Song Meng Zi still could not believe that her cousin disobeyed the laws of nature. He did not get mad. 

The sky is going to rain hot guys! 

After that, Song Meng Zi had been looking at Shi Sheng coyly. 

"I didn't know that my cousin was into this. If I knew I would've made the first move, maybe we can have a forbidden love."

Shi Sheng,"..." What's in this girl's brain?

"Xiao Yi, I have high hopes for you. Good luck in courting him!" Then she could swim out the ocean of suffering! Hahahaha! I'm too clever! 

"This is my cousin's number, WeChat..."

Song Meng Zi gave Shi Sheng every contact that could get to Shu Jue. 

Shi Sheng looked at his username with a penguin symbol.

She showed Song Meng Zi her phone, "Is this your cousin?"

"Yeap, why?" Song Meng Zi nodded, "I named that. Is it good?"

Shi Sheng,"...." I don't really want to talk to you. 

Why was he, the chief editor, her previous editor?

Hua Yue Que...

She even blocked him! 

"This... I heard that recently the company wanted to promote IP, that's why my cousin added you. He probably thought you're good, but you rejected him. That's cool!"

"If I knew that, I would never reject him!" Shi Sheng wanted to wail badly. 

She had to reap what she sowed even if she was in tears. 

"Xiao Yi, when are you releasing the new chapters?"  Song Meng Zi recalled her novel and asked. 

"In my years of living." Shi Sheng sat up on her bed and answered with a serious tone, "I'm going to court your cousin, and if I fail. I'll rape him."


Song Meng Zi spat out all the soda in her mouth.

She gave her a thumbs up. Bravo, my Xiao Yi. Not everyone dares to say that. 


After the annual party in the hotel, it's vacation time. Since it was a group activity, they could not go their separate ways. 

"Did you notice that Chief Editor Nie and Xie Yan are quite close?"

"I saw that a long time ago. Do you think they're dating?"

"I never expected that I would get such a cute CP in real life! I already have a new ship..."

The fujoshi were fangirling about that CP while the other ladies were jealous that Xie Yan, a man was hogging the premium quality man. 

Shi Sheng turned back to see Nie Cheng and Xie Yan were walking together. They kept the distance of one person between them as there were many tourists. 

When they reached the mountain halfway, someone suggested camping there that night. This was not part of the itinerary, however, Nie Cheng agreed to that immediately when someone proposed to him. 

Shi Sheng suspected maliciously that Nie Cheng wanted to do something [redacted] on the mountain with Xie Yan.

There were shops at the half-point of the mountain that sold camping equipment. Since this was not part of the itinerary, they had to use their own money. Most of them were fine with it, so the minority had to obey the majority and camped there.

Since they were climbing the mountain with equipment, their speed naturally slowed down. Shi Sheng fell behind them. 

When she arrived at the mountain top, they were already setting up their camps. However, not many of them knew how to set up a tent so the tents were in a mess. 

Shi Sheng found a better spot and began to set up her tent. Song Meng Zi and a few girls walked over while chatting happily, "Xiao Yi, do you need help?"

"Nope." Shi Sheng shook her head. 

But Song Meng Zi did not listen to her at all, she acted cute to ask for the others to help and Shi Sheng's tent was set up shortly. 

Shi Sheng," why did you ask me in the first place? Are you okay?

"Thank you." Shi Sheng thanked the girls with a gentle tone and a smile.

"No problems." the girls shook their heads in shock. Before this, they saw her all by herself and she seemed cold so they thought it would not be easy to get along with her. They did not expect her to be so well-mannered. 

Song Meng Zi bid the girls goodbye and hopped to Shi Sheng, "shall we sleep in the same tent?"

"I'd rather sleep with your cousin."

"..." Song Meng Zi did not want to admit defeat, "my cousin's body is stiff and hard, unlike my body."

"As long as my body is soft then it should be fine."

Song Meng Zi,"..." why did this topic suddenly become so dirty?

"What exactly do you like about my cousin?" Song Meng Zi could not understand. With his personality, it is not like he was super good-looking. 

"I like everything about him."

"How many times have you seen my cousin?"

Shi Sheng gave it a thought, "once."

"Xiao Yi, love at first sight is a lie, don't be so silly."

Shi Sheng raised her brows slightly, the corner of her eyes had a touch of a smile, "who said I fell in love with him at first sight?"

Song Meng Zi was puzzled, "you haven't met each other before. If it's not love at first sight then what is it?"

She did not know who Shu Jue was before this. 

Shi Sheng smiled mysteriously, spoke lightly, with emotion that made Song Meng Zi bizarre, "I purposely came here to find him."

Song Meng Zi was confused, "you knew my cousin before this?" no way! 

"We knew each other for a long time." Shi Sheng gazed at the sky that was getting darker gradually, her lips moving, "for so long... until I'm used to him."

Song Meng Zi could not hear her last sentence. She was curious about when she and her cousin knew each other. 


The wind on the mountain top was gentle and comfortable, and they got a bonfire out of nowhere. The writers and the editors that already got along with each other were dancing and singing about the bonfire. 

Shi Sheng went to the higher part of the mountain alone. 

The noise gradually disappeared. 

Over the hill, there were some astronomy enthusiasts. 

Shi Sheng stayed there for a while before going back. Some of them were already drunk. 

Shi Sheng looked around and did not find Xie Yan and Nie Cheng. She wondered where they went. 

They did not sleep until midnight. Shi Sheng lied in her tent with her eyes closed lightly and her fingers tapping on her knees without a rhythm. 

"...Nie Cheng!"

A low, anxious voice came out from the tent. Shi Sheng's closed eyes opened slowly. 

Shi Sheng's was further away from the others and it was in black color with rocks covering it. No one would notice it without looking for it carefully. 

She looked out from her tent window, saw that two people were on top of each other under a tree. 

The panting was brought over by the night wind, making those who heard would blush in shyness. 

Shi Sheng,"..." is this another live show?

She did not imagine that Nie Cheng would like doing it in the wild. 

While Shi Sheng was imagining things, Nie Cheng on the other hand, had raised Xie Yan's legs and clamped it around his waist. 

"Nie Cheng, let's go back..." Xie Yan's voice was shaking. What if someone saw us?

Nie Cheng did not respond to Xie Yan and Shi Sheng could hear a moan soon. 

and some soft and ambiguous clapping sounds. 

Shi Sheng pondered about it. She waited until both of them were about to reach their climax. She got out of her tent, approached them in ample steps. She flashed her flashlight at them and yelled, "What are you doing?!"