"Be reasonable! Who the heck is yours?" Shi Sheng was enraged, "I'm Chief Editor Shu's girl. I'm born as his girl and died to be his ghost."

This line is so shameless! 

But she liked it, hahaha! 

Shu Jue,"..."

Nie Cheng,"..."

The place was utterly silent for a second. 

Shi Sheng turned to stare at Shu Jue after confessing, making him very uncomfortable until he wanted to leave. 

Why is this woman so shameless! 

Shu Jue took a light breath, suppressed the emotions triggered by Shi Sheng's confession, "Nie Cheng, what did she do wrong?"

"I did nothing wrong." Shi Sheng answered and repeated the whole incident, "my writer reported that someone plagiarized her work. Chief Editor Nie coincidentally is the plagiarizer's editor, so I went to liaise with him. But he wants to fire me just because we didn't reach an agreement."

Shi Sheng explained the whole thing before Nie Cheng could. If he could kill with his glare, Shi Sheng would be a corpse by now. 

"This belongs to my ladies' editorial department. Shu Jue, you better mind your own business." Shu Jue's position was higher than Nie Cheng, but he was not afraid of him. 

Their shares in the company were about the same. 

"See, see. He's threatening you." Shi Sheng continued to fan the flames. 

Nie Cheng's eyes turned red, "Xin Yi!"

He was being too merciful to this woman, making her think that she could ride roughshod over him. 

Shi Sheng provoked Nie Cheng arrogantly, "what? Haven't seen people latching on to the powerful, is it?"

"..." Shu Jue almost could not hold back his facial expressions. He had never seen anyone boasting about latching on to someone powerful, "you come to my department to work starting from tomorrow."

"For real?" Shi Sheng forgot about Nie Cheng then moron, "Are you not scared that I'm going to harass you?"

Shu Jue,"..."

Nie Cheng could not do anything about Shu Jue's decision. He could fire Shi Sheng, but he could not stop Shu Jue from continuing to hire her. 

Shu Jue turned around to leave, and Shi Sheng flipped Nie Cheng off. Thank my Feng Ci, or not I would've chopped you into half! 

Nie Cheng gnashed his teeth with hatred. He went back to his office after they left in the elevator and dialed a number with a dark face.


Shi Sheng followed Shu Jue down, "he really plagiarized my writer's work. Shall we delete his novel?"

Shu Jue spoke at a moderate speed, "the company has zero-tolerance for plagiarism. Send me the documents, and I'll have someone to deal with it."

Shi Sheng blinked her eyes, "but this is not your department. Will it get you into trouble?"

The last thing she wanted was to give Feng Ci trouble. His job was to stay there and be beautiful. 

Just now, she wanted to use this as an excuse to approach him. Since this dude seemed to be repulsed by women. 

This weird setting is too much! 

Shu Jue gave her a standard answer, "I'm doing this for the website's reputation."

Shi Sheng,"..." my Feng Ci is so professional.

Cheng Ming leaned against his car door outside the company. When he saw Shi Sheng and Shu Jue came out together, he raised his brows and quickly said, "I had to go home today, so I can't send you back."

Cheng Ming pulled open his car door, got into his car, started the engine, and disappeared within seconds. 

Shu Jue,"......"

"Let me send you back, Chief Editor Shu." thanks for the help, Cheng Ming.

Shu Jue looked at Shi Sheng and did not decline her offer. So she took it as a yes and go get her car. 

Shi Sheng's car was not a high-end car. Compared to the cars around them, it was the lowest specs. 

Cheng Ming's car was a luxury car. Shu Jue could not accept getting into this kind of car. 

His whole body was uncomfortable, so he declined to get aboard. 

"Chief Editor Shu, what are you doing?" Shi Sheng went down from the driver seat and walked to Shu Jue's front, "I spent at least Chief EditorShi Sheng,Shi ShengShi ShengShi Sheng dollars for this car. Why do you have to dislike it so much?"

Why is this retard so hard to serve?

Shu Jue shook his head slightly and turned to the sidewalk.

Shi Sheng,"..."

Boring, hard to deal with, clean freak...

The adjectives Song Meng Zi used to describe him kept hovering in Shi Sheng's mind. 

Now I want to beat someone up! 

Shi Sheng chased up in annoyance, "Chief Editor Shu, there's no subway around this time. Can you put up with this car?"

"Can you say something?"

"Shu Jue? Mister Shu?"

Shi Sheng grabbed Shu Jue's wrist and forced him to turn to her. 

Shu Jue felt discomfort tugging by Shi Sheng. He tried to struggle but could not break free from her. 

He could feel the acid refluxed in his stomach. This was purely a physiological reaction. He did not resent Shi Sheng from his heart. 

But for some reason, Shu Jue did not want to let Shi Sheng know, so he held back the discomfort and did not say a word. 

"Can't you just tell me what you want?" If you don't say anything, I'm going to tie you up and drag you to my car.  

"The car..." Shu Jue said with difficulty, "is unclean."

Shi Sheng,"..." what unclean? I just washed it, alright?  

Damn, I'm not going to serve you anymore. 

Shi Sheng let go of Shu Jue and strode away. 

Shu Jue watched Shi Sheng's figure getting further away. He went aside and threw up. 

He did not dislike women. He had this kind of physiological reaction whenever a woman touched him. So he thought that women were troublesome creatures over time. 

Shu Jue vomited for a while. He stood up straight after he felt slightly better. He touched his wrist where traces of her warmth was still there. 

It was a strange feeling. 

Shu Jue was about to call Cheng Ming, but he found out that his phone was not with him. 

He froze for a moment. His phone... was with Cheng Ming.


"Honk honk..."

The honking made Shu Jue glance to the side. The car window rolled down, revealing the person in the car. 

"A new car? Are you satisfied now, Mister Shu?" Shi Sheng almost gnashed her teeth while saying that. 

Luckily there was a Nie ChengS store nearby. Or not, Shi Sheng really thought of leaving him there. 

Shu Jue hesitated for a few seconds before pulling open the car door and went inside. 


Shu Jue set up his GPS in silence. 

Shi Sheng,"..." damn, Chief Editor Shu. 

Do you know how to speak outside of work?  

Shi Sheng sent Shu Jue to his apartment, looked outside, "Chief Editor Shu, do you need someone to warm your bed? It's free of charge."

Shu Jue's hand that was on the handle stunned. He stared at the brightly lit apartment outside and turned around after some time to meet Shi Sheng's lips. 

Unlike the first time, Shi Sheng bit his lip softly this time. 

Shu Jue froze for a second. He could feel the softness on his lips. Something in the bottom of his heart seemed wanting to break through a seal and see the light again. 

However, in the next moment, the acid refluxed again. He felt like something was crawling all over his body. It was unbearable. 

The reaction kicked in, and Shu Jue threw up again. 

Shu Jue already vomited once before this.  Right now, his face was so pale, as if he just vomited his stomach out. 

Shi Sheng watched him vomiting next to him. This is absolutely too much! 

It was fine for the first time. How is he like this the second time!?