Before Shi Sheng got to admire Feng Ci, the website's annual event was coming up, every editor was starting to get busy. 

Participating in the annual event was a big deal to the writers. You need to have excellent results to be eligible to participate in the yearly event.

Shi Sheng's boy love department was an unpopular genre. There were five slots, ranked according to how well the novels were. 

However, Shi Sheng did not submit the five with the best results.

Nie Cheng, naturally got furious. He called Shi Sheng to his office to reprimand her. 

"Don't do it if you're unable to handle this job. The company did not pay you to do whatever you want."

Nie Cheng was on the right side this time, so he would not give up the opportunity to get her. 

"Do whatever I want?" Shi Sheng sneered, "what did I do?"

Nie Cheng slammed the list in front of Shi Sheng, "what kind of nonsense list did you submit?"

The writer with top sales was not on the list. 

"She plagiarized." Shi Sheng answered calmly, "how can a plagiarized writer be eligible to participate in the annual event?"

Nie Cheng choked up and took deep breaths, "do you have proof?"

Shi Sheng passed Nie Cheng her phone with the evidence on it, asking mockingly, "didn't the company day there was zero tolerance for plagiarism? Someone reported this a few months ago, yet the company did not take any action. Is this what you mean by zero tolerance for plagiarism?"

The company ignored behaviors like this just because the novel was selling like hotcakes. 

And because of this tolerance, more and more authors began to plagiarize others' works. 

Even in a fantasy world, those that stole treasure would not even resell them in their names so shamelessly. 

"Xin Yi, don't be so cocky. The company has its considerations. Change the name list and get out."

Shi Sheng smiled with the corner of her mouth, "really? I wonder if the higher-ups know about these considerations."

Nie Cheng glared at Shi Sheng left with a dark face. How dare she threaten him. 

In the end, Shi Sheng did not change the list. When the list was announced, the author with top sales immediately asked Shi Sheng about it. 

Shi Sheng told her that she plagiarized without hesitation, making the writer speechless. She stopped updating her novel on the second day. 

Shi Sheng's headstrong behavior surprised the editors. As they had authors that plagiarized under them as well, but their sales were good. 

The company had a rule that the author's sales were directly linked to the editor's commission. So they would turn a blind eye, and everyone would be beneficial. 

Nie Cheng only cut half of her salary for her actions. 

This was simply unscientific. 


Shi Sheng bumped into Xie Yan on her way back to her apartment one evening. As she was getting out of her cab, running back to her neighborhood. 

Before she could enter, she was blocked by someone. 

Xie Yan's whole body was wet. His hair was sticking to his hair tightly, looking rather sorry.

"Xiao Yi."

Xie Yan blocked Shi Sheng, she could not see his expression clearly in the rain. 

Shi Sheng ran over to her block. Waiting for her in such heavy rain. Is he trying to make her sympathize with him?

What a joke.

Xie Yan chased Shi Sheng when he saw her run away. He reached out and grabbed her arm. 

Shi Sheng reflexively avoided that. The rain flowed down from her cheek and she used her hand to wipe it away, "Xie Yan, what do you want?"

You're not in a melodrama play. Do you need to find me in the rain? Retard! 

"Xiao Yi, I want to talk to you." Xie Yan quickly said, "I've been waiting here for you for many days, but you're never here. I have no other intention than wanting to buy you dinner and apologize for what happened before."

"Talk my ass. I've nothing to talk to you." Shi Sheng cursed in annoyance.

****ing retard! 

Xie Yan saw Shi Sheng turned around and grabbed her. She stomped him in his private part.

Xie Yan covered his crotch in pain. 

"Xie Yan, my patience has a limit. Don't think that I don't dare to whack you."  Shi Sheng paused, wiped away the rain on her face, and kicked him again, "retard!"

Shi Sheng quickly ran to her block, leaving Xie Yan stood in the rain in pain while covering his private part. 

After staying in the rain for a long time, Shi Sheng caught a cold, and she's been sneezing. 

"Why did you catch a cold?" Song Meng Zi passed Shi Sheng warm water and cold medicine, "bought it for you just now, I'm so kind, right?"

"Thanks," Shi Sheng sounded unwell. 

"You're welcome." Song Meng Zi put the rest of the cold medicine on Shi Sheng's table, with a slightly concerned tone, "remember to eat on time. If you can't stand it, then take a day off."

Shi Sheng smiled. This cold was nothing to her. 

However, Shi Sheng did not expect that her body did not get well after the flu. The cold did not get better even after she went to the hospital. 

Song Meng Zi told her to get a day off, but that retard Nie Cheng did not approve the leave. He said that now it was the busiest time for the editorial department, and she was the only one in charge of the boy love genre. Who is going to do her work if she applied for leave? 

The whole department could see that Nie Cheng was purposely picking on Shi Sheng. 

Song Meng Zi rushed out after she heard that Nie Cheng did not approve her leave. When she came back, she already had the approval slip in her hand. 

"Go go go, go home now." Song Meng Zi carried Shi Sheng. 

Probably due to the wind, Shi Sheng felt even sick. She was dizzy when she stood up. 

Screw this, I don't want such a weak body.

Song Meng Zi sent her down. These few days had been raining heavily, so it was not easy to get a taxi. Song Meng Zi scratched her head, took out her phone, and made a call. 

Song Meng Zi hung up after saying a few words. She held Shi Sheng out of the office and wait for a while in front of the office entrance. A car was approaching them gradually in the rain. 

A man came down from the car, ran in the rain, and greeted, "Miss Song."

Song Meng Zi's eyes wide opened, "why are you here? Where is my cousin?"

"Chief Editor Shu is busy, so he asked me to pick up you."

"What kind of hero doesn't show up to save the beauty. In his face for being single." Song Meng Zi nagged and let the man help Shi Sheng get into the car. 

Shi Sheng felt very dizzy, like her body was giving up. She was unable to stay awake. 

Shi Sheng did not think that she was like this because of a cold. Definitely had something to do with her luck. 

When Shi Sheng was sent to the hospital, the results were shocking. She was infected with an HU virus infection.

Shi Sheng did not get infected with this virus previously because she was healthy. But since she had a cold, her immunity became weaker, making her easier to get infected. The hospital took a few days to come out with her results.