a breakup recently, so his conditions were not the best. 

After he poured out his grievances, the readers on the verge of the explosion started to feel sorry for Xie Yan. 

Meng Zi messaged her right when she left the page. 

Meng Zi: my favourite author had a breakup recently. His novels aren't good anymore. Hu hu hu, Ancestor, when are you going to update a new chapter?

Ancestor: Is your daily job scope chatting with me?

She wanted to get hired by such a good company. 

Speaking of going to work ...

Meng Zi: I chat with a lot of people. [image] [image] [image]

Meng Zi sent the screenshots of her with many others. Shi Sheng counted them, and there were at least a dozen of them. 

This lady is epic. 

Ancestor: Is your company hiring?

Meng Zi: why? Is your friend looking for a job?

Meng Zi replied in seconds. She did not know if she replied to her first, or if her speed was already that fast. 

Ancestor: I want to apply for a job and see if I can use my connections. 

The top male lead was there. She had to show up to disgust him. 

Meng Zi:...

Meng Zi: why become an editor when you're so good at writing? One month of your pay is more than an editor's annual salary. 

Ancestor: I want to experience the feeling of rushing others' scripts. 

Meng Zi: I can't believe that I'm speechless. 

Meng Zi: we're hiring now, but didn't you have a grudge with Nie Cheng? If you come here, wouldn't you tear each other's face off every day?

Ancestor: how can anyone live a life without tearing anyone's face off?

<b> [...] the host is talking nonsense again. Whenever I ask you to fight with someone, you would escape faster than anyone. 

Meng Zi:...

Is this author trying to set the world on fire?!

Meng Zi sent the recruiting information to Shi Sheng. If she was hired, she could rush face to face, which was more convenient. Ha ha ha, she was so clever.

Shi Sheng definitely did not expect Meng Zi to bear this intention when she sent her the information. 

Shi Sheng submitted a curriculum vitae according to the recruitment information. 

She had not graduated from college, so Shi Sheng did not have high hopes for it. However, she did receive an interview notice. 

The interview location was in the company. Shi Sheng arrived early to see that several other people came too. 

Some were fresh grads, some looked like they had been in the industry for some years. 

Shi Sheng as a greenhorn was naturally grouped with those without experience. 

There were three interviewers, and two walked in with Shi Sheng at the same time. Each was asked to explain their definition of online literature.

Those that passed would move on to the next round.

Shi Sheng passed that round with ease. The second round was an individual interview with different questions. 

Shi Sheng's question was to point out the novel with the potential to be a hit out of the three novels presented to her and explain why. 

Shi Sheng went up and complained about those novels, and the interviewer looked at Shi Sheng dumbfounded. 

We didn't ask you to come here to complain about the novels! 

"... I chose the third novel." Shi Sheng's tone changes, "the background settings are mature, and the characters' personality is distinctive... the plot is logical with no obvious loopholes..."