After Shu Jue found out about this, he had been avoiding women, so it had been a long time since he felt this unbearable. 

"Is it better..." Shi Sheng wanted to help him up, but she feared that it would make him even uncomfortable. 

She had seen all types of strange allergies, but this was the first time seeing anyone allergic to living women.

Shu Jue shook his head and drank the mineral water in his hand. Before he could swallow it, Shu Jue threw it up again. 

He glanced at the headlight with the water bottle in his hand and tightened the bottle cover in silence. 

Shi Sheng,"..." what is the meaning of this?

"Thank you for sending me back." Shu Jue headed to his apartment with the bottle. He paused for a few seconds after taking two steps, then left without a word. 

I'm so mad! 

What kind of bizarre setting is this!

Can't I have a normal one?

I want my normal, adorable Feng Ci!

Shi Sheng scratched her head in annoyance as she watched Shu Jue enter his apartment and disappeared in the corner. 

Shi Sheng went home gloomily. She told Ou Lu about her situation and sent the documents to Shu Jue.

Shu Jue was quick to receive her response, but he did not reply to her. 

This retard!  

Shi Sheng pushed her laptop away angrily and went to take a bath. She glanced over to her laptop after she was done to see Shu Jue's avatar bouncing on her screen. 

Shi Sheng walked to her laptop while drying her hair and clicked the avatar. 

Yu She: It's settled. 

The message only consisted of these two words.

Just when Shi Sheng was about to type a reply, another message popped up, and the avatar went dim after that. 

Yu She: I didn't dislike you. It's an involuntary reaction. Sorry about that.

Shi Sheng felt slightly better after she read that. If he did not explain to her, she would kidnap him tomorrow. 

Ancestor: I think we can practice more, so you can get used to it and stop vomiting. 

Shu Jue did not go offline. He stared at the message and touched his lips. 

He tapped on the keyboard and deleted everything, and re-typed a new response. 

Yu She: a production company is willing to produce a movie from "Flower God", you need to finish the ending. 

Ancestor: ... I don't feel like writing that. 

"Flower God" was initially used by Shi Sheng to get a starting capital. She did not plan to finish that novel at all. 

Yu She: you're very talented. The company is willing to support your work. 

Ancestor: you should just marry me instead. 

Yu She:...

Yu She: You should consider this, and send me "Gu Su Xing" new chapter tomorrow. 

Ancestor: Sir! Please, I still need to work tomorrow! 

Yu She: yeap. 

Ancestor:... What does the 'yeap' mean? Chief Editor Shu, it's not right to encourage editors to write. Why don't you marry me instead? 

[...] people will think that you're desperate to get married if you keep asking me to marry you.  

Shu Jue took a long time to reply. 

Yu She: Xin Yi, we have only met a few times.

Ancestor: But you find me familiar, right?

Yu She: how did you know that?

Ancestor: because I feel the same way too. 

Shu Jue stared at the last sentence. He did not know what to reply. He kept deleting and retyping his response. 

As he was pondering, Cheng Ming's message interrupted him. 

Cheng Ming: how's today?

Yu She: she kissed me. 

Shu Jue needed someone urgently to sort out the incident. 

Cheng Ming: Did you throw up again?

Yu She: yeap. 

Cheng Ming: I'll be psychologically traumatized if I were a girl. Throwing up twice after kissing you. 

Yu She: But she isn't...

She did not mind that at all. 

At least that was what he could read from her face. 

Shu Jue supported his chin and typed the message with one hand.

Cheng Ming: That's good then. This kind of girl is not easy to find, don't miss this one out. 

Yu She:Cheng Ming.

Cheng Ming: what?

Yu She: Am I really not?

Cheng Ming: why won't you believe this until now. You're definitely... fine. Do you want to try? I will come over now, if you accept me, then I have nothing to say. Don't worry, I'll be responsible about this. 

Yu She: I'll consider this. 

Shu Jue realized the name was different after he sent the message.

Ancestor: you can think about it if you let me chase you or not.

Yu She: I'll consider this. 

Shu Jue's face palmed, and switched to Cheng Ming's chat box. 

Yu She: no thanks. 

Cheng Ming: hahaha, are you scared now?

Cheng Ming: I've been in this circle for so many years. I can tell at a glance who is and who isn't. Shu Jue, go have a relationship. As your brother, I don't want to see you dating that girl, it's a waste for me. 

Yu She: But my body. 

Cheng Ming: you're not going to have a relationship in your whole life just because of your body, right? Now this girl doesn't mind that... you throw up whenever she kisses you, hahaha. This gag can last for a year. 

Yu She: Cheng Ming.

Cheng Ming: cough cough... this girl is quite bold. You don't dislike her, right? Don't deny it, I've known you for so many years. Since you don't dislike her, then you should make an effort. You're going to be stuck at the same place forever if you don't step out of your comfort zone. 

Shu Jue stayed silent for a while, then typed out a few words. 

Yu She: I get it.

Shu Jue closed Cheng Ming's chat box. 

Ancestor: I'm going to bed now. 

This message was sent a minute ago. Shu Jue stared at the screen for some time before closing the chat box.


Shu Jue slept in late that night and was late on the second day. Song Meng Zi still chatterred around him. 

"Cousin, why do you look so haggard today? What did you do last night?"

Shu Jue parked his car without an emotion, unbuckled the safety belt and got out of the car. Song Meng Zi quickly chased after him. 


Song Meng Zi noticed Shi Sheng was sitting in a high end car next to them with her sharp eyes and completely forgot about her cousin. 

"Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, did you get a sugar daddy? This car... is the latest version, it's at least several millions, right?"

Shi Sheng pointed at her face, "do I look like someone who will get a sugar daddy?"

"Nope," Song Meng Zi shook her head, "so you won a lottery?"

Shi Sheng opened her car door and took out  several bags with food inside. 

"Wow, Xiao Yi, you brought me breakfast. You're so nice." Song Meng Zi reached out her hand. 

Shi Sheng passed one of the bags to her and ran to chase after Shu Jue immediately. 

Song Meng Zi,"..."

You're prioritizing my cousin over our friendship!

The elevator was empty as it was after the rush hour. 

Shu Jue went inside and did not press the close button. He waited for the door to close by itself. 

As the elevator door was about to close, a figure rushed in. 

"Chief Editor Shu, morning."

Shu Jue lowered his eyes lightly and quickly glanced over her face, pretended to be collected and nodded. 

"I bought you breakfast." Shi Sheng waved the bags in her hand and handed them to him with a smile. 

Shu Jue looked at the logos on them, these were the brands that he usually went for.

They were rather far away from each other, yet she managed to buy all of them. 

"Thanks." Shu Jue took over the bags. 

"This is my responsibility as a qualified suitor. Don't you think so, Chief Editor Shu?"

Shu Jue tightened his fingers and slightly wringed the bags.