Nie Cheng and Xie Yan still stood while Shi Sheng held her leg, limping to the side.

The lady went back to her car reluctantly and left. 

"You..." Xie Yan probably wanted to go up to her, but he was tugged by Nie Cheng. Nie Cheng snorted coldly and pulled Xie Yan away.

These retards! 

Where's my sword?

Shi Sheng was furious and wanted to chase them, but her leg was injured, so she could only watch them leave. 

Just you wait.

Shi Sheng went to the hospital struggling to apply medicine. When she went back to her neighborhood, she was caught by Sister Hong. She thought that something terrible happened to her and talked to her for some time.

Shi Sheng escaped the clutches of the devil with great difficulty.

When she reached her home and did some cleanup, she lay on the bed for a while before coding. 


Shi Sheng was late on the second day because of her leg. The staff who waited for her lectured her until he saw her injured leg then only let her go. 

Three of them were led to the editorial department. This company's working hours started at ten, but they had to clock in at nine. They could do whatever they wanted for the first half-hour. 

The second half was for meetings. 

The editorial department was gathered in a place. Some were chatting, some were playing computer games, and some were having breakfast. There was no order. 

"Everyone settle down!" The person that led them clapped his hands, "they are the new editors. Let's get to know each other."

The editorial department, which was rowdy just now, immediately quieted down and looked at the door.

Those two came up one by one to introduce themselves. 

"I'm Anna. I graduated from... I've been working at... for four years. Glad to meet you all."

"I know her. She promoted An Xi. I didn't expect her to come here."

"I know her too... I heard that she's good..."

People started to talk about her softly right after Anna finished her introduction. Although they seemed to be whispering, yet the whole department could hear them. 

Anna seemed to be enjoying being touted and was complacent. She boasted about herself briefly before letting another person introduce herself. 

This lady was not as great as Anna, but her works were acknowledged by the others too. 

It was finally Shi Sheng's turn. 

Shi Sheng took a few steps forward and said two words calmly, "Xin Yi."

She did not say where she graduated from and where she worked at. Only her name. 

"They said that they're only hiring two. But this third one showed up out of nowhere. She must have taken the backdoor."

"I really don't understand why this company hired her."

"Just ignore her and do our work."

The editorial department assumed that Shi Sheng used her connection to get hired, but Shi Sheng did not do that. 

The person assigned the other two their job scope and looked at Shi Sheng. 

"Xin Yi, you are in charge of the boy love section. Alright?"

Boy love?

Trash male lead…

"Yeah, sure."

"There are empty seats over there. You can find your own seat wherever you want."

Anna and the other lady picked a slightly better spot with good lighting so Shi Sheng could only get the corner seat. 

They had another meeting at 9.30, so the three new editors were introduced again, naturally.

The person that hosted the meeting was the Assistant Chief Editor of the lady section. Nie Cheng was not there.

After the meeting, right after Shi Sheng, sat down. A lady rushed to the editorial department and scanned the whole department. She stopped on Anna and the other lady for a moment, then charged at Shi Sheng.

"Xin Yi, Xin Yi!"

She was too fast until Shi Sheng was caught off guard.

"Ahh, I finally got to meet you in person." The lady was too excited and was shaking her arms vigorously. She then stopped shaking and calmed down, "cough, cough, I'm Song Meng Zi."

"I know." Shi Sheng drew her arm back.

"How did you know?" Song Meng Zi's eyes widened. 

"From your voice." Song Meng Zi called her before. 

Song Meng Zi pouted, "this is no fun. You guessed it on the first try."

Song Meng Zi was fast to familiarize herself with others. She had been talking to Shi Sheng the whole time, causing the other editor to not dare to hand over her work to Shi Sheng.

This editor was resigning, so she had to do a handover to Shi Sheng.

The editor only got to hand over her work to Shi Sheng after Song Meng Zi grew weary of chatting and went back to her seat. 

The boy love genre only had a small audience. It was not as busy as other genres.

The job scope to be handed over was not much as well. 

Song Meng Zi was a clingy person. Shi Sheng was 
blown away by how she told her the whole company gossip in a mere day. 

Shi Sheng also noticed that she was quite popular in this company. Everyone, regardless of their gender, liked her, except for the boy love editorial department. 

The way they looked at Song Meng Zi as if they were glaring at their enemy. 

Shi Sheng asked out of curiosity,"what did you do to them?"

"They're just jealous of my beauty!" Song Meng Zi snorted and passed the snacks in her hand to Shi Sheng, "ignore them, Xiao Yi. Do you want to eat?"

Shi Sheng,"..." I don't want to talk to a foodie. The settings that won't get fat from overeating deserve to get hated by the girls. 

Shi Sheng had not seen Nie Cheng these few days, she heard that he was on a business trip. 

Some figures passed by her hurriedly this morning as she clocked in to work. 

"Chief Editor Nie is back." The ladies in the editorial department hurried to the door excitedly. 

Before they cooled down, a few more people walked away from the elevator, making the ladies even more excited. They stood at the door, entirely blocking Shi Sheng's field of vision. She could not see anyone outside. 

"Chief Editor Shu is back too!"

"Did Chief Editor Shu and Chief Editor Nie go on the same business trip?"

"Can't be... they have different flight tickets. It's just a coincidence that they come back on the same day."

Before they finished their fangirling, someone informed them about the meeting. 

However, someone was already in the conference room when they reached there. 

They told them to use the other conference room as Chief Editor Shu would use this conference room. So, they had to move to the next room. 

The moment Nie Cheng walked in, he noticed Shi Sheng, and his expression changed immediately. 

"Xin Yi, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to work." Shi Sheng answered innocently. Couldn't she possibly be here to play, right?

"Who told you to work here?" She dared to work at his company. She must have some guts. 

Everyone was baffled by this. Why is the Chief Editor having such a big reaction at Xin Yi?

Shi Sheng spread out her hands, "of course I'm hired here. There's no back door for me to get in here."

"Get out, everyone!" Nie Cheng suddenly screamed. 

They were even more baffled, but based on this situation, they did not dare to stay, so they exited the conference room one by one. 

Nie Cheng sneered, "Xin Yi, you've got some guts. Do you think you can snatch Xie Yan from me like this?"

"I've always had a lot of guts." Shi Sheng smiled, "you can keep Xie Yan. I don't care about him."

Her man was the best of all. Why would she be into Xie Yan? Why did Nie Cheng keep thinking that she's trying to fight for Xie Yan with him?

"Well... very well!" Nie Cheng gritted his teeth. How dare she come to work at his company. 

"Of course, I'm even better than you."