Shi Sheng's yell frightened both of them. Nie Cheng's was softened, even though he was psychologically strong. 

Xie Yan was evidently affected by the scream the most. He could feel there was a void in his body. 

But someone was shining a flashlight at them at the moment. Xie Yan's embarrassment was off the roof until he wanted to bury himself in a hole. 

Both of them were wearing their tops. Nie Cheng still had his pants off while Xie Yan's pants were completely off. But due to his legs coiling Nie Cheng's body, so only his fair legs were visible. 

Shi Sheng turned the flashlight away and said slowly, "I'm not going to bother you guys, but keep it down. I'm trying to sleep."

"Xin Yi!" Nie Cheng gnashed his teeth. 

"What? You want me to watch you, don't you?" Shi Sheng shone the flashlight at them again, "I don't want to hurt my eyes from watching you."

Who on earth wanted her to watch.

This woman was shameless. 

Xie Yan heard Nie Cheng chided her and came to the realization that this voice was familiar.

He did not want Shi Sheng to see him in this situation. He was a man in front of Xin Yi after all, yet, now he was treated like a woman, being... 

Xie Yan wanted to leave there, but he could not in his situation. 

Shi Sheng went back to her tent after ridiculing them. Making love in front of her? Do they not fear that they're not going to make love again after this?  

Xie Yan struggled out of Nie Cheng after Shi Sheng left, wore his pants, and quickly returned to his tent. 

How is he going to face people after this?

Nie Cheng looked at the dark tent that almost diffused into the darkness with his fists clenched. 


After the annual event, the writers returned to their cities, and the editors went back to work. 

However, after that night, rumors were going around in the circle.

They said that Xie Yan was going against the rules. 

After that, the news that Nie Cheng became Xie Yan's editor and used various recommendations on him was spreading all over the place. 

The editorial department heard about it as well. 

Shi Sheng yelled so loudly on that day, it was not strange that some heard that came out to see that scene. 

As for Shi Sheng, while the gossip was everywhere, she was trying to add Shu Jue as her friend. 

She added him on five to six social media platforms, and all requests were rejected.

Shi Sheng was angry! 

In the end, she hacked Shu Jue's account and added herself from his account. 

Ancestor: Is it too late for me to rewrite the synopsis?

Hua Yue Que:...

Didn't he reject the friend request?

Shu Jue did not reply to Shi Sheng, but she did not care and quickly rewrote her synopsis. 

Ancestor: I've sent you the edited script. 

On the other side of the computer, Shu Jue opened his mailbox to see an oddly titled email in his inbox. 

- The best synopsis

Shu Jue clicked and opened email and downloaded the attachment. 

Yet the content...
Was exactly the same as the one he read previously. 

Hua Yue Que:...

Ancestor: what's up? Still dissatisfied with it? I can change again.

Hua Yue Que: which part did you change?

It was the same! And she said she'd changed it! What on earth did you change?

Ancestor: oops, I must have sent the wrong document. 

Shu Jue soon received another email. But when he clicked inside, it was an image of a heart. 

With his name in the middle of the heart. 

Ancestor: can you feel my sincerity?

Shi Sheng did not receive a reply from Shu Jue after a long time. When she sent him another message again, she was unable to do that...

Shi Sheng,"..." He blocked me again! 

He dared to block me?! 

[...] Host's acting like a crazy fan. Isn't blocking you a sensible move?

Shi Sheng added herself back to his friend list again. 

Ancestor: there's no use in blocking me. I can add myself back again. 

Hua Yue Que:...

Hua Yue Que: what do you want?

Ancestor: I want to be with you. 

Shu Jue did not want to talk to this lunatic. He blocked her again and logged out of his account. 

However, his computer was not turned off, and he was automatically logged in again. 

Ancestor: I've attached a script in the previous email, don't block me. It makes me sad. 

Ancestor: Did you see that? There really is a script, and I've modified it. 

Shi Sheng kept sending him messages. Shu Jue could not block her and logged out of his account, so he had to go back to that email. 

There indeed was attached with a very proper synopsis. It was not something weird.

This synopsis was better developed than the previous one. The main plot and the relationships between the characters were changed. It even had an ending. 

Shu Jue looked at his inbox that kept popping up with new messages. He pulled off the plug with no hesitation. 

Shi Sheng definitely had no other ways after plugging off the switch. She could not connect the power out of thin air. 

By the time Shu Jue logged into his account it was the second day. His whole screen was full of messages from Ancestor.

Ancestor: Honey, you're online. 

Shu Jue almost pulled off the plug again. When did he become her honey?

Shu Jue ordered his subordinate to take care of this account and used the private account he rarely used. 

However, Shi Sheng found his private account in minutes as if she had eyes on her back. 

Yu She: Just what do you want?

Ancestor: I want to court you.

Yu She: I'm going to report to the police if you continue like this. 

Is this how she chases people? This is purely crazy.

 Ancestor: What kind of love is that if I'm not willing to go into jail for you? Do it. I'm not scared. I'll probably get locked up for a few days, and I'll be out.

Yu She:...

Yu She: I like men. 

Ancestor: what a coincidence. I like men too. 

Yu She:...

Shu Jue was utterly helpless. He asked to meet up with  Cheng Ming.

Cheng Ming went to his company right away. The moment he stepped into the office, he saw Shu Jue sitting miserably. 

"What's up? What's so urgent?"

Shu Jue turned his laptop to Cheng Ming, "this person keeps bothering me. Help me check her IP address."

Cheng Ming raised his brows lightly and looked at the chat history. 

"Are fans nowadays this crazy? Eh, she's a writer?"


"Is this her username?" Cheng Ming opened the website and searched 'Ancestor'.

She must be real cocky to get such a name. 

"She is a contract writer. Her information is in the database. You can just check from there."

Shu Jue did not know Shi Sheng signed a novel before. After he heard Cheng Ming mentioned, he then only looked for it. 

That novel was...

Cheng Ming already got the information.

"This looks familiar..." The information from the database was a scanned document, so it was slightly unclear, "Xin Yi, do you know her?"

Shu Jue stared at the uglified ID photo on the document. 

Said slowly, "she was the same girl with Meng Meng last time."

"The one that kissed you?" Cheng Ming blew a whistle. He teased, "this girl is quite capable."

Capable of harassing him?

Shu Jue picked up his intercom, "tell Xin Yi from the editorial department to come over."

Shi Sheng went in while Cheng Ming was on his way out. He winked at Shi Sheng and lip-synced to her, "good luck."