The news that a reputable writer like Xie Yan plagiarized a newbie's work was quick to spread in the writer circle. 

Shi Sheng, as Ou Lu's editor, had to fight for her rights. But since Xie Yan is under Nie Cheng now, she had to liaise with Nie Cheng.

Shi Sheng looked at the time. 

She replied to Ou Lu. 

Shen Jing Bing: I'll take care of this.

Ou Lu: thanks, editor.

Shi Sheng got up and headed to Nie Cheng's office.

Nie Cheng was alone in his office when he saw Shi Sheng, the phrase 'why are you here? I don't welcome you here' was printed on his face. 

Shi Sheng closed the door, "Chief Editor Nie."


"Regarding the plagiarism of your author, Ye Yan Zhi. Shouldn't Chief Editor Nie give me an answer?"

"Plagiarism?" Nie Cheng frowned and replied with annoyance, "Xin Yi, don't look for trouble. I can fire you as I please."

Fire me? Who do you think you are?

Shi Sheng responded softly, "Chief Editor Nie, I'm trying to discuss the work matter with you. Why are you talking about firing me?"

Although she was speaking softly, Nie Cheng could feel the atmosphere become eerie as the temperature dropped. 

Nie Cheng quivered and said in rage, "Chief Editor, don't think too great of yourself!"

He was the chief editor while she was a mere editor, yet she dared to challenge him. Who gave her the guts to do so? 

Shi Sheng's glance swept through Nie Cheng's face calmly, mockingly, "why should I take you seriously when you don't?"

"Just tell me what you want." Nie Cheng could not refute Shi Sheng, so he questioned impatiently. 

Shi Sheng's expression changed quickly and shrugged innocently, "I've already told you, Chief Editor Nie needs to visit the doctor if you're sick."

A wisp of sinister flashed through Nie Cheng's extremely fast, but it was not the same anger from before, "plagiarism, where's the proof?"

"I've sent you the documents. Chief Editor Nie can take a look." I would not frame an innocent person without proof. 

Nie Cheng took a few deep breaths secretly and clicked his mailbox. He found Shi Sheng's email. 

Nie Cheng's expression became uglier as he looked through the email. 

"Chief Editor Nie, you're not trying to cover this up again, right?" Shi Sheng paused, "it's not a surprise if you're covering up. He's your lover, after all." 

"Shut up!" Nie Cheng chided, his glance swept outside.

They were in the office. What if someone heard her? 

Shi Sheng sneered, "what are you scared of? Everyone in the office knows there's something between you and Xie Yan."

Nie Cheng did not have time to care about the office gossip when he had work and was busy flirting with Xie Yan all the time. 

"What did you say?"

"Oh... looks like Chief Editor Nie doesn't know." Shi Sheng trailed off with a smile at the corner of her mouth like a dagger stabbed to the bottom of Nie Cheng's heart, "I say, everyone in the office knows about you and Xie Yan."

Nie Cheng jerked up, his palm supported the table, like an enraged lion, gritting his teeth and glaring at Shi Sheng, "Did you tell them?"

She was the only one that saw what happened that night. How else would the company know if she did not tell anyone?

"You don't have to watch what you eat, but you have to watch what you say. The whole company would've known a long time ago if I wanted to tell them... after all..." Shi Sheng looked at Nie Cheng with a faint hint of a smile. 

After all, you did it with him at her apartment.

"Then how'd they know?" Nie Cheng walked out behind his desk, "Xin Yi, are you trying to get back at me? Or do you want Xie Yan back? Let me tell you, it's impossible!" 

Shi Sheng,"..." who gave you the confidence that I'm interested in  
Xie Yan that dimwit!

Shi Sheng looked back at Nie Cheng fearlessly, "Nie Cheng, we're discussing the issue of plagiarism."

Nie Cheng sneered, "you're fired, don't come back tomorrow."

Shi Sheng,"..." damn, this is using public office to avenge private wrongs!  

"How can you fire me?" I did nothing wrong. You need to pay my severance pay if you fire me!  

"Just because I'm the editor-in-chief."

What's so great about editor-in-chief? You're not even the president.  

"Isn't being the editor-in-chief great?" Shi Sheng mocked, "That you can represent the whole company?"

"I still have the right to fire a person. Xin Yi, I told you not to mess with me."

Nie Cheng was determined to fire Shi Sheng, but she would not let that happen. Shi Sheng decided to complain to someone. 

As she pulled open the office door, she saw two people getting ready to go down in the elevator. 

"Chief Editor Shu," Shi Sheng called out immediately. 

Shu Jue lowered his head instinctively. Shi Sheng was waving at him with a smile. 

Cheng Ming, who was already in the elevator, popped out his head and looked. He went out of the elevator right away and pushed Shu Jue towards Shi Sheng.

"Miss, why are you still in the office this late? You should get a bonus at the end of the year for being so professional." Cheng Ming spoke with humor. 

Shi Sheng pouted her little mouth, her glittering iris looked at Shu Jue, "someone fired me out of personal vendetta. Chief Editor Shu, an employee as good as me shouldn't get fired, right?"

Shu Jue met eyes with Shi Sheng for a second and looked away instantly. 

"Who's firing you?" Cheng Ming looked behind Shi Sheng. His face sunken, and the sternness between his brows was without the disguise of his humor. 

Shu Jue looked at the direction Cheng Ming was looking at. 

Nie Cheng was standing at the door. His expression was complicated. It seemed like hatred or enviousness. 

Shi Sheng was confused. What's going on?

Cheng Ming suddenly turned around, leaned towards Shu Jue, spoke softly in his ear, "I'll wait for you down there."

Although his voice was soft, Nie Cheng still heard it.

He chased after him subconsciously, then stopped with a complicated expression. He stopped right next to Shi Sheng.

"Who wants to fire you?" Shu Jue was not affected by Cheng Ming's departure. 

"Him." Shi Sheng pointed at Nie Cheng, who was not in the situation, "he has a personal vendetta and wants to fire me."

The little tattletale is online.

Complain at every chance you get. Kill at every opportunity. Who knows if you're the unlucky one in the next second.

[...] pardon it for not buying Host's argument. These are all crooked reasoning.  

Nie Cheng snapped back and yelled, "Xin Yi!"

"What? didn't you say you want to fire me?" Shi Sheng turned around and glared at him, "what are you shouting so loud? I'm not deaf. I can hear you."

"Why did you fire her?" Shu Jue looked at Nie Cheng. 

Shu Jue thought that firing her was the correct choice. But for some reason, he was uncomfortable with the thought that he would not get to see her in the company anymore. 

Nie Cheng did not expect Shu Jue to be on Shi Sheng's side. They did not usually have many interactions. Why is he helping her? 

"I can do whatever I want to my subordinate. That's none of your business."