Shi Sheng went to the office on the second day. As she barely sat down, Nie Cheng's assistant already brought her a pile of work.

Those were not in her job scope, so Shi Sheng got into a fight with the assistant on the spot.

"Xin Yi, Chief Editor Nie ordered this. There's no point in fighting with me." the assistant kept mentioning Chief Editor Nie.

"This is not part of my job scope." Shi Sheng sat on her seat with her arms crossed. She did not show any sign of anger. She was merely stating the facts. 

The assistant replied sincerely and earnestly, "Xin Yi, you are a newcomer. Doing more is also testing your ability. You can't disappoint the Chief Editor's expectations."

"His expectations?" Shi Sheng pointed at Anna and Zhao Qing, who were watching them, "they're new here too. Why am I the only one who needs to do this? If you want to pick on me, just say that. Don't sugarcoat it."

You've already said that I'm picking on you. Who dares to say that in front of everyone? Are you dumb?

Anna glared fiercely. Chief Editor Nie found out that she got the job from the back door. Don't drag us now with you. 

"Anna and Zhao Qing have experience in this field, only you don't. This is for you to gain experience. Why are you so ungrateful?"

The assistant could not help but raise her voice. 

Shi Sheng raised her chin and responded cockily, "yes, I'm ungrateful. Go ahead and fire me then!"

The assistant,"..."

"What are you doing? Why did you bully my Xiao Yi?" Song Meng Zi's voice came through. She pushed through those in the way and got in front of Shi Sheng.

"Song Meng Zi, don't interrupt!" the assistant chided. 

Song Meng Zi flipped the documents on the table, "how am I interrupting? It's fine if Nie Cheng bullies me, but now he's bullying Xiao Yi too? Did Xiao Yi need to do these? Do you want me to report this to the superiors?"

The assistant's expression changed, glared at Song Meng Zi before leaving angrily with the documents. 

"Lackey!" Song Meng Zi cursed. 

The assistant might have heard it. She paused and wanted to argue with Song Meng Zi but left in a hurry after receiving a call from Nie Cheng. 

Song Meng Zi tapped on Shi Sheng's shoulder, "good job, Xiao Yi. We shouldn't encourage this kind of notorious behavior. Nie Cheng really thinks everyone should listen to him! Don't worry, I'll cover you. Nie Cheng won't dare to do anything to you."

Shi Sheng: "..."

If you're not afraid of Nie Cheng, why didn't you fight back when Nie Cheng ordered you to do something?

And you want to cover me? Don't make me laugh! 


Shi Sheng went to the restroom during break time. When she passed by the rest area, several editors were inside.

She could hear them talking faintly. 

"Didn't Chief Editor Shu have Song Meng Zi's back? I don't know what he sees in her. All she does is cause trouble everywhere and barely does her work, making our department a mess."

"And that Xin Yi. Coming in using the back door yet doesn't have a sense of self-awareness, still dares to talk back to Nie Cheng."

"Nowadays, people are not like us. They can do whatever they want as long as they know someone powerful. Others need to work their way to get a job while they can settle it with a sentence. How can God be so unfair?"

"Who did Xin Yi rely on to get in here?"

"I don't know. I haven't seen her have any contact with the higher-ups."

The only person that Shi Sheng was close with was Song Meng Zi. But they knew that they only knew each other recently, so she would not sneak her in. 

Shi Sheng heard all kinds of rumors. She was pretty curious about the Chief Editor Shu they mentioned. 

Shi Sheng asked Song Meng Zi about it during lunch break.

"He's Shu Jue." Song Meng Zi was shocked, "You've been with the company for so long, and you still don't know who Shu Jue is?"

"I've been thinking about how to torture Nie Cheng all day long. Why would I care about the others?"

The plot did not have Chief Editor this name.

Song Meng Zi's expression was weird for a moment. She pulled her chair close to Shi Sheng and winked at Shi Sheng, "didn't I tell you that they're jealous of me?"

Song Meng Zi suddenly paused, "I don't mind telling you, but you can't spill it."

Shi Sheng stood up expressionless, "I don't want to listen then."

I'm not going to do that.

"Hey, don't be like that." Song Meng Zi pulled Shi Sheng back, "alright, I'll tell you, sit down first."

Shi Sheng was pulled back to her seat by Song Meng Zi. She cleared her throat. 

"Shu Jue is my college senior. He's extremely talented, and countless girls were chasing him in his college years. He was not interested in any of them."

Shi Sheng listened to the whole thing, and all she gathered was how charming he was without any main point. 

"That's it?"

"That's it!" Song Meng Zi looked at her innocently, "didn't you want to know about these?"

Shi Sheng,"..." why would I want to know about how charming he is?

"Then what do you want to know?" Song Meng Zi got close to Shi Sheng, and gave her a dirty smile, "are you into Shu Jue? Let me tell you, Shu Jue is tough to serve, is a clean freak, utterly boring, ultimately clingy, and has a strong desire to control others. He's not boyfriend material."

Shi Sheng's mouth twitched, "aren't you his girlfriend?"

Song Meng Zi's expression froze, "I'd rather die than to date him."

If you're not a couple, then why are people of the department jealous of you?

"Cough cough... actually. Shu Jue is my cousin. Don't tell anyone about this. My cousin used this tactic to stop those crazy chicks. And now I can't even date other people."

"You're his cousin?"

Song Meng Zi nodded, she seemed sincere.

He really is her cousin. 

She and Shu Jue were one year apart. She never listened to anyone except Shu Jue. So she was sent to the same college as Shu Jue.

Those years were the most miserable time for her. 

The others were busy having fun and dating. 

On the other hand, she was busy cockblocking Shu Jue, ruining her chances in the dating field. 

Song Meng Zi began to complain about Shu Jue as she was telling her story. 

Shi Sheng felt like she needed to meet this Chief Editor Shu. He might be Feng Ci.

[Hidden Mission: Spread Positivity in the World]

[Mission target: Shu Jue. Help Shu Jue expand his business, Hong Yang College, to spread positivity.]

Shi Sheng,"..." whoa, you just show up without warning. 

[Side Mission: Hypocrite. No hints, kindly investigate by yourself.]

Fantastic, they don't even give hints now. 

What about the range? How am I going to investigate? 

[Host, you can do it. I believe in you.] If you're so great until you can fly to heaven and rule the universe, this difficulty is no big deal for you.  

There's no use in believing in me. Give me clues instead. 

The system probably did not have access to the clues or did not have the hints, so it did not say anything and played dead.