To be fallen ill and hospitalized, Shi Sheng could feel the world's deep malice. This was too painful.

She hates her rubbish body. 

When Shi Sheng recovered and returned to the editorial department, the annual event was almost ready. This year's annual event was held in a scenic area. The writers could have a tour there after the event.

Nie Cheng for some reason, stopped picking on Shi Sheng. He did not even show up much in the office. 

Let alone Shu Jue that went missing, everyone could not find him. 

Just like Song Meng Zi said, busy men like them were not on the same level as small fries like them. 

Until the departure, Shi Sheng had not seen Shu Jue. She was gloomy about it. 

"Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi. Here."

The airport was full of people, and Song Meng Zi was waving at Shi Sheng in her bright red outfit. Next to her were those from the editorial department. 

Not every department was invited to this company trip except for the editorial department. 

Shi Sheng only brought a backpack compared to the others with their bags and luggage. She looked like she was there to send them off. 

"Are you joining the beauty pageant dressing up like this?" Shi Sheng poked Song Meng Zi's eye-catching red blouse. 

"Hey! This way my writers can recognize me at a glance."

The writers went to the scenic area right away to meet them there. 

"I don't know you." Shi Sheng's mouth twitched. She waved her hand and moved a few steps away from her. 

How did I know someone this retarded?

"Xiao Yi, don't be so mean!" Song Meng Zi grabbed Shi Sheng's arm. 

Song Meng Zi chitter-chatter with Shi Sheng. The time went by quickly, and they were about to board the plane. 

"It's time to board the plane. Why hasn't Chief Editor Nie arrived yet?"

"Shall I call and ask him?"

Just when everyone was getting ready to call him, Nie Cheng came into the airport with someone else. 

My gosh, you brought your bottom with you. 

"Who is this? Is he from our company? Why haven't I seen him before?"

"And he came here with the Chief Editor..."

Nie Cheng went to the crowd and pointed at Xie Yan, who kept his distance from Nie Cheng, "this is Yan Ye Zhi."

The crowd was surprised that he was a writer. But how did he know Chief Editor Nie?

"Hi, guys." Xie Yan smiled and greeted them. 

"Ah, hi.  I love your work." They were complimenting him as he was Chief Editor Nie's plus one. 

The editors were aware of their popular writers. 

Song Meng Zi and Shi Sheng stood behind the crowd. She poked Shi Sheng excitedly, "is he Yan Ye Zhi?"


Song Meng Zi abandoned Song Meng Zi instantly, "I'm going to ask for his autograph. I love his novels."

Shi Sheng,"..."

Song Meng Zi really went to get an autograph from Xie Yan, but she only got to thank him as they were about to get aboard. 

Xie Yan only saw Shi Sheng when they were boarding the plane, and he was bizarre and complicated. 

Nie Cheng blocked in front of Xie Yan and pushed him to the first-class seats.

"I can't believe I met Yan Ye Zhi and got his autograph." Song Meng Zi fangirled. 

Song Meng Zi decided to stay away from this retard. She liked her ex, after all, bah, enemy. 

Song Meng Zi, however, did not plan to let Shi Sheng go, "Xiao Yi, his 'Divine Beast' is so good, and 'The Emperor's favorite'. I love these two the most, but the latest chapters of 'Divine Beast' are not as good as the earlier chapters."

He did not have someone to edit his work later on. Of course it was not going to be as good as before. 

"Wait... Xiao Yi, I remember his name is not your list, right?"

Song Meng Zi became sane after she was done fangirling. 


"Then he..." Song Meng Zi covered her mouth and looked at Shi Sheng unbelievably. 

It can't be what she's thinking about, right?

Can it be?

Shi Sheng smiled faintly, "Nie Cheng brought him here."

"Gosh!" Song Meng Zi exclaimed. She quickly lowered her voice as she realized she was being too loud, "he, he, he, and Nie Cheng?"

They're in that kind of relationship?

Song Meng Zi turned angry and stopped liking Xie Yan. 

Who told him to be with Nie Cheng?

The lover of an enemy is an enemy. 

It took a long time to reach its destination. Everyone decided to rest after they were assigned to their rooms as they would be busy tomorrow. 

However, something happened with the room assignation. Two ladies that did not go well with each other from the editorial department were assigned to the same room. Both of them were unwilling to stay together, and no one else was willing to switch their room with them. Both of them were not willing to compromise.

Shi Sheng leaned on the marble counter, watching them fight. 

This was all part of the plot. 

In the end, Xie Yan would be staying in the same room with Nie Cheng.

Once again, Shi Sheng was right with the plot. The writers that came early stayed in single rooms. Xie Yan naturally would be too. He gave his room to that lady and Nie Cheng naturally asked Xie Yan to stay in the same room as him.

 Everyone went upstairs, back to their rooms after they were assigned to their rooms. 

Initially, Shi Sheng was supposed to live with another lady. However, Song Meng Zi forced her to switch her room with her. 

"Xiao Yi, what do you think they're doing?" Song Meng Zi, being her nosy self, asked. 

Shi Sheng lied on the bed while playing with her phone, answered without looking up, "what else can they be doing? of course they're doing it."

"... Xiao Yi, I didn't know you're so dirty."

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "be sensible, lady. You're the one that asked me what they are doing."

Song Meng Zi,"..." just because I asked that doesn't mean you need to be this straightforward! 

The others from the editorial department were guessing what Xie Yan and Nie Cheng were doing as well, other than Song Meng Zi.

After all, there were rumors about Nie Cheng that he actually liked men.


The next morning, the editors had to rush to the venue to welcome their writers. 

Song Meng Zi was not wrong about her outfit. Her writers noticed right away when they saw her.

More and more people were arriving, including Shi Sheng's writers. They were surprised when they saw her.

They did not expect their editor to be so young. 

Only one of the writers turned out to be a guy. So he seemed uneasy when he was surrounded by the other ladies. 

They had a day to wait for the other, and the activities began on the second day. 

The editors needed to arrange their writers' accommodation and other issues. 

Since Shi Sheng only had 5 writers, it was quickly arranged. She was heading to the elevator and going back to her room. 


"Nie Cheng, that's enough. I've already come here as you wish. Can you restrain yourself in front of so many people?"

The conversation spilled out as the elevator door opened. 

Shi Sheng,"..." why do I see the male leads everywhere I go?

Xie Yan pushed Nie Cheng away harshly, who was hugging him when he heard the elevator door open and ran out with his head lowered without even looking at who was standing outside. 

Nie Cheng walked out of the elevator calmly, looked at Shi Sheng with an unambiguous glance, then chased after Xie Yan.

Shi Sheng looked in the direction Nie Cheng left speechless. By the time she wanted to enter the lift, the lift had already left, so she had to wait for the next trip. 

The lift only arrived after a few minutes. Shi Sheng entered the elevator, and the lift door closed. It then opened quickly, with a man dressing in a casual black outfit standing outside. 

He was wearing earphones with one hand in his pocket. He looked down a little and was about to get in. But in the next second, his expression changed a bit, turned around, and ran away hastily. 

Shi Sheng,"..."