Shi Sheng walked out from the conference room. The other conference room door was ajar, and Shi Sheng looked inside and did not see anyone special. 

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen people getting scolded, huh?" Shi Sheng yelled at those from the editorial department who were being nosy and went back to her seat. 

I haven't seen anyone who can be so cocky after getting scolded.

They left while muttering unhappily. The conference room from before was opened slowly after everyone left.


Song Meng Zi came back with a handful of snacks. She heard that Nie Cheng schooled Shi Sheng and rushed to her seat before she could put her snacks down.

"Did Nie Cheng do anything to you?"

Shi Sheng, using her mouse while answering mindlessly, "what can he do to me anyway?"

With Nie Cheng's capability, Shi Sheng did not even have to use her sword.

"If nothing happens, then it is all good. Here, this is for you."Song Meng Zi let out a sigh of relief and placed her snacks on Shi Sheng's table. 

"Did you skip work just to buy snacks?" This foodie is too much. 

"I didn't buy these, alright." Song Meng Zi snorted. 

Did she rob the store?

Shi Sheng noticed that the ladies in the editorial department were looking at Song Meng Zi with jealousy with a hint of envy. 

Shi Sheng,"..."

What's up with them?

Song Meng Zi did not stay happy for long as he was called by Song Meng Zi and came out with a bitter face.

For some reason, the ladies in the editorial department were happy about this and stopped paying attention to her and started working. 

"Damn this Nie Cheng." Song Meng Zi cursed indignantly, grabbed her snacks and went back to her seats. 

Shi Sheng was baffled. What is going on?

She shook her head and looked back to her computer screen.

She renamed her editor's name to Shen Jing Bing. 

Song Meng Zi did not understand why she used such a name. 

Shi Sheng smiled sweetly. How would an amateur understand the mindset of a pro?

Yan Ye Zhi: editor, I've sent you the synopsis and the epilogue of my new novel. Can you check if I need to change anything?

Xie Yan's message suddenly popped out.

Shi Sheng opened her mailbox and saw Xie Yan's synopsis in it. 

The genre surprisingly was thriller.

Shi Sheng read through the synopsis and the epilogue. Work like this would drag Xie Yan's previous novels through to mud. 

Shen Jing Bing: you can submit it. 

Shi Sheng checked her end after some time to see that Xie Yan had really submitted a new work. She approved it straight away. 

Xie Yan started a new novel that grabbed the readers' attention. Within the first few days, he was roasted to crisp. 

This was a completely different novel compared to the ones they read earlier. Everyone was questioning if the author was the same person. 

As his editor, obviously, Shi Sheng had to intervene. She sent Xie Yan a message. 

Shen Jing Bing: what's up with your script? I've seen your previous works before, there is a vast difference. 

Yan Ye Zhi: I'm not in good condition recently...

Shen Jing Bing: not in good condition shouldn't have such a big change.

Now that no one is editing your script for you, of course you're not in a good state. 

Yan Ye Zhi: I'll work hard to adjust back. The new novel will stop updating for a while. 

Shi Sheng replied coldly. 

Shen Jing Bing: okay.

She then received a message on her private account immediately. 

Xie Yan: Xiao Yi, are you there?

My gosh. This bottom is epic! 

Ancestor: what?

Xie Yan: I'm sorry for what happened last time. Are you alright? Can I invite you to dinner?

Shi Sheng was disgusted by Xie Yan's shamelessness and blocked him immediately. 

She went through her contact and blocked Nie Cheng as well. 

Having his contact number alone is enough to make me throw up. 

Xie Yan could not send her messages and did not receive any replies. 

He was staying at Nie Cheng's newly rented apartment. He got up and paced around out of irritation. 

After a while, he grabbed his keys and went out. 

Xie Yan arrived outside of the Happiness Neighborhood. No one was guarding the neighborhood at the moment, so he could sneak in easily. 

Xie Yan did not dare to knock on the door too loudly as he feared that Uncle Qiang would notice. 

After knocking on the door for a long time and no one answered, Xie Yan waited in the corridor until he saw more and more people coming back from work. He bit his teeth and waited outside of the neighborhood. 


Shi Sheng ran into Sister Hong when she was on her way back, so she carpooled with her back to the neighborhood. And hence did not run into Xie Yan. 

"Come down and eat with us later." She invited Shi Sheng before she went inside her place. Sister Hong lived under Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng held the stairs and smiled, "I'll never say no to a free meal."

Never give up any opportunity to get free food and to be a parasite. 

Shi Sheng went upstairs and took a bath. She changed her clothes and was just in time for dinner. 

After Shi Sheng had dinner at Sister Hong's house, she then only went back to her home. 

An editor could not publish their work on their website, so Shi Sheng looked for another website. 

Shi Sheng was the kind of person that would give up on her previous works once she came up with a new idea. 

She started her new novel when she was working. Right now, she has around ten thousand words. The word count was not enough, so Shi Sheng went on a typing sesh, arranged the chapters to be published accordingly and left it aside.


Xie Yan did not get to meet Shi Sheng and went back frustrated. 

Nie Cheng was already back, and he was on his computer unhappily. 

"Where have you been?" he asked the moment Xie Yan reached home, "you didn't even pick up my calls."

Xie Yan quickly took out his phone, "the battery is dead. I didn't even notice."

He paused, brushed his hair and answered vaguely, "I went out for a walk. I didn't go anywhere."

"Did you go to look for Xin Yi?" Nie Cheng questioned out of the blue. 

Xie Yan quickly shook his head, "no, why would I look for her?"

Nie Cheng got up from the sofa and approached Xie Yan, causing him to back off sheepishly until he reached the bathroom door and could not retreat anymore. 

"Nie Cheng..."

Nie Cheng grabbed Xie Yan's chin to force him to look at his eyes, "are you missing that woman? Am I not enough for you?"

"Nie Cheng. What are you talking about?" Xie Yan turned angry from shame, "who am I to you? Your pet?"

He had to question his whereabouts. 

A hint of danger shone through Nie Cheng's eyes. He pushed Xie Yan into the bathroom in the next second. He quickly went in after Xie Yan and shut the door with a 'piang' sound. 

Xie Yan was already used to Nie Cheng's behavior of making love whenever they had a disagreement, so he resisted a bit and gave in. 

They did it from the bathroom to the living room, and from the living room to their bedroom, the balcony. Nie Cheng forced him to do in various challenging and shameful positions. 

After they were done, Nie Cheng carried Xie Yan to clean himself, then tugged him in the bed and went to sleep while hugging him. 

"Xie Yan, I love you."

Xie Yan's body stiffened. 

"Nie Cheng..."

Nie Cheng pressed his hand on Xie Yan's lips to stop him from talking. 

While his other hand went down his chest and moved further below. Xie Yan trembled a little along with his caress and had a reaction instinctively. 

Nie Cheng grabbed his part, breathing his warm breath on Xie Yan's ear, "Xie Yan, you've already accepted me."