Shi Sheng entered his office, and she could describe the style with only one word. 


Other than a few plants for decoration, the whole place was almost white. 

Shi Sheng,"..."

Why do I feel like I've entered a mental hospital?  

Shu Jue sat behind his office desk with a white shirt. The cuffs were slightly pulled up, showing his fair forearms. 

He glanced at Shi Sheng with his lips pursed. 

"Chief Editor Shu." Shi Sheng looked around and stepped forward obediently. 

Shu Jue flicked his finger, and the notebook turned in a direction, "what do you want?"

Shi Sheng glanced over, with a straight face, "Chief Editor Shu, I'm courting you."

Shu Jue jerked up, "you're harassing me."

"Fine, I'm harassing you," Shi Sheng admitted, "I deeply apologize for the inconvenience I've caused you. Let me invite you to dinner to express my regrets."

Shu Jue,"..."

Shi Sheng smiled sincerely. That face looked harmless to any creature. She seemed like a girl that did not have much experience in life. 

That weird feeling was here again. 

He stopped having that kind of dream after high school. But after he met her, he had that sort of dream a few nights in a row...

And that person was standing in front of him now. 

Shu Jue seemed to smell a faintly discernible fragrance from the girl standing in front of him. 

It was the same smell in his dream. 

Shu Jue looked down, "no need for that."

He sat back and turned the notebook back to his side, said without emotion, "don't do the same thing in the future."

Shi Sheng took a few steps forward, "but how am I going to express my apology if I don't invite you to dinner?"

"Go out."

"Fine, fine. I'll go out. DOn't get so angry. It's not good for your health."

Shi Sheng exited the office resentfully.


Shu Jue's tense body was able to relax after the office door closed. He pulled his shirt collar, and his racing heartbeat seemed to relax at this moment, began to regain its usual speed. 

Shu Jue rubbed his brows.

He sent Cheng Ming a message after a long time.

"Knock knock..."

"Come in." Shu Jue put down his phone. 

His assistant came in with a cup of coffee, "Chief Editor Shu, your coffee."

Shu Jue frowned, "who asked you to get this?" he did not request any coffee.

"Isn't it you?" the assistant was confused, "Xin Yi said that on her way out..."


The assistant did not say a thing and left, puzzled. 

Shu Jue took a sip of the coffee. This aromatic coffee filled his entire mouth, making him ease down completely. 


Her coworkers from the editorial department thought that Shi Sheng was getting into trouble when she was called away. They were evidently disappointed when they saw her come back without a scratch. 

"Why did my cousin call you?" Song Meng Zi slipped into Shi Sheng's cubicle, asked softly. 

"He told me to stop harassing him."

"You've been harassing him?" How did she not know that? She had been accompanying him going to and from work every day. She definitely would have known if Shi Sheng did harass him. 

 Shi Sheng drank water, "of course, if I don't make a move when I'm into him now. Do I have to wait for him to get married and court his son?" 

Song Meng Zi's mouth twitched, "that's a good point."

Shi Sheng drank water again, unlocked her laptop, pointed at the chatbox, "like this."

Song Meng Zi went over and took a look from the beginning to the end, "it's a miracle that my cousin didn't call the cops on you."

This level of harassment should definitely get locked up in the cell. 

Shi Sheng snorted arrogantly, "he can't do it."

Even if Feng Ci lost his memory, his personality was not affected, so he would not treat her differently. 

"You aren't with my cousin yet," Song Meng Zi despised, "don't cry if you fail."

Indeed, she was really looking forward to having someone get rid of Shu Jue, then she could start dating happily. However, courting Shu Jue was not an easy task. 

"Nothing fails in my hand."

Song Meng Zi continued to despise her. Anyone could talk big, but can you succeed in that?

Shi Sheng came close to Song Meng Zi, her smile was slightly creepy. She could see herself from the reflection in her eyes as clear as looking into a mirror. 

Her eyes were pitch black like it was dyed in ink as if they were hiding some kind of man-eating monster inside. 

Song Meng Zi took a deep breath, chills sent down her spine. She could hardly swallow her saliva. 

As she was about to move away from Shi Sheng. She heard her saying, "either I succeed or I'm going down with him."

Failure usually meant disappointment. If she had the intention of ending it all whenever she was going to fail, then she was not going to fail with the determination of wanting to stay alive. 

Song Meng Zi quickly backed off until she almost hit the table behind her. 

Shi Sheng sat up straight and tapped on her table casually. 

That feeling was still with her. Song Meng Zi peeped at Shi Sheng carefully. Her profile was peaceful and tranquil, without the eerie slyness from before. 

Song Meng Zi shook her head and looked at Shi Sheng again to make sure she was as usual, then only tapped her chest and let out a sigh of relief. 

It must be because of her being too exhausted lately. Tonight she would not stay up late. Instead, she would have a good rest. 

Song Meng Zi rubbed her cheek and went back to her cubicle. 


"I think I saw Xie Yan just now."

"Me too, didn't Chief Editor Nie go down already..."

"I've a hunch from the annual event that they're together. What should single dogs like us do when good men are all gay?"

During the lunch break, the ladies behind Shi Sheng gossiped about Xie Yan and Nie Cheng from Shi Sheng started eating until she finished eating.

After the annual event, Shi Sheng only saw Nie Cheng during meetings. But this top male lead would ignore her. 

She had no idea what he was planning. 

The editorial department was busier on Fridays afternoon. Shi Sheng finished her job around seven, and most of the editorial department was still there. Song Meng Zi was still there chatting with her authors. No one knew who was doing her job. 

All Shi Sheng knew was that she had not seen Song Meng Zi work seriously before. 

"Dit, dit..."

As Shi Sheng was about to turn off her laptop, she suddenly received a message. She clicked on the notification. 

Ou Lu: editor, are you here?

Shen Jing Bing: ?

She knew about Ou Lu, her boy love novels were on the rise recently. 

Ou Lu: editor, someone plagiarised my script, I have a Turnitin report. 

Ou Lu sent Shi Sheng a few images. 

Ou Lu: I released the chapters earlier than him. He had been copying my novel from the plot to some of the descriptions. 

Shi Sheng looked at the images, the screenshot was Xie Yan's new book, "Not to be Teased". 

It was highly similar to Ou Lu's new novel, "Master, I want to marry you!". 

Shi Sheng looked into Xie Yan's new novel comment section. All of them were about him plagiarizing Ou Lu.

Although Ou Lu was a newbie, she had quite a lot of fans. Her fans were in rage when they found out that her novel was being plagiarized. 

Damn, bottom male lead, you even learned to plagiarize now.